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LG GSA-4040B: DVD-R and DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM....  

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...for PC.

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The first true Multi-Format drive.

I wonder how it stacks up to the
Panasonic LF-D521 in quality and software included ?

The speeds are not very good on the Panasonic.
DVD-R x1 (correction x2)
DVD-RW x2 (correction x1)

DVD-R x4
DVD+R x4
DVD+RW x2.4 ?

I was trying to read the box from about 10 feet, The eyes ain't what they used to be.
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Just to set the record straight:

For the Panasonic 521:

Doesn't change the fact that the LG looks like a better drive on paper.
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* Check also new Pioneer DVR-A06U recordable drive for PC.
(DVD-R: 4x / DVD-RW: 2x / DVD+R: 4x / DVD+RW: 2.4x)

1. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/Pi...,93032,00.html
2. http://tomshardware.bizrate.com/mark...U,ir--461.html / http://tomshardware.bizrate.com/buy/...=460103&sort=5
3. The following site is good. (sorry, it's japanese, but you can see developers and internal picture of DVR-A06U drive)
-----> http://ad.impress.co.jp/tie-up/pioneer0306/index2.htm

* Panasonic also will release new 3X DVD-RAM & 4X DVD-R recordable drive for PC in japan. (LF-M621JD & LF-M660JD)
(Panasonic recordable drive can accept cartridge type DVD-RAM. No need of disc extraction.)
1. http://panasonic.jp/p3/multi/m621/index.html
2. http://panasonic.jp/p3/multi/m660/index.html

* NEC new ND-1300A (4X: DVD-R & DVD+R / 2X : DVD-RW / 2.4X : +RW recordable drive.)
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Iomega has an all-format drive coming out, which I assume is a rebadged LG or Panasonic; does anyone know which one it is?
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The iomega more than likely is the LG, since the Panasonic
dosen't do +R or +RW.

The iOmega link.
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As far as I know, Iomega, I-O Data and Logitec, all of which support all five writable formats, are based on the LG drive.
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Exact original manufacturer name of LG optical drive is HLDS (Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc.)

For the information go http://global.hitachi.com/New/cnews/E/2000/1005/

PS. And original manufacturer of LG GSA-4040B is HLDS. :cool:
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Will it take DVD-RAM in cart or must they be bare?
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Does anyone know if the LG GSA-4040B can be mounted and will work in an external firewire enclosure. I looked at the specs but could not see anything about Firewire and the company has yet to respond to my e-mail inquiry.
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Given that it's a standard IDE drive, is there any reason why it *wouldn't* work in an external enclosure, either firewire or USB? Isn't that basically what Iomega will have done with it?
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It will work in an external enclosure both usb and firewire.

There aren't many reviews on the drive yet since it's only been on the market for a couple of weeks. Over at dvdrhelp (vcdhelp) there are a few comments..and some neg about problems.

If the problems are only firmware then it's just a matter of time to work out the bugs.

The DVD-RAM is not cart...reports are that it's very fast.

The iomega is the gsa-4040b.
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