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How to improve WinTV-PVR picture quality.  

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I have installed wintv-PVR yesterday and found the picture to be horrible. The picture is very fuzzy and looked like as if I am watching a 80kpbs internet feed on my TV at full screen. This was watching it live.

I have tried the latest realease of dTV. It is just awesome. The developers have done a great job. The picture quality is outstanding.

So this means the card itself is good. There is something I am not able to get right. Could it be the PVR software or the picture settings within the software? I would appreciate any help.

I am using an Asus Geforce 32MB DDR card. My TV is a Sony XBR400.

Srikanth Koka
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Sorry I don't have a solution but I have a question for you. I also own the WinTV-PVR along with Asus GeForce Deluxe 6600. The problem I'm having is that now I can't use any video-editing software to capture video from either board (Asus nor WinTV). I was able to capture AVI with Asus card in Adobe but not anymore when I plugged in WinTV-PVR. Every time I try to do capture, I will get KERNEL32.DLL error and it closes the application. The only way to do capture is via Asus Live if I want to use Asus card or Win2000 for MPEG2 capture through WinTV-PVR. I was just curious if you're having the same problem I have? Thanks

My PC:

Asus GeForce 32MB 6600 Deluxe
Windows ME
80GB Hard Drive
Abit BH6 motherboard

Thanks for your help.
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I do not have Adobe Premiere. I have not tried capturing with other softwares yet. I have reinstalled the 1.2 drivers that came with the card and now the video seems OK, but with horizontal blur on white backgrounds.

I am not able to use it properly with overlay mode. I had to use force-primary to watch TV. The problem I have is, even that does not work properly, with fatal errors and blue screens of death. When I use overlay, the screen is pink in full screen mode.

I am trying to see if showshifter works. I don't seem to be having enough juice in the processor (PIII 600E). I have upped it to 720Mhz. If this works fine, then I might return PVR and buy a WinTV PCI card and showshifter and probably invest in a powerful CPU.

My motherboard is Asus P3V4X. What's yours?

Srikanth Koka
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skoka123, thanks for your reply.

Which video driver are you using? I'm using 5.33a from Asus and I did download the wrong driver (I got Asus 7700 instead of 6600) when I reload Windows ME and with the wrong driver, I did get the pink window if I use OVERLAY. However, I'm not having any problems that you described here.

The WinTV-PVR application hasn't crashed once as long as I don't capture using other 3rd party software. I really like the card even though it has a few problems, but this is my alternative to a TiVo which I can't get in Canada http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif

Here's what I'm running on my PC:

Windows ME
Asus GeForce 6600 5.33a Beta Display Driver
WinTV-PVR 1.4 (download this from hauppauge.com, I think they made a lot of improvements in 1.4 release)
Asus Live 4.6B Beta

I also have another problem. PVR won't launch itself from the remote. I have to launch it by clicking on the mouse. I don't really know why. I have reinstalled IR application many times but no luck. Do you have the same problem? There's a file in C:\\Windows called irremote.ini, if you don't have the same problem I'm having, would you mind sending your copy to me so I can compare? I think it has to do with this irremote.ini file because it looks like it has a lot of custom keystroke mappings there.

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I will send the file tomorrow.

Srikanth Koka
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have been using the wintv-pvr for 6 months and
have captured several hundred perfect mpeg-1 movies
from digital coax out on my SA digital cable box to the coax in
on the pvr. These mpeg-1 files can be directly burned to cdrw
with no compressing and they are excellent quality better than
vhs. I usually set up the scheduler that came with the wintvpvr
to come on about an hour after you start recording and it
stops the recording and starts it up again automatically for
the next hour or you can set it exactly to stop if you know the length of the movie by checking the program guide, This method yields two
approx 600mgb files for you to burn for one movie, if you use the
700mgb cds you can get 140 mins or 2hrs and 20 mins which covers
about 95% of all movies made. Soon there will be 1800 mg cd's out
using multi layer burn/read which will solve this problem and
they will cost the same per mgb as the current cds. The wintv-pvr
is a SUPER product with Superior results in my experience using it.

Stop Fast and JVC
Might as well add:Companies which
have provided technical advice for
D-VHS format:

Hitachi, Ltd.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

Philips Electronics N.V.

[What is "Bit stream recording"?]

Bit stream recording is a method of recording processed (e.g. compressed or scrambled) signals, such as
those of digital broadcasts, on a tape directly as digital data, and outputting them in the same state as
they were input. Therefore a bit stream recording unit does not incorporate functions like
analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion, digital-to-analog (D/A) conversion, digital
compression/decompression, or descrambling. So, video and audio signals cannot be produced using
that unit alone. To reproduce video and audio signals, the bit stream data must go through a digital
broadcast receiver's circuits that convert the digital data to video and audio signals.
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I must agree with you rmealey. The mpeg-1 quality is, unfortunately, awful. I was really hoping for decent VCD creation ability. And unless I use a very high bitrate mpeg-2, I much prefer the quality of my SVHS recorder.
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I just bought a PVR, too, and now I have a TV in the computer room. I don't have a VCR, because it blows up (memory dump) when I try to record. But then I wanted to run it on my web server, which is a dual-processor W2K box. Since it's on all the time, it seemed the perfect system to use.

I noticed that the few short recordings I made were displayed upside-down by Media Player, and I can't find any answer on the Hauppauge site. The included documentation is non-existent, like you said -- just a fold-out sheet. And the email address specifically for the PVR is a black hole. No response. The Hauppauge web site is pathetic to begin with, with missing images, dead-end pages, broken links. I'd offer to help them with web design, but they don't answer the email links on their pages.

Wish I could tell you more about the PVR, but I still need to swap an older motherboard into a new chassis and load Windows 98. Hopefully it will record then. I'm thinking about this black case: http://www.baber.com/baber/products/mpe_ft14cube.htm because it kind of matches my subwoofer.

I'm also interested in the AccessDTV product, because their web site now says it decodes digital TV QAM signals carried over cable TV lines, like AT&T does here in SF. And too bad they don't record NTSC signals. I wrote them about that, and they said they didn't want to invest time in a soon-obsolete technology. Which begs the question -- then why even include an NTSC tuner? (Because we need to view and record NTSC signals today, that's why.)

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