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New Via chipset patches  

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Hi David:

___I installed the 4.29’s into my son’s KT133A gaming performance HTPC from initial build last week and have had no trouble with stability, sound, or video problems with a GeForce2 GTS and a Creative Live Value II. They truly work well for this combination … I am only on my second set of M-Audio Delta drives with 3 more to go and they still do no work properly under Millennium using the AP2496 while playing back with WinDVD 2000 ver. 2.6.4. Audio stuttering is the problem, not crashes. I have been fighting this VIA/M-Audio problem for many months and have little hope that it has been solved. Once I get to my last two releases of the M-Audio drivers installed, I should know for sure. The 686B patch can be completely adjusted in the BIOS if you have the right board. I installed them and than found out more about what the patch does. The problem is not with WinDVD 2000 ver. 2.6.4 crashes but the audio stutter with the M-Audio cards and the same player. What I would not do for this fix with the M-Audio card given the total cost and general performance of the AMD/VIA HTPC solution currently.

___Thanks for the heads up and if you own a VIA chipset yourself, make sure you visit Via Hardware on a regular basis for updates. I stay away from the Beta’s in this case but the information posted is very solid.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___ xcel@midwest.idsonline.com

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new Via chipset patches help with SPDIF sound and WinDVD crashing:


Download George's two patches.

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I have finally gone four evenings without my VIA/Athlon/incompatible computer crashing during WinDVD. Although I had AGP 4X enabled in the bios, I discovered after downloading the software from the teamanarchy site that I was actually running at 2x.

Can you believe that there is a whole web site devoted to the VIA/Athlon problem, and it took me until NOW to find it. If you have this chipset and processor, RUN to the teamanarchy site and download their software and execute all of their suggestions.

By the way, my video and audio quality seem to be improved as well.

Good luck.

David B. Levinson
Newport Beach, California, USA
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