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Anybody in Huntingon reccomend a good attic mount option for me to get 11.1 and 8.1 from charleston i will post my tvfool results

I am getting good signal from 13.1 and 3.1 on cheap rabbit ears behind tv looking for an option to get all of the locals from the attic and then routed to bedrooms from there im still going through this thread for answers
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So, I have read a little bit, and was looking into getting something from this list.


Maybe some of you have had previous experience with some of them or had some advice on a combination of antenna + amplifier to get the right signal and then split out to the rooms. I am more interested in just having the locals rather than go directtv, comcast, or dish route for the moment.

I would appreciate any help, I am pretty competent on electronics and such, just haven't done much research on antennas specific.

I am leaning towards the Channel Master CM-3020 as it has a range of quadruple (100 miles ~ 26.4 miles) the charleston stations so I figured that would work well or is that just overkill and also the fear that I can get it installed in the attic because of its size of 8x13
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Probably none off that list except, perhaps the 9032 or the 91XG. The CM3020 is a huge antenna with unneeded VHF elements. A number of the rest have amps that will likely overload.

Try an outdoor-mounted DB4e aimed due east. Your Fox and ABC stations will the really difficult ones to get, so aim the antenna at them. The rest should come in off-axis since they are all strong, including the lone VHF channel.
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Thanks for your reply, even though this is according to the description a UHF receiver it will still pull the VHF channel? I was reading through this thread a little more and saw the posts of people in hurricane having a problem due to angles of the towers, but i opened the .kmz file of the tvfool signal strength for the area, and have a straight line drawn from my roof to the abc and fox towers, wsaz, and cbs would be slightly off angle, so if I catch your drift, point it straight at the abc/fox towers and it should pull everything?

Thanks for the response, I seemed to think this thread was dead, I may try this in an attic see what happens and then go from there to improve signal quality.
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Here is the location, big arrow is where i need to shoot to get 8.1/11.1 and the small arrow I am getting from indoor cheap antenna perfect now

Still open to any suggestions, my wifes not to keen on putting an antenna on top of the roof, so I am trying to avoid that at all costs, however Im trying to figure out if it will be absolutely necessary for a rooftop mount.

Again, I really appreciate the response, alot better priced for the antenna and mount
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Does anyone know when our CW will air Arrow and the Tomorrow People. There was a basketball game instead and the my guide doesn't show anything until next weeks new episodes.

UPDATE: If anyone else cares.

I found out after calling the number from the website that does our local CW they gave me another number then that number transferred me finally getting it.

So the Tri State CW, WQCW will show the 2/26 episodes of Arrow and The Tomorrow People on Saturday 3/1 at 8:00pm and 9:00pm
There are basketball games much earlier in the day so that could affect the start time.
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