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Zoom Player 1.40 final released  

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Didn't quite get the response I thought I would get, considering this player is practically tailor made for the people who read this forum.

But in any case, Zoom Player 1.40 final is out, containing lots of imporvements, etc...

Get it here.

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Supersweet =)... Of all the players i have tryed, its the one i like the most.


Ps. Is that " '2.0' is not a valid floating point value " error when trying to fastforward fixed in 1.40 ?? http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif
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Well, try changing it to 2,0 ... it's that bloody non-english windows issue.

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OK, thanks for the tip, but it aint working.

When i try to use the small arrows beside the editbox i get the error.
When i try to change the "2.0" in the editbox by editing it, it just returns to 2.0 when i leave the box with the mouse or tab.

Hope this helps.

Thanks again.
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Installed the final build...

I have registered the filters using DVDgenie (they had been registered all along). The newest player reports that it cannot create the filters to play the F:\\MPEG2\\Avseq01.mpg file. The SVCD will play in disc mode in winDVD, and I can open the aforementioned .mpg from the playlist as well. What am I doing wrong?

Additionally, when using the installer, a shortcut was not created. I do not know if this is intentional, but on the chance that it wasn't, I figured I would report it.

DivX playback rocks (as do the "zoom features")!

Thanks again for dealing with questions that I am sure seem green to you...


visit www.theHarangue.com
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About the lack of response on this forum I get the feeling the a lot of people one here wouldn't look at anything less than a DTV scaled image on a projector. So they may not be interested in something the makes the most of a TV and DivX/VCD.

For those of us who want the best player for showing DivX and Video CD on a standard TV Zoom Player rocks.

Thanks for your work on 1.40 I've installed it over 1.32 and my dream of a DIY PVR is one step closer to reality.
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I hadn't bothered with it because it looked like it was geared toward TV output, and as Cropsy says, I want to display TV scaled up to computer resolution rather than the other way around. But I just installed it and it looks nice even with no TV-out in sight! It's the only player I've used that's able to do smooth fullscreen playback on my old desktop machine (Matrox G200 based). Fast-forward is very convenient too.

Anyone who's interested in a less heavyweight (as in non-bloatware but still full-featured) replacement for Windows Media Player owes it to themselves to check it out.


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Hi Blight,

I have tried your player and I think it is very good.

I can play VCD, MP3 and .vob files with no problem at all. I have a Radeon Card and the ATI player installed, as well as PowerDVD and WinDVD. I note that when playing .vob files the zoom player used the Cinemaster filters and the video quality seems to be simlar to what I get with the ATI player.

Is there a way using the zoom player to play DTS ecoded .vob files to play them using the video from the ATI player and the audio from another player?


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I'll have to have another look at why you can't user "," for decimal numbers, maybe i'll fake it using an integer*100 or something...

As for these outlandish playing formats, well... if media player can do it, so can Zoom Player. It lets DirectShow choose the filters, so if you'd have the Cinemaster filter registered for video and the windvd filter for audio, it may work, on the other hand it may not... basically it depends on how reliable these filters are, and from what I heard, most of them are not 100% ...

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This is a good shell for codecs but most of us here aren't DiVX people.

I only play back the occasional music vid (or pr0n asf) so I don't give it much thought.

BBQ emailed me a link for MediaPlayer XP 8.0 Beta the other day and it's a little better than MP7 but retains the same interface.

Anyway my work friends and other video junkies loved it but it was rather blah to me.

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I'm a "DiVX person" but not for the usual reason.

I don't care one whit about copying my DVD collection to CD-ROM (which, aside from making piracy easier or playing movies on old laptops, always seemed kind of silly to me). But I do have a videotape collection going back to the mid-80s, and those tapes are starting to degrade. So I'm slowly moving all my old shows onto CD-ROMs. I can get two episodes of a typical show on one CD at decent quality (bearing in mind the source is often EP VHS) using DiVX. When DVD-R comes down in price I'll switch to that and I'll be able to replace each of my old VHS tapes with a single DVD, a big space savings as well as a good means of preservation.

Nothing to do with Zoom Player per se (I've been using Sasami2K) but it's another good reason to be interested in DiVX.
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Ok, here is a 1.41 beta 1.

This version does the following:
 * Made a few more fixes to support fractional Fast-forward and
   Slow-motion speeds with non-english versions of windows.

 * It was possible for playback to stop at the end of a track
   without proceeding to play the next track automatically.

 * New option to auto-repeat playback at the end of a clip.
   If playing from a play list, then the auto-repeat will only
   repeat playback at the end of the play list.
Get it here:

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Actually, TV Tool does that for geforce cards using the bt869, so it's possible to do for other cards, but you'll have to find programs with the skills to do it http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

As for the hz issue, since there is only one CRT unit on your card (unlike some of the new mid-range cards with two units), you must sync the monitor refresh rate to the tv refresh rate, hence 60hz on NTSC.

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Oh, I understand why the card requires me to switch into this mode, but it would certainly be a more transparent experience if the switching was handled by the player app.

Andy K.
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I just installed it and played around with it. I like it quite a lot, and will continue to use it.

However, I'm wondering if you intend to solve the problem I see with ATi TV-out, which may be a similar problem with other cards:

- The fundamental problem is that TV-out mode really screws up the monitor output. You have to switch to 640x480 (or 800x600) 60Hz, and I also find it makes the monitor output behave weird, particularly under windows 2000. Thus, my preference is to keep TV-out *off* until I want to use it.

- What would be great is if this software allowed a "Zoom to Fullscreen, TV-out" mode. This mode would a)switch to a 640x480 60Hz resolution, b)turn on TV-out mode (I realize this would be particular code for each brand of video card), c)zoom to new full-screen. When coming out of Fullscreen, it would a)Change back to original resolution, b)turn off TV-out mode, and c)go back to windowed mode.

- This feature should also ideally not cause the icons on the desktop (that must be moved around to fit into a 640x480 desktop) to be disturbed.

Any thoughts?

Andy K.
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