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dTV sound unrelated to input choice  

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I searched under dTV sound problems in this forum but could not find my problem.

1)Under the original software WinTV2000 (in windows 2000)of the Hauppage WinTV + FMradio and an external cable from WinTVline out to SBLive line in, there is no sound problem.
2) I played with the sound settings of dTV a couple of days (vs. 2,1,2,0)to no avail to get rid of the unpredictable on and off of the sound.
3) Under settings/audio input i can choose for tuner, MSP/radio, internal, external and have this on and off sound . If there is sound it is for between 3 seconds and mostly 2 minutes. When it disappears it is gone for at least 20 sec up to 5 minutes. There is no fading. It is abruptly there and snaps of that way.
4)In finding the stations I had to copy the freqs found by WinTV to Cannel.txt of dTV.exe as the Dutch cable (Casema) freqs do not equal those in the list
5) However I do not know what to fill in for: ChannelLow=
ChannelHigh= So I just picked 1 for low and 69 without knowing the(sound?)consequenses
6) When I start up dTV very briefly I can see a list flowing by that checks the hardware and found no error messages.
7) Under Hardware/Hardware info it finds BT-Typ BT878, a tuner and a MSP radio version msp34255D-B31

What can I do?
I love the deinterlacing I need to project the image with a D-ILA G11
Teh PC has an AMD thunderbird 850, 256 mb Sdram and a SBLive
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By way of staying on topic... I also have a WinTV card and sound issues... although it may not be what you want to hear but I gave up and now use an external tuner (S-Video VHS Deck) and take sound from that to the receiver.. All in all I am happy with this setup and when the initialization bug gets worked out (needing to start WinTV2000 first to get sound) and I believe this is on the cards I will route the audio from VHS to WinTV Card and then all sources will be PC to receiver via SPDIF... Again this is not really a solution but it is a viable workaround...

Now on to what I really wanted to say http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif... You have a DILA in Holland ??? I have been absolutely dying to demo one of these and every month or so post a message in the Digital Projector forums with a 'Any where to demo a DILA in Benelux or Western Germany' type header so far no responses http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif...

I am in Tilburg and would travel many KM's to view one especially if it has been calibrated... if you have it set up in anyway feel like getting together for a Heineken http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif and you can make me jealous ??? I welcome any visit if (for some bizarre reason) you want to see a Davis Clone budget setup... I need to watch the Classifieds more often as this week a calibrated Dukane 9015 went for $5k !! That would have pushed me over the edge and made me upgrade but I will keep looking....

HTPC without using windows... GUI Front Ends for Home Theater
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Hi Phat..

You are welcome. It is not calibrated yet except for what Dilard could offer until now: The Black wizard and the Phase wizard. I still need gamma callibration and colour. However it is already "impressive" on a thin bedsheet. Next week I have my screen (much too big, I realize now). After that is setup I will email you for an invitation

But your solution with the external tuner, how does that help you in enjoying dTV deinterlacing?
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No one yet who has met this problem with dTV?

I suspect that the sound is "snapped" off as if the radio carries become to weak and static noise would interfere. Just as it happens with the fm radio. Suddenly the station is gone instead of hearing it through the noise. I think so, because when I do hear the sound I hear how mono and stereo flips, as I have put stereo under MSP/radio on "automatic adjustment" This suggest to me that the signal strenght varies. This is strange because I have cable and it does not happen with WinTV, So I have no idea what dTV is doing to get the sound. It does not seem to accept external only, what I think it should do(?) as the WinTV uses an external loop cable to the line in input of the soundcard.
Anybody who has suggestions?
What ever audio input I choose, I always see TV terrestial +PAL+BG etc. as if I have only choosen for MSP/radio
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When I say using an external tuner I mean using a VHS deck as my source.. and using this to change channels etc and taking S-Video out of this to the WinTV card (S-Video in obviously) and sound to my receiver... This allows dTV to do the de-interlacing for me..

When the (known) init bug for the sound is sorted I will route sound from VHS to TV Card to Receiver so that no switching is required at the receiver end...

I had a lot of problems with static sound on stereo channels when using the internal tuner options and I could get mono working fine (if you can call mono fine) but it required all 'auto' checkboxes turned off otherwise each channel change would screw it up again...

Try leaving all 'auto' settings off.. MSP Radio (PAL BGI) and then manually select mono, stereo, speech 1 etc... this may give clues... I had success this way with mono settings but as I say stereo made an awful hissing sound...

BTW Where are you... and how big did you go on that screen...

HTPC without using windows... GUI Front Ends for Home Theater
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