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Just found this thread courtesy of DrJ.
I had no idea that WSAZ was broadcasting in HD.
Unfortunately I reside in Fairplain WV which is about 5 miles south of Ripley on 77.
I am on a ridgetop. Does anyone have any idea where these towers are located?
Is it smart to assume that I have no chance of picking WSAZ up with a OTA antenna?

By the way, you want to have a unified voice to the stations in Charleston?
Join my HT Group that I have started here in WV.
We are small but I hope to put some of us together soon for a meet!
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I have a ton of questions here.
I know UHF stands for Ultra high frequency but why is this type required for OTA HD?
I take it OTA HD is 1080i?
Would it be better to have a directional antenna instead of a multidirectional one?
I am about 48 miles as the crow flies from Huntington (which is where I assume WSAZ 23 tower is located) on a ridgetop with very little tree interferance. Do you think it is possible to recieve that signal (with a broadcast power of 425 kW) being that far away?
Is there a cheaper route for the recievers?
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Question 1: It just so happens that all our stations do digital on the UHF wavelength. Other parts may be on VHF or both. This means that you could buy a uhf only antenna to pick up the digital feeds. The UHF antennas are much smaller than VHF antennas.

Question2: HDTV is defined as 720p or 1080i

After my install I wish I had mounted a really good antenna, my UHF only radio shack does do OK with the good signals (pax and wsaz). A lot of people recommend the channelmaster UHF only antenna 422? is the model number. Go to solidsignal.com to research

Recievers are still expensive for Over the Air reception but directtv currently has a $399 HD special which will also pick up OTA signals with installation. All you add is an OTA antenna of your choice.
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Ok, DarrinH, I'm having no luck finding your wvhtgroup on yahoogroups. How do we interested parties join?
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Sorry, I did not know about the yahoo groups.
We are a club that has a yahoo e-mail address.
We don't have a yahoo group.
Drop me a line at wvhtgroup@yahoo.com and I will add you to the news list.

DrJ, so both 720p and 1080i are possible OTA?
Thats great about the Direct TV reciever, that it does both.
I will just hold off until I am ready to upgrade my SAT service to get the HD OTA antenna.
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I believe ESPN and ABC both do 720p and the others use 1080i, all hdtv's should be able to handle both and each mode has its strengths and weaknesses, but to be honest I can not tell them apart, both are incredible
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Looking at ESPN HD spring schedule the big east basketball tournament in march will be in HD, now if the mounties can just make it in!
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Any one else with Charter communications knows their cable picture is not ideal. WSAZ generally does not turn on their digital tower until afternoon. I had some friends over for the gatorbowl (no wisecracks please) and at 12 noon no digital feed could be found. I called WSAZ engineering dept. and asked the gentleman if they would turn on the tower. Surely it could not be that easy, right. The guy told me to hold on, he called someone else and before my eyes while still on the phone the digital signal was on. Thats it, the flick of a switch. Now the picture was stretched but much much sharper than the cable feed, again kudos to wsaz. Now why can't the other locals catch on and catch up, please call and complain!!!
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If the Mounties do make it into the tournament, I want an invitation to watch that in HD .
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Viacom and DIRECTV Sign Carriage Agreement
Wednesday January 7, 8:30 am ET
Deal Includes Carriage for MTV Networks Services, BET, CBS, UPN and The Viacom Television Stations Group
Nicktoons to Launch on DIRECTV's TOTAL CHOICE(R) PLUS Package

NEW YORK, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA - News and VIA.B - News) and DIRECTV today announced a comprehensive agreement that secures continued carriage of all of MTV Networks' program services currently carried by DIRECTV, and BET. The deal also provides for CBS analog broadcasts, as well as high-definition broadcasts for CBS's coverage of Super Bowl XXXVIII and its industry-leading HDTV lineup in owned-and-operated markets. DirecTV will also continue to carry UPN analog broadcasts.

Possibly an option for us for a HD superbowl?
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I am on the phone with directtv now and I seriously doubt it, but it is not right that are pathetic locals don't offer HD. The guy at direct tv just doesn't know yet.
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I have been receiving the WSAZ HD signal and programming for a couple of months. I am near Pomeroy in Ohio and use a 30 foot tower and deep reception antennae. Signal is solid as a rock always (about 60 miles as the crow flies.) Cannot touch any other stations signals but now get WOUB in Athens OH which is PBS HD. Awesome OTA.
Use directv HD programs for other HD
Samsung 61 " TV and Sony 200HD receiver for OTA and DTV.
I keep hounding Ch 8,11, and 13 but get no or little response.
Good luck to all of you in keeping the heat on the stations. Less than 600 kw is a joke-Can't get that signal if you leave their parking lot.
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What type of antenna are you using and at what elevation? I'm in the Point Pleasant area using a Radio Shack UHF/VHF combo, mounted at 40 feet. WSAZ has a good signal. Changed my cable to RG-6 and can now get WOWK (no HD on WOWK just digital). Have a CM 4228 and the CM 7777 amplifier on order. Hope to pick up Athens
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Ihave a radio shack non amplified UHF only antenna on 15 foot mast on second story of my house. I can get WSAZ and pax both very well. WCHS, FOX, and WOWK have such low signals cant pick them up!
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Well in light of the direct tv viacomm deal to bring a national HD CBS feed (and the superbowl) I asked wowk for a satellite waiver. To my surprise I was called back to say it was granted she just needed a signature. Well the higher ups at West Virginia Media Holdings vetoed it. They called me back to tell me of the change. Unwaivered I sent a second email pleading my case. The FCC has screwed us with what they define as a digital signal. The wowk signal, as well as WCHS and Fox are all running on the same 9 volt battery! Even if they turned up the juice still no HD feed. I will say it again thanks to WSAZ for their OTA HD signal. Call WCHS, Fox, WOWK and demand a stronger signal and a high definition signal!!!
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Just got off the phone with our local CBS station CEO here in Charleston WV. I had asked for a waiver so that I could get the superbowl in HD via my Direct TV due to the new viacomm deal but was denied. He said it was illegal for an outside HD signal to come into a non O&O market like here, even with a waiver, where I can pick up their horrible analog signal. Their digital signal is currently running on a nine volt battery (less than 10 kW) and unobtainable by me, and still no high definition feed by them. Our cable is terrible the analog picture is horrible and they won't work with me. I asked if it was possible that if it was "legal" could I get a waiver, still no. He said there are only 10 people with HD tv's here ( lie) and he would need 100,000 people interested to make it worth their while.
Everyone please call 343-1313 and tell them you want HDTV now. There are ten people in this post much more in the area!!!!!
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My follow up email to CEO at local CBS station
Dear Mr. Carey after our conversation today there were several things which concerned me. Number one you said you never recieved my emails when I sent two to Libbey Tolley regarding my waiver request. Number two you said it is illegal to offer a national HD feed, when the waiver itself provides the legality, and this is being done elsewhere. Your next reason for denial was the possible revenue loss from granting these waivers. Finally you defended your lack of providing an adequate digital HD signal due to lack of demand saying "only ten people are interested". You can't have your cake and eat it too, if only ten people are interested how much money could you lose by granting waivers to these ten people??? I would gladly give up my waiver once your station provided a viewable and modern signal but that is currently not the case. Finally someone in your department called my house to inform me that it had been granted only to call back saying it had been denied. Not a lot of good answers coming from WOWK and West Virginia Media Holdings. This has been a dissappointing experience to say the least. Jay Lohan
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Jay, please send the group the e-mail address for Mr Carey.
I would like to follow up with an e-mail on behalf of the group.
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I posted this in another section, new to this so please excuse the double posting.

My experience with OTA in Winfield WV
I just found this forum today, trying to find other people in the area with HDTV problems.

We use DishNetwork for regular TV and I have a Dish 921 HDTV "TIVO Like" receiver/recorder on order. I will then get about 8 channels in HDTV. I sell dishnetwork and have seen the HDTV output , all of the channels except ESPN are very good.

I bought a 57 widescreen rear projection Sony in July of this year. I hooked it up to my Winegard UHF/VHF antenna with rotor, using a Zenith 420 Hdtv receiver.
I got WSAZ-DT with a good signal in HDTV for a couple of months, but lately have had to aim the antenna nightly, and with mixed results. I usually have to go analog. I wonder if they have decreased their signal. I thought it would get better when we lost the leaves from the trees.

I also get WOWK-DT now with a fair signal, maybe one dropout every 3 minutes.

I can barely get WCHS-DT. This is strange because I am only 4 or 5 miles from their tower. I get the analog perfectly.

I get 3 different channels from WPBY in Huntington, they are digital only.
As far as I can tell WSAZ is the only station with HDTV

The locals are available from Dish, but they do not pass the digital signals.

Adelphia is the local cable provider here, but they have no plans for the immediate future.

It looks like the only thing we can do, other than complain is hurry up and wait.

Keep up the good work guys,
Bill #11 with HDTV
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Is there a site on the net where you can view the signal levels?
I live on a ridgetop in Fairplain and I was wondering, if I bought the largest Channelmaster antenna with the 100 mile range would I be able to pick up Columbus OH?
What about Lexington KY?

Also, does anyone have a good site where I can see extensive info on grounding an antenna?
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One of the earlier posts on this thread discussed the power levels of different stations, it may reference his info. Do a search on antenna grounding for the other info.
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I just called in a Charteston Daily Mail newspaper "Vent" statement.

I asked "Since the local TV stations all refuse to broadcast the HDTV programming from the networks, how much longer can they prevent the satellite & cable channels from providing us with the network HDTV programming?"

The local TV station engineering & programming depts never return phone calls or answer emails concerning HDTV.

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Great action, seems like there may be more than ten people as the WOWK ceo claims. We need a piece in the CHarleston newspapers about HDTV, I would be glad to have them to my house to show off its potential!
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We could go for a Daily Mail article on HDTV but they do not like to repeat stuff from the Gazette.
If it was affiliated with us, I bet we would have a hard time getting a story.
Maybe I will hit them later this year for a story.
I still want to try to get a TV spot for the group.
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Even better would be a spot on WSAZ since they are providing the OTA signal, to show off what they are offering. I will call today!
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You go dude.
If you need help, let me know.
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DIRECTV Delivers CBS HDTV Programming in Time for Super Bowl XXXVIII Broadcast
Local Channel and HD Package Subscribers have access to CBS HDTV via a Single Satellite Dish

El Segundo, CA Jan 26, 2004

WHAT: DIRECTV, Inc., provider of the nation's leading digital multichannel television service, today announced it will begin offering CBS high-definition television (HDTV) programming to its eligible customers on Friday, Jan. 30, in 17 markets where CBS owns and operates stations and nationwide for subscribers to CBS distant network signals.

Eligible customers who have the appropriate HD receiving equipment and subscribe to DIRECTV programming packages that include local channels, or the DIRECTV HD package, or receive CBS distant network signals, will have access to CBS HDTV programming that includes the Feb. 1 CBS presentation of Super Bowl XXXVIII and primetime hits like "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "Everybody Loves Raymond." Eligible DIRECTV customers will receive the live feed from (WCBS in New York) or (KCBS in Los Angeles) as part of their eligible programming package.

DIRECTV is the only digital satellite service offering CBS HDTV via a single dish and as an option for customers who may only subscribe to a high-definition channel package.

DIRECTV is supporting the addition of CBS HDTV to its high-definition programming lineup in (Market) with local advertising and promotions.

WHEN: Live broadcast begins Jan. 30, 2004

At least one of our members had an easy time of getting a CBS feed ok'ed on his Direct TV programming. He also has a HD setup so he is anxiously awaiting evidence to see if this is true.
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I think this may only apply to CBS owned local stations. Charleston probably will not be served.

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I understand it to mean that if you already receive CBS through a waiver from another major market on your Direct TV system and you have DTV HD package, you will get the HD CBS feed.
Are you saying that even though you already receive the CBS through Direct TV and your local is not owned and operated by CBS you will need an additional waiver?
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That is my understanding.

I was told that there is no waiver if the local is not broadcasting HD or is not owner by CBS.


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