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Eric, thanks for the heads up. I just ordered one. I know it's on backorder and the price is going up, but hope they will honor the lower price when it ships.

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Just one more day until mine arrives!
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You have to let us know how it looks; I mean the picture quality. It should be identical to the 30k, but you never know. You don't happen to have a T165 by any chance? I assume the new 40k will work since the 30k did and it seems that no one else has tried this combination yet. Keep us informed.

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I don't have a T165, I wish I did. An extra $500 just to watch D-Theater is too rich for me. I'm kind of dissapointed that the internal Video DAC's are so bad on the JVC's. They could at least have provided a DVI out on the thing. Still with all the resolution problems that have come to light recently, the PQ on the 30k was TONS better than any DVD's I had, so it's all relative I guess.
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My JVC 40000 arrived yesterday from Amazon.com.
Not bad for $536.95.

I have not been in town to open it yet.
I have been head coaching the Oklahoma State Champion Little League team in the regionals in Waco, Texas.

I will be back tonight.
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Just to let everyone know, Crutchfield now has the 40k on their site. List is $800 and it specifically mentions DTS and hooking it up to a T165. That answers just about all my questions. They also have some nice pictures of the 40k. The only bad thing I can find is that the ETA is in September. I hope I'm not on backorder that long from Tech Depot.



PS: Eric, I believe you said Tech Depot would be getting more 40k's soon. Any info on how long soon is?
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Received mine today and it is the 40000. Having my DTC 100 modified by 169 time now. Richard will be testing the avx 1 with the 40000 this week. Ihave a 30000 as well in case there are any quirks but I dont seee why that would happen.
Hopefully the 40k will work just as good as the 30k with the 169time equipment. It would be great it it cleared up the little glitches that the 169time equipment has now...it is so close to being perfect.

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A few initial impressions upon removing the 40K from the box:
1. Ugly fan is still there (like the 30K)
2. Special insert warning against using S-VHS tape for D-VHS recording.
3. Includes cleaning cassette.
4. And finally a remote that can control 4 JVC VCR's instead of two as before. I have been asking for this for a long time. Indeed, the remote is pretty much redesigned.
5. Two firewire connections on the back panel (GOOD). No firewire connection on the front panel (BAD).
6. No blank D-VHS cassette or firewire connecting cable included. But the good news is the obligatory foot and a half long RF connector cable is there as are two MITS "heavy duty" batteries for the remote.
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Richard is testing a Marantz with the 169time stuff. So far, its firewire is not as clean as the 30K. He has been able to lock it up and only been able to reset with an AC unplug. The 30K doesnt do this.

Just a first pass FYI.

PS. Hes working to try and change some of 169time stuff to mask this stuff.
Now, if these folks would just make clean products, 169time stuff wouldnt have to be so hard!!!!!

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I just got my 40k in the mail, so I will try out a few recordings on the AVX-1 in the next few days and report my results here.
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It came, it's smashed to bits. Plastic rolling around inside, VCR door will not open all the way. Thank you Tech Depot you jackasses.
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Originally posted by uzun
It came, it's smashed to bits. Plastic rolling around inside, VCR door will not open all the way. Thank you Tech Depot you jackasses.
I thought it was odd that they didn't package it inside a bigger box with extra packing material. I was surprised when the UPS guy came just carrying a JVC 40000 box. Fortunately, mine came in good order (as far as I can tell).
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uzun.... Almost funny......
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Yea, this is my 3rd D-VHS VCR, and the 3rd one sent back to the company it came from. They are going to send me a shipping label this time at least for the return, and they placed a new order at the old price but they have no idea when any more will come in. I had them overnight the new one though, I am very wary of sending a VCR with NO additional packaging (just the manufacturers box) across country via UPS ground. If I had know they were going to package it like that I would have paid for overnight.
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so this morning i have emails from techdepot and amazon advising that my order had been cancelled. I guess they don't want to honor any orders at the'low price'. This stinks. Is it lawyer time??
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I haven't gotten any emails from them yet. They better not cancel it on me since I have already bought some movies and blank tapes. I even spoke with them yesterday on the phone about how long it was going to be a back order. There is no time frame on the backorder, but there also was no mention of the order being canceled. If they do, I will be on the phone until I get one.

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unfortunitly i am quite sure they have disclaimers about priceing errors and not having to honnor them

other places have honor such errors in the past.. Dell i know often does, i know of several dozen people who saved hundreds on a product because of an error on there site. because of that i do business with them when ever possible..
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12 units total!

Wow thanks to all you guys, cause the Brown Truck dropped mine off today. Boy it really pays to monitor this board. Seems like almost all 12 are accounted for here. Now if I just had something to record from I'll be in great shape. Anyone selling a 165 or a modded 169 Dinosaur for cheap around here? Haven't hooked it up yet, but my first impression is that this thing is ugly. It showed up today with another plain box-my new inherently designed flawed KD HD Leeza. So now I have 2 ugly boxes to put into my beautiful Grand Prix rack system. Man the 30K was actually quite impressive looking, but this thing sucks. JVC could certainly take some industrial design lessons from Sony (although both of them could take some build quality training from Matshushita).

Thanks guys for the heads up. Feel very fortunate to have scored the pricing mix up-even got use my Office Depot credit card!


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I'm forced to try to help you out of this bad situation, I offer you $50 for both your 40K and HD Leeza, I'll even pay for second day air UPS. If these devices as so bad looking you then need someone to help you, in a big way, bidding is open.......

Take care....... you were kidding, right?
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Edward, how is the 169time a dinasour when it continues to offer services no other company in the world can, or is willing to offer?

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Dave... Not to worry, this guy is out there...... make him a offer on his ugly stuff..... he has no need of a 169time soultion or anything else...... ROFLOL, could this be Bob Miller?
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HDTV people are so sensitive. The 40K has a faceplate that is funky clear flimsy plastic that looks like one of my daughter's Sanrio boxes. Not pleasing the 30K was quite handsome and was much the match of many pieces of equipment that reside on my large racks. The Leeza is very industrial looking a flat metal black panel with holes. Both look better while on, but neither an esthetic triumph. You got a problem with that MP? Hey to each their own.

Dave I call the 169 Dinosaur the modded DTC100. Now if you can't agree that that badboy is hella old for a piece of consumer electronic equipment then you can go live in a museum with that first generation STB. Hey functionally, I've got no argument, but I got rid of mine long ago. Talk about slow operation. I've had 4 different HDTV recievers since. None of them really performed PQ wise any better though. But you have to admit in CE years, that thing is a grandpa. I still wish I had it so I could send it up there to get the upgrade, because 169 charges such an exorbitant price for so little change. I believe they are just lucky that no one else has put market pressure on them. Hey I give them props it is a unique product, and thusly why I'm still looking for a cheap retread.

Now sit back relax and watch the pretty pictures,

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Edweird.... No just interesting that someone shows up here and seems to care less how or if something even works, just what it looks like.... well you get the idea, right? And right you are to each their own.
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Mikey, I think some of these folks are really paid by the MPAA.

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Dave... You bet!

Take care.....
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Now, now, Mikey,

You are definitely putting words in mouth or I'm coming across wrong. If I cared how things worked less than how they looked then I would just buy pieces of art work. Why would I get a 40K when I could get a 30K that doesn't work particularly well, but looks nicely. That's not what I'm saying at all. Functionality over all, but why not make something that looks good as well. It really doesn't take much to make a silver box attractive. Especially at these prices. May I make the point that good looks is what HDTV is all about. We want to have the best available picture because we like the way it looks. Well I want my equipment to produce a good picture because it is estheticly pleasing, so why wouldn't I want my equipment to look good as well.

Nuff said,

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Edweird.... I'll say, but then since you did not rant about EE, red push, high end roll off etc, etc, later I thought this was some attempt at humor, which was kind of funny after the fact.

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Just checked today and Amazon has 4 40k's in stock for $750. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on one of these and a Sammy 165.

Anyone want to sway me one way or the other? Sure would help if you guys went out and bought 4 JVC's so that I didn't have to make a choice.
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I like my JVC 40000.

No problems, excellent picture quality, limited D-Theater titles, poor cable tuner.

Go for it.
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I like the JVC 40k as well, I got it finally from G&G video for $695 they are on the net at www.ggvideo.com I believe. It's a superb VCR that can also play back D-Theater tapes. As a VCR alone, recording SD programs and playing back old VHS tapes, it's far better than any other I have used. The 30k was not very good as an analog VCR, either for playback of existing tapes or recording in analog mode.
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