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I am still in Wheeling working flood repair contracts helping out District 6 of the DOH. This is great, great news about the HDTV at 8 and 11!

The WSAZ interview is on a videotape at my home but the camera has been loaned to my mom for her trip to Hawaii. It will be a while longer before I can watch the tape to get the transcript together. Most of what he said has been talked about before so there is no real eye opening stuff on there.

Sorry about the club and the website.
Here I started this group with a little response and it has grown quite a bit since I have not been able to dedicate any time to it.
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Of course, we won't get CBS-HD event hen as WOWK will still be dragging their feet and saying there are only 12 HD sets in WV.

(Smart a** tone) WOOHOO our numbers have grown by two whole people, last time I spoke with Bray Carey he told me only 10 people were interested in HD!

Bray Carey is the antichrist!!!
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Originally posted by wvudrj

By the way does charter offer an HD DVR yet?

Yes, they do offer HD DVR. It is in the box you have to power cycle to switch from SD to HD ....ARRRGGGG.
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Could someone in charleston obtain the power levels for the OTA stations. Last Time I checked WSAZ was 425kW and PAX was 1000kW. Pax ALWAYS comes in with no dropouts. It would seem that if PAX could afford to run at 1000 the other stations could also turn up the juice to reach the most people. A lot of us in the WV home theater club live a ways apart, it will be interesting to see who can get good reception of the various stations.
Also any more word from Bray Carey (satan himself) in reference to his sation being the last to do a HD and full power OTA signal. Perhaps a letter from all of us in the WVHT club as well as the AVS posters would let him know. The other stations are doing it why can't he?
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Spoke to the head engineer at WVAH/WCHS today, to summarize:
1. The decision to go HD was made at the corporate level and the stations are following suit.

2. The power for the two stations will be 480kW each. This is slightly higher than WSAZ but will be augmented by the height of their tower which is taller than any other in our market.

3. The two transmitters still need to be installed, which is scheduled for mid October. He felt a realistic goal for going live was late Novembers. The plan is to pass the network HD signal, whether that will be immediate remains to be seen. We can hope.

At least they are working on it, unlike Satan's station (WOWK)
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There may still be hope for WOWK. I say this because I spoke with Mr. Beckner at WCHS/WVAH when I moved back to WV from Baltimore a little over two years ago (before their tower collapsed). When I asked Ray (Is that his first name? Can't remember.) when they would deliver HD, he was VERY, and I mean VERY pesimistic that we would ever see it.

His exact words were "Nobody in WV has a big enough house to put in a large HD set because you have to set MUCH further away from an HD set than an SD set when watching an HD program". I told him that he had that backwards as the resolution of HD was better, meaning we could sit "closer" to the set. Anyway, he was very set in his ways. Nice man, but again, very bleak on HD. So, WOWK is being this way now. I'm hoping that they will see the light and move forward as WCHS/WVAH did.
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I wish I shared your optimism. The problem as I see it is WOWK is passing a digital signal, so there is no hammer over their head to do anything more but perhaps increase the wattage. Where is their "incentive" to pass HD. The other stations are owned by large entities and the corporate decision was made to do so, but BC has his own little world and can do as he pleases. I can't see anything changing this except perhaps CBS putting pressure on affiliates in general to pass HD.

I think it is going to take pressure on WOWK from the public and their advertisers before they will be willing to do more than they do now.

BTW, how does one join the WVHTG?
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I emailed CBS today @ CBS.com explaining our situation with Bray Carey(satan) and we had exhausted our local efforts and we still wanted HD to be the standard. I doubt it will help, or anyone will even read it but it can't hurt.
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Make sure you keep us posted if you receive a reply.


Unfortunately, I'm really not optimistic about it, just overly hopeful. These CEOs sometimes have no clue what is going on until their little 'worker bees' explain it to them. Maybe we should start pressuring Carey even more, along with the Engineering Department. I believe he's not focusing on the future benefits of HD, especially considering it's CBS who has the most HD programs available. I am going to talk to Darin this week and mention to him we should go back to Carey and state we would really like to have a face to face meeting with on of his Engineers as everything he has told us has proved to be factually incorrect as every other Network broadcaster in the area is either HD or have plans to move to HD. I would love to hear his reply now. We are not a bunch of stupid Hillbillies here!!

If you would like to joing the WVHT Group, just send us an email at wvhtgroup@yahoo.com. We'll add your email address to our weekly email (hasn't quite been weekly in the past month, but hopefully will be soon). We try to get together once a quarter or so for a dinner or lunch to hang out. We then try to go to a member's house and check out their system.
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Originally posted by tonybradley
If you would like to joing the WVHT Group, just send us an email at wvhtgroup@yahoo.com.

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My brother in law just got an HD sony rear projection. He is in Charleston and has charter. They came with the HI-def cable box late Thursday eventing. No HD hooked up though. They first said the work order had to be put in before HD service could start. That did not happen on Friday and on Monday still no HD. The rep just came to their house this AM (without calling) and then tried to drive off before they ould get to the door. When he finally came in he said the box they had was not a HI-def box in the first place. Of course he did not have one with him.
What is the matter with these people. If it was not an HD box it should not have had component outputs. How did they hook it up then???
How do they continue to amaze us with their lack of knowledge, planning, and performance???

I think Bray Carey is involved!
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You hit the nail on the head buddy!! That is my biggest problem. HT Magazine has completed so many reviews on different companies on their HD knowledge and it's been pathetic...with Circuit City ALWAYS being dead last.

My neighbor has an HD set. He's about 70 years old. He has Dish Network, the big Dish HD satellite that has the word HD all over it. I asked him if he had an HD receiver and he said "The Dish guy told me he put HD receivers in all the rooms". Ok, right then I knew something was wrong. Of course, he just has a normal ol' receiver. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a Salesman at Circuit City sell something to a victim and I listened to his outrageous explanation. Just insane. The best thing we can all do is continue to know what's going on ourselves, because the so called industry leaders (cable, OTA, DTV, Dish, etc.) have employees that have no clue.

Honestly, that's probably why Mr. Carey feels there are so few HD sets in the Valley. Many have them, but because it says HD, they think they are receiving everything in HD through cable.


Thanks. We will add you to our distribution list and will work to start producing more news soon. Darrin is coming over to my house on Friday, so we may talk a little about the future of WVHTGroup and where we want to go with it. It seems we are hitting some new ground now with WCHS and WVAH (We are thinking another interview may be appropriate). With two interviews, it will be more ammunition to go to Carey and let him know the hospitality we are receiving everywhere but WOWK.
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Further charter stupidity with my brother and sister in-law. After the "tech" yesterday informed them that they never had an HD box in the first place they rescheduled for today. A service rep then called today to follow up with their problems. She said " Are you still having problems with your cable box?" My sister in law told her she never got an HD box in the first place. The service rep then said well we will reschedule for Wednesday ( she already had an appt for today) which my sister in law then had to tell the lady she already had an appt. Once again the guy did not call before coming as promised and when he showed up......................

NO CABLE BOX at all, much less an HD DVR.

Proving once again Charter as a whole really stinks.

Go Direct TV!

Hold Charter to a higher standard!
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That is absolutey horrible. I'd like to say "I don't believe it, but I do, I definitely do"

I have a GOOD Circuit City story for anyone that would like to hear it...I can email it. It has to do with their crummy service and how I made it all the way to the assistant to the CEO on several problems I encountered. I hope nobody here is very PRO Circuit City, because I wil bash them from time to time as I refuse to give them another dime. Maybe I'll add it to the WVHTGroup Website next week.
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Today I went to a store called Genesis Audio in Columbus (they have a nice website) to check it out. The owner was very pleasant, open and informative. His AVERAGE install is 20-30 thousand dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw the 30,000 dollar Sony Qualia(?sp) projector, a 15,000 dollar runco as well as other very high end gear. He had even done a couple of installs in charleston!

We can all dream huh. It just made my wait to complete my fellowship seem all the more longer.

If anyone wants more info or wants to visit, my number I believe is on the WVHT club site that Darrin runs. There is a second store called Progressive Audio I believe here as well also with a website.

Can't wait to hear WCHS and WVAH are on air. Be back soon.
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I just ordered a new projector (to arrive in approx. 3 weeks) and want to have my home theater set up when it arrives.

Does anyone know what kind of antenna I should use to receive hi-def programming in Charleston? My house is about one mile from downtown near the top of a hill. I have a D*TV dish installed on top of my house. I also have easy access to an attic.

1. Would the antenna that fits on the dish pick up all hi-def stations?
2. Is the attic an appropriate place for an antenna?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Rod welcome to the thread. I am currently in Columbus Ohio, but I own a house in South Hills in Charleston. You will be roughly 30 miles from the WSAZ tower and roughly 20 miles from the WCHS/WVAH tower when it is completed in Nov./Dec 2004. Before I moved to Columbus I was getting WSAZ HD OTA with a Samsung sirt160. My initial antenna was a radioshack UR-90 mounted on a 15 foot pole on the roof. With this I would get wsaz most of the time but some dropouts. I replaced this antenna with a channelmaster 4228 from solid signal.com. I put this on a ten foot pole and recieved WSAZ with NO dropouts. The channelmaster is very directional but should not be a problem for your location. You should also not necessarily need a preamplifier.

My point is buy the channelmaster from the beginning. Roof mounting is ALWAYS better than attic mount. Avoid the antennas that mount on your direct TV dish, they are low quality.

All of this info was gained by researching this website and trial and error.

Read this thread from the beginning to see how far we have come in Charleston in the last year. Also sign up to the WVHT group that Darrin runs for a local newsletter if you are interested. Our next goal shopuld be to get WOWK on the ball with an HD plan.

Good luck with your new setup. Any questions, just post them here and someone will answer!
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Originally posted by wvudrj
You will be roughly 30 miles from the WSAZ tower and roughly 20 miles from the WCHS/WVAH tower when it is completed in Nov./Dec 2004.

I was actually going to post asking if anyone had any information on when WVAH would start broadcasting a digital signal. Antennaweb originally said 10/04, but now it says TBD. Your post brings another question though. Does that mean that WCHS and WVAH are both going to be HD when this tower goes up or just digital?
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Welcome Rod and Sixy,


An attic mouting will work, but as wvudrj points out, it is not the best solution. My 4228 is in my attic and I get WSAZ and WOWK(what good is digital if its not HD?) just great. My problem is that give my location in Teays Valley, the WSAZ/WOWK antenna and the WVAH/WCHS antenna are about 90 degrees from each other. So I am either going to have to try to put up an antenna that could possibly receive signal from both locations, which I don't think my 4228 will, get a rotor which won't work in my attic as I have the antenna raised as high up in the rafters as possible, or get another HR10-250 and a second antenna. I know I can get filters and use 2 antennas, but I could use the extra HD recording space anyway. I might try a 4221 on the roof to see it it will work and pull in both locations, but I'm not hopeful.


Here is a copy of an e-mail I received from WVAH/WCHS regarding HD power and feed.



Both WCHS and Fox 11 have plans to pass network HDTV at full license power. Our DTV projects are underway right now with a new tower, transmitters and other facility modifications. We do not have a fixed date to be on air but hope to be on air in mid autumn 2004, perhaps October or November. The WVAH tower collapse in the ice storm of Feb.
2003 has caused us at least a one year delay.

Raymond Beckner, Dir Eng/Op, WCHS/WVAH

This is backed up by wvudrj's conversations with the station as well. Looks like WOWK will be the lone holdout. I plan on TiVoing large blocks of programming to find out what local advertisers are using WOWK so that perhaps we can put pressure on them who will in turn put pressure on WOWK.
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Bray Carey is BAD!
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Welcome Rod and Sixy,

If you would like to join the WV Home Theater Group, feel free to send Darrin and I an email at wvhtgroup@yahoo.com. We have weekly newsletters on our website and get together once a quarter. We are meeting at the Olive Garden at Southridge on 11/13 at 1PM if you are interested. It's a fun time for all us HT buffs to talk.


What projector did you order? Darrin recently purchased the Panasonic L500U HD Projector. WOW!!...it looks incredible on his homemade 92" screen. I'm going to be finishing the rest of my basement (beginning soon) and have a dedicated 13x19 Home Theater Room with a large wiring closet in the back. I can't wait to get started. You will learn a great deal on this forum.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that WVAH and WCHS will be HD!!!


What part of Columbus do you live? My brother just moved to ...hmmmmm....just forgot the name. I'll think of it as soon as I hit submit.
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Dublin. See, I told you I would remember as soon as I hit submit.
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Tony, I live in Hilliard which is 5-10 miles from dublin.
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That's a nice area around Dublin. I will check out the stores you were talking about the next time I go up to visit my brother.

When I lived in Baltimore, I shopped at Tweeter....loved them. Do you know if there is a Tweeter in your area?
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Have not seen a Tweeter here but there are so many places it could hide it would not surprise me. Probably could search there internet site.
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Thanks for the Welcome Tony. If I am in town on the 13th, I will attend.

I preordered an ae700, and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I am sure I will have countless questions upon its arrival.
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another antenna question - I understand that an antenna mounted on my roof (South Hills - Charleston) would be the best solution. However, this may not be a possibility (I am recently married).

I do not know where the towers are located. Could I receive decent HDTV reception with an antenna mounted in my attic? are there any recommendations for attic-mounted antennas in South Hills?
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Rodsmith. I wish I could be technical with you and give you some answers. I live in Sissonville and went through the same thing. I gained a lot of information from the www.ilovehdtv.com on antennas. My Channel Master would not fit in my attic. Professionals say to stay away from this method. Your dB loss is greater when you mount your antenna in an attic. By how much vs. the distance you are from the tower, I'm not sure. This really makes me wish I would have taken antenna theory in college, but I opted not to (Gee Whiz....Antennas? Who would use an Antenna in this digital age?). Goes to show you how technologies come back around in full circle.

I can tell you this....after you purchase an antenna and set it up, you won't be able to return it. So, try to have a plan B just incase you attempt the attic and it doesn't work. You will need to be sure you have plenty of space as the Channel Masters are huge. You should be able to pick up WVAH and WSAZ when they are available if you mount in the attic, but you may need an amp, which would give you the equivalent to an antenna mounted 30 feet higher. Also, because of our mountainous terrain, it's hard to calculate and determine the dB you would lose or gain. Trial and error may be the best solution.

Please let me know what you think of the AE700. I'm not in the market yet, but my contractor should be completed on the framing of my basement this week. I have big ideas for the HT room, and the 700 is one of those ideas
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After you receive your 700U and have it installed, would you mind a couple visitors from the WV HT Group? Darrin and I were at my house today doing some brainstorming of my future HT room. I want the 700U, but there are a few things I would love to see in person.

If you wouldn't mind, shoot me an email at tbandkbradley@aol.com, or you can send it to Darrin and I at wvhtgroup@yahoo.com.
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I finally got the antenna set up. Got a 88% for WSAZ-DT (3-1) according to my HR10-250. WOUB (20-1) comes in randomly usualy just for a few seconds then freezes and so on. The analog broadcast of WOUB is severely ghosted so I assume thats the same reason the digital broadcast doesn't come in very well. I had called DirecTV about waivers last month I figured I had waited enough so I asked them about it. I got approved waivers for CBS ABC & Fox. Didn't think I would get any of them so that was pretty surprising.
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