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Tuesday: Sixteen Candles-

Was anyone else disappointed that we were forced to watch all those previews before getting a chance to access the menu? That really urks me! Is there any way to get around that? Nothing seemed to work for me...
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"Out For A Kill' The latest Steven Segal film. A real "B" film with way too much overkill.
"The Two Tower's" Excellent battle sceens maybe a tad too much rock climbing!
" This Is Spinal Tap" Special Edition. Lots of special features and deleted scenes. "Big Bottom" is still an excellent tune.
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Tuesday: I decided on a 80's night while watching by myself. First - BIG w/Tom Hanks, I always loved this very funny movie about a boy who wakes up as a 30 year old man. Second - GOONIES, an excellent flick produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Richard Donner. These are two of my favorite films and I hadnt seen them since I was a kid living w/parents on a old vhs w/a bad recording. Seeing them in surround sound on a good dvd player & TV combo reminded me of seeing them in the theater again. Maybe I too will pick up the high school reunion box set too!
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I am so pissed off that the "High School Reunion" collection doesn't have much to offer. How hard is it to do a simple director's commentary audio track? John Hughes did one for "Ferris", why didn't they have him do them for this new release of "Sixteen Candles", "Breakfast Club", etc. These movies were already available on DVD before. It's all marketing and hype. I would have loved them with commentary.
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Friday: Escape to Witch Mountain- I'd been waiting a long time for this to come out and it was great!

Saturday: Adaptation- I'm not sure yet if I liked it. Everyone in it was good and the story itself was interesting, but something about it just didn't "click" with me, I guess.

Sunday: Enemy at the Gates- undecided on this also. It had some issues I couldn't get past and the characters weren't always believable (to me, especially Ed Harris's) but the story itself (based on a true story) was interesting.

Monday: Sullivans Travels- fun classic. Nice message on being careful what you wish for.


Originally posted by rdwalt
He owns a little furniture making company. I can't remember where but I'm thinking it was near TN.

Wow... that's quite a career change.

David_Larkins, I sent universal an email about the trailers.

Markito, I think that Monday might have actually been Captain Morgan ginger ale day... I wish there'd been commentary too on the HSR collection. I wonder if Universal/Vivendi didn't want to put in the extra effort and they just wanted to get the releases out the door before the NBC sale/merger.
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Originally posted by deeann
Saturday: Adaptation- I'm not sure yet if I liked it. Everyone in it was good and the story itself was interesting, but something about it just didn't "click" with me, I guess.

We had the same problem with Adaptation. I think it may have been the way it kept jumping around. It made it difficult to stay focused. It's hard to get drawn completely in.

But you're right, the acting was good and the story was interesting.
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Thursday- T-2 (Extreme version) An excellent movie that while enjoyable to watch had me very frustrated. You see over a year ago (1yr warranty) I purchased a $849.00 DENON dvd-2800, its picture was near flawless and sound so crisp it just drew you in. BUT NOW ITS BROKEN. Only about 10% of brand new dvd's will play. Anyways T-2 played about half way and looked and sounded gorgeous, but then it stopped. So I put it in my Onkyo prog. scan 6 disc changer, and the difference in quality just was driving me nuts! Sorry for the rant. Anyone know any good (reputable) sites I could get it fixed and modded for a good price?
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Wednesday - Atame! or (Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down) an Almodovar mess.

Thursday - The January Man - very quirky psuedo suspense thriller that also tries to be a comedy. It was written by the same guy who did Moonstruck. It was interesting but with Kevin Kline, Rod Steiger, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Susan Sarandon, Alan Rickman and Harvey Keitel - I thought it could have been much better.
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Friday Night - The Transporter
Great car chase scenes
Movie was very predictable but enjoyable.

Saturday Night - Star Trek First Contact
I loved the 1st Warp Drive Spaceship Launch scenes especially the rock-n-roll. The Borg Queen made the movie for me...

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Saturday - This is Spinal Tap - I finally watched my Criterion version of this movie and I was very disapointed. The quality is very poor and the frame kept moving to the left and right - very strange. Of course the film itself is the best comedy ever made.
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Fri: Redsox @ CWS
Sat afternoon: Redsox vs CWS at Fenway
Sat night: DelaHoya vs Mosley II (what a load of crap, I want my $50 back)
Sun: Redsox vs CWS ( we are getting our asses handed to us by the white sox)

I just called Comcast. Starting tomorrow I can see My Redsox lose in full HD splendor!!! Oh, that's gonna be sweet!

As for movies:

Wed: The Core. Good popcorn flick. Don't bring your brain into this or you will not be happy. There are 3 scenes in there that are worth the $16 for the DVD:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The shuttle crash scene is top notch. There is a scene where all the pidgeons in London go nuts and start to crash into everything. Just awesome. The also blow up Rome and the audio and video is pretty good, but it looked too much like a copy of the Empire State building scene from Independence Day.

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Tues-Sat. Each night watched a CD from the five disk Beatles Anthology. Documentary from the start of the Beatles to their "breakup." Songs are incredible.

So good it made my hair stand on end. A+++ Jack
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House...I cannot recommend this movie, it was very cheezy.

~ Jay
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Phonebooth-- I enjoyed the movie, worth the price of rental. Nothing outstanding other than a very solid storyline.
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Saturday night my daughter Kathleen had a group of friends over to celebrate her birthday (from the previous week). They watched Ghost and the Norah Jones Live in New Orleans concert DVD.

Diane and I are still watching Band of Brothers - up to episode 7!

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Dark Crystal Superbit. Awesome!
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How is the nora Jones DVD quality-wise? I have almost bought it several times. She is so hot and talented. Is the DVD worth having if you are a fan? 5.1 sound?
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Markito - I haven't watched it all, but it's very good.

The sound is 5.1 and does a great job of recreating the live experience.

Only downside: not widescreen.

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Last week we watched our new Special Edition DVD, Sleeping Beauty. It's amazing to see how they cleaned up the original copy for this release (like they did with Snow White). Picture and sound is awesome. It's hard to believe this movie came out 43 years ago! There are two really good bonus shorts. The first is one called '4 artists paint one tree'. It's a short documentary about four of the artists that worked on this move who go out and paint the same tree. It's very interesting to hear their individual perspectives on how they view this tree. The other one is another short documentary about Peter Tchaikovsky that begins when he was a little boy. It's very informative and fasinating.
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with the kids - "bad news bears" - STILL extremely enjoyable
by myself (wife had no interest) - "the haunting" - great track, just an ok movie
a little scary, not much
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Gods and Generals - Hey, Ted Turner is in this one (well just one scene and one line). Good flick if you are into behind the scenes war movies. A little slow and drawn out. Tough going at first but stick with it, it does get better into the movie.

Hey Gus,
Gotta love those Yankees The curse of the Bambino is alive and well
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Last night we watched a program on HGTV called "Incredible Basements". The first story was about a guy that built a cinema in his - really pretty impressive - seated 30 and used a real film projector.

But I had to laugh when my daughter said, "why does he have the speakers just sitting out in the open?"

Must mean she's getting spoiled!

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Originally posted by David Guill

Hey Gus,
Gotta love those Yankees The curse of the Bambino is alive and well

Cursed, we are!!

Being a Redsox fan is such sweet turture.

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Last night we watched Swordfish with John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, and Halle Berry. I enjoyed the car chase involving the English TVR, looked like quite an impressive car!

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Originally posted by guenwyv
Phonebooth-- I enjoyed the movie, worth the price of rental. Nothing outstanding other than a very solid storyline.

I thought Phone booth was good except for one irritating thing. The sniper would keep cycling his action on the rifle without taking a shot. He did this several times. It's Hollywood's way of showing the bad guy being"really pissed-off now!" cycle the action. They do it all the time.
Something small, but it annoys me to no end.
~ Jay
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Sunday: Star Wars Attack Of The Clones (6th time)

Wed: Redsox vs Orioles

Last night I watched MY Redsox clinch the AL Wildcard in HDTV. It doesn't get any sweeter than this! Best PQ I've EVER seen. Too bad that was the last home game. Away games aren't in HD. Not clear on whether the post-season games will be HD but I sure hope so!

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I too was initially dissapointed with "This is Spinal Tap" quality. However, being that ranks over the Star Wars original trilogy as my all time favorite movie I gave it some leeway. Once you get wrapped up into the story you forget about the video noise. Remember, "There's a fine line between sexy and stupid"

Last night I watched "Best in Show" directed by Christopher guest, Nigel from Spinal Tap. This movie is about a dog show shot in the same mockumentary style as "Spinal Tap" Very funny and worth the rental. I have two more of his films on the way from Netflix and will report once viewed.

Tuesday night my wife and I watched "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". It was actually not that bad and had some pretty funny moments.


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My wife took the kids to my mother-in-law's for the afternoon so I was able to watch a movie at reference level. This is something that does not happen to often. It was a tough call, but I chose "The Lost World". I haven't seen it in a couple of years and it just made me sit in awe.

I mean who would have thought that a relatively inexpensive system could look and sound this good.

I also watched "Joe Satriani: Live in San Francisco" It was like I had the front row all to myself. The sound was phenomenal. Highly recommended even if you are not a guitar player.



brief system specs:

Panny PT-L200U $1,000
Kenwood VR-507 $ 250
Denon 1600 $ 400
Audax DIY HT speakers +- $ 500
DIY Shiva Sonosub $200
Movie experience Priceless
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Last night we watched "Bringing Down the House" with Steve Martin, Eugene Levy and Queen Latifah. Eugene Levy cracked me up!

The scene where his son learns to read brought tears to my eyes I laughed so hard..."dad - what's a rack?, It's a country!"

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The Red Sox are in, and so are the Cubs. Could this be the Red Sox vs. Cubs. According to Joe Torres, his Yankees do not want to play the Red Sox again this year. To much hitting for his tired pitching staff. That may be a psychological advantage to the Red Sox. I'm looking forward to that match up for the AL, if it comes.

As for watching this past week. I thought the phone booth was very interesting. I am not a fan of Colin Farrel but that was a role made just for him. Now only if that could happen to him in real life. I thought Keifer Southerland was the true star in this movie. He has tremendous "animation" in his voice. I like the movie.

I changed the location of my BP 2000 L and R speakers to point the powered subwoofers to the inside instead of outside and put my Hsu Research TN-1220HO with 500 watt amplifier behind the couch. I wanted to get more punch and less boom. This change tightened up the bass without losing output, as I feared. It was great so I put in Das Boot and I almost drowned with all those depth charges. If you have tight bass with high output Das Boot is worth a relook. Even without it, it is a great movie for portraying submarine life during WWII.
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