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Desperately need geforce2 info  

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After a long search for a graphics card I've settled I think on the Gainward Geforce2 PRO 64Mb. It's cheap supposed to have great 3D perfromance and has a TV-out. My first question is how is the s-video output for DVDs? I've been told the brooktree chipsets are the best at the moment does this card have it?

Related to that if I buy a 10m s-video cable should I expect a serious picture quality hitas opposed to a shorter one? Would I better getting a s-video to scart adapter than s-video to s-video?



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Hi Martin:

___I take it you are using a SDTV instead of a HD FP/RP/DV display of some sort. If so, I would highly recommend that you rethink the idea of using a GeForce or anything else for S-Video out. For less than the cost of a GeForce2 GTS, you can purchase a nice STB DVD player and get all the quality of an HTPC (HTPC’s are best when scaling in the digital domain …) without all the setup and configuration headaches. If you are using a HD display of any sort, than forget about S-Video and go with an RGB, RGB to RGBHV, or RGB to YPbPr converter direct to your display. This is where the HTPC really shines.

___If you are still looking for the best S-Video out from a GeForce, the Philips chipped VIVO S-Video module for the Elsa Gladiac’s are probably the best available. I just would not recommend the cash outlay if S-Video is what you were considering is all.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___ xcel@midwest.idsonline.com

New E-Mail address for the time being ... waynegerdes@earthlink.net
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