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Memory Question  

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Hi Guys
Is there really a performance difference between PC-100 and PC-133 memory.
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The answer is yes and it depends.

Yes it does.

Will you notice? It depends on your setup. It matters if you try to OC, that's for sure.

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Hi TheRedKnight:

___Most definitely if your board can use it. You will have to wade through the Duron – Celeron comparison/discussion but please review the article entitled AMD's Duron: Salvation For Tight Budgets? - Overclocking, Memory Performance, and Conclusions page for more information. You can expect an added 5 – 15% increase in system performance using a PC133 capable board at 133 MHz and above vs. the same CPU running at just 100 MHz in an asynchronous mode. You will also find a ton of information on latency timings that a particular DIMM is capable of on the web if you look for it. This is where the HQ Higher performance (PC133 CAS2) memory comes in. It is not just for OC’ing but for that added extra kick of 2 to 5% in overall system performance with aggressive timings if you know how to use them.

___As Nigel already mentioned, PC133 CAS2 can go a long ways beyond 133 MHz while still using the most aggressive timings if you need to. Watch your chipsets other BUS frequencies as you move up the frequency spectrum because it is not just the FSB that changes and sometimes, a bus will move in the negative direction as you move up past a key FSB frequency …

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___ xcel@midwest.idsonline.com

New E-Mail address for the time being ... waynegerdes@earthlink.net

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Thanks for the responses.
I've got a ASUS A7V board, guess I've got to sell the 128 stick.
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