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Is it normal to see a green shadow trailing moving objects?  

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I've noticed that my nice new TH-42PWD6UY seems to have a greenish trail/shadow around the edge of objects. It's evident to some extent on most edges, but particular that of white objects, and particularly evident on moving objects. It reminds me of a ghosted signal that you'll see sometimes if you're using an antenna on a regular TV and have bad reception.

Is this a normal trait of plasma monitors? Is there anything I can adjust to help?

Example: If I power up my trusty GameCube and pop in Metroid Prime, go to the arctic/ice area and spin in circles, I'm treated to the trippy display of a green trail coming of the edges of all the ice platforms. The GameCube is connected with a component cable, and is in progressive scan mode. It is being fed first through my receiver (Denon AVR-3300), and then into my monitor. I've experienced the same issue while watching regular TV, though less pronounced. In that case, I'm using an S-Video connection, again routed through the receiver. I have, however, tried a direct connection to the monitor, but this didn't seem to help.

Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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I've never seen that problem on my units and I can't recall seeing it on other plasmas I've seen. Do you see this with all types of inputs, including DVDs? Is it possible you've got your contrast & brightness set too high?
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After doing some sort of calibration like Ken advises,
if possible, borrow a good s-video cable and try from DVD player to display.
And if you did not buy this online, go to your dealer and see if the
same thing happens on their display.

IIRC from various posts here and there, s-video cable appear to be
more "quality sensitive" than component cables.

Also, there's an off-chance that you may have power induced problems,
e.g. crappy power, video cable running next to power cable, etc

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This has never been an 'issue' for panny's owners in the past (AFAIK)......but a couple have noticed it on Pioneer 503CMX......


Can you turn off the Mach Enhancer?
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God forbid that Pioneer sold a batch of green phosphor to Panasonic. But seriously, try turning off anything that could cause corruption of an image. Digital noise reduction, orbiter, and sharpness set too high are things that come to mind. The video game is a good testbed. Howard
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Thanks for the replies. I have seen the problem so far with the s-video input from my TiVo, and with the component input from my GameCube. In both cases, the inputs go through the receiver. My DVD player is also connected through the receiver, and as far as I can tell, it's fine. I tried watching a few sections of Toy Story 2 and South Park to see if the hard edges in animation would bring it out. Nothing observed, so DVD seems fine.

I'm using Monster S-Video cables for the all S-video connections, so I hope that's good enough. If not, does anyone have any suggestions for a different make of cable?

Settings-wise, I've got the contrast at 0 and brightness at -20. I've tried pushing both values to their min/max, and it doesn't seem to affect anything.

Regarding power: Everything is currently plugged into a Monster HTS2000.

Mach Enhancer: I don't think I can turn this off. In the regular user menus, I haven't seen an option. I don't know how to access service menus yet (and, honestly, don't know if I want to. :) )

Another interesting thing I noticed this morning: With the very-apparent blurring effect in Metroid, there are actually appear to be two blurrs: the trailing edges give a green blur, but the leading edges give a "pre-blur" that is purple. I'm not sure if there's anyway to capture this with a digital camera, but I'll take a stab at it this weekend. Other things I'm planning to try are:

1. Different game.
2. Different game system (PS2 via S-video)
3. Hooking up the old 32" CRT and seeing if this was all there before but unnoticed.
4. Tear everything down and try setting things up one component at a time, direct to the TV.
5. I bought online, but I'll see if I can convince a local shop to allow me to hook up my GameCube to one of their sets and see if it happens (don't worry, I'll make it up to them by buying a Salamander Synergy cabinet to house everything. :) )

Thanks again; I'll post a follow up once I find out more. - Bryan
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Okay, here's the results.

1. The only other GameCube game I have is Zelda, which I wasn't able to get to reproduce this problem.
2. PS2 w/S-Video exhibits this problem. More on some games than others, but on, say, Ratchet & Clank, it was definitely there in a big way (though, strangely enough, Ape Escape 2 seemed fine).
3. Old CRT doesn't show the problem at all.
4. Torn down to just the console feeding the TV, and it's still there.

And now the clincher...

5. Took the gamecube in and tried it on a 37" Panasonic and a 42" Fujitsu, and they both showed the same green trails! The guys at the store were suprised to see this, actually.

So, happily for me, it's not that I have a defective unit... unhappily, it's still there and distracting. :( Such is life. If anyone else has a GameCube and Metroid Prime and would like to give this a try, I'd appreciate hearing your experiences. Or if anyone has any other suggestions, that would also be great.

Thanks! - Bryan
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It almost sounds like the Gamecube is outputting way to much brightness or contrast. Espeically if this is evident in multiple displays. That, or it's an inherent problem in the unit that is amplified by plasmas, but immune to a crt.

You might poke around the web and see if there are any hidden menus for the Gamecube that have picture adjustments.
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Could you try this with DVDs and/or HDTV signals and let us know if the problem exists there, too?

I had one of the earlier generation 3UYs and noticed this same problem most often with news and commentary shows featuring mostly stationary "talking heads." If I looked for them, I could see that there were green outlines against white shirt collars, for example, or outlines along the faces of commentators.

It was not so much of a problem with movies because the generally constant movement of actors within scenes made it much harder to pick out. I chalked it up to the fact that the Panny 3UY was just an early generation of the product since I've read no complaints of this phenomenon since. But perhaps this is a continuing "problem" with all the Panasonic 42-inch units. Some of us may be more sensitive to it than others.

I did not notice this problem with the same feeds on my Pioneer 503CMX, incidentally, but green outlines and trails were a notorious (and much worse) problem with the first-generation Pioneer 505.
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There was a well documented Y/C delay problem using S-Video on the 42PWD4B.

My Panel suffered from this problem. It was more visible when using my PS2 that on DVD. It can be corrected in the Service Menu.

See this link for more info: http://www.creath.net/plasma/faq.html
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hopefully there's something in the game menu that will fix this - by the way - metroid prime might be the best game on any console system ..period! in fact, it's way high on the list of reasons that i'm going to purchase a plasma!

(sorry for the minor ot!)

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I saw the green trail effect on the new Consumer Panasonic model (forgot the exact model number but it is the one with the speakers and silver-black bezel). It is less pronounced than on the Pioneer plasmas but it is there all right. I saw the same effect on a Samsung and on a Fujitsu 42 inch. It happens on DVDs and HDTV too but since most DVDs are not composed of extremely quick and smoth pans it is not readily apparent. However if a person was to play any first person shooter (such as metroid or Halo on the XBOX) it becomes clear as day. There is nothing wrong with your gamecube and apparently nothing wrong with the plasma either. I think that its an artifact inherent to plasma technology. Some brands show it to a lesser degree than others. I returned my Pioneer and now I am auditioning other plasmas in the hope of finding one withouth the problem. Interestingly enough I was all set on the new Panasonic 6uY series until I saw the consumer equivalent at best buy show the green trails on fast moving objects. Now I am hoping that the 50 inch Fujitsu wont show this problem or I may just wait for a new technology to arrive.
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