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Watched the Yankees! Seems like that is all I have time for. The family has Holes queued up and ready to go but not until I give up the theater. Oh well maybe tonight.
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Been into Alias since the beginning, so picking up Season 1 was a "guilty pleasure" that my wife snickered at, but I know she will be watching it soon.

I am not a TV series DVD purchaser, but this one with a combination of an excellent show, 5.1 sound and movie quality picture, I had to get it!

So far I have been checking out the extra materials - the parts on the pilot are great...
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Last night I watched Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark in all it's Widescreen (2.35:1) and 5.1 glory. What an incredible job they've done digitally restoring this trilogy. It made me want to cry and I've still got 3 more disks to go! Here's a link describing the effort taken to restore these classics. http://www.indianajones.com/raiders/...s20030930.html
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Perhaps I am just confused or something, but in case I just wasn't clear...

I wasn't saying that I wanted the "Fullscreen" version, I just meant that I wish its aspect ratio were 1.78:1, rather than 2.35:1, so that it would fill my 16:9 screen, but still show the whole frame...

Like in the new Lion King, Monsters Inc., Alias, etc.

Is there something I'm missing here?
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Originally posted by Markito
Is there something I'm missing here?

Perhaps. You wish all movies were the same aspect ratio.

They're not.

Sorry about that.

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Over the last week+ my girl and I have watched

Matrix Reloaded (she hadn't seen it) - I liked it better the second time around (saw it at the crappy theater (lafayette indiana theaters suck)). Great transfer, good special effects, great sound.

Monsters Inc - This looked incredible on my CRT projector. The colors, the detail of the fur, the MOO thx opening. Awesome!

Raiders of the Lost Ark- what can I say!?!? looked and sounded awesome and its Raiders and I still have two more Indy movies to watch (no fan of Temple of Doom though)

PS - All you with dedicated very nice theaters, awesome! This site really makes me want to speed up on buying a house so I can get to building the theater. Currently renting. My CRT projector is floor mounted taking up valuable room. etc. I will be there soon!
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Last night, Jurassic Park!

We couldn't agree on a "Halloween" movie, so we decided that dinosaurs were monsters.

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Last night, in commemoration of my 37th birthday, my wife had the whole clan over for dinner. After dinner, the men retired to the HT while the women stayed upstairs playing bingo or something. We were watching Josh Beckett make history by thoroughly spanking The Yankees in their own house . As the exitement grew over the final innings, the ladies made their way downstairs. We wound up having an evenly divided house with 50% cheering for The Fish while the other half (mostly girls who day-dream about Derek Jeeter naked) cheered for The Yanks. Needless to say, Beckett avanged our death well by vanquishing The Yankees.

After The Game.

There were a few among the guests who had never seen a 10 foot wide screen in a house before. Among oohs, and aahs, we decided to play some action scenes.

As my guests cheered on, We watched:

1. The chase through downtown Chicago from Driven.
2. The firey crash scene from Driven
3. The Omaha Beach landing from SPR
4. Some attack scenes from Pearl Harbor
5. The first battle scene from Gladiator
6. Some HD from cable (College football, Texas wilderness scenes)
7. For the grand finali (sp) we watched Josh Beckett, er,I mean Kevin Costner spank The Yankees in a brilliant display of pitching excellence - For Love Of The Game.

It turned out to be a hell of a night. I still have quite the headache.

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Sounds like a great time, Gus!

Today, a rainy Sunday afternoon, I managed to slip away by myself and watch "The Fifth Element", the Superbit edition that everyone is raving about.

An OK movie, excellent color and sound, though!

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Friday night: PeeWees Big Adventure-this movie rocked when i was a kid and now
Sat night: Yanks lose, The Matrix (again)
Sunday night: The Avengers- been sitting unopened from my last walmart 5.88 DVD rampage about a month ago.
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What is it about the Wal-Mart bargain bin that makes us spend $5-6 for a movie to own that we wouldn't even pay $2.50 to rent to watch once? Clunkers we've personally ended up with include the AWFUL "Bedazzled" and "In Love and War."

Friday - Matrix: Reloaded. Better than in the theatre, but all the self-important talking in circles and mumbo-jumbo still annoy me.

Saturday - Yanks lose (although I wish there was some way for them both to lose); Lion King with the new inexplicably controversial HT sound remix. I thought it sounded great, but I thought the video was slightly weaker than all the great reviews I've read.

Sunday - Stir of Echoes. A favorite of mine.
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Wife insisted we watch "French Kiss" (with Meg Ryan & Kevin Kline), her favorite movie. Cute flick, lotsa laughs, anything to get her to watch movies in the home theater.

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I'll be traveling to Europe(work) next week and have been mandated by The Wife to spends a few quality hours with the kids during this week. I was thinking maybe The Hulk and then some Looney Tunes. What do you think?

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Alas, I have crawled out from under after the Yankees embarassment.

Gus, try some classics with the kids (depending on how old they are). I first showed Key Largo to my kids when they were about 10 and 12. Even in black and white they were captivated by the characters and the dialogue, and the suspense.

Keeping in that classics vane I showed the my kids (who are older now, 18 and 16 and 12) the Barefoot Contessa with Ava Gardener and Humphrey Bogart. Also watched Dark Victory with Bette Davis, a young Humphrey Bogart and Ronald Reagan. The kids got a kick out of the ex-president playing a drunken socialite. This halloween we are doing more classics with the thing from outerspace (the 50's original) Abbot and Costello meet the mummy and Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein. Now there's some good stuff with a lot of laughs.
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David, The boy is 7 years old and the girl is 18 months, I don't think they'd be too much into classics ( I, on the other hand, would love to kick back with some of those). We just finished watching The Hulk. This will be one of my demo discs from now on! Just awesome. Too bad about the un-skippable commercials at the beginning though!



I sympathize with you about The Yanks, I still haven't pulled the dagger that Grady Little planted firmly in my heart when he handed Game 7 to the Yanks, leaving my Redsox to languish in missery for the entire winter ( and possibly a couple dozen more winters).
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My wife and I always wait for Halloween evening after all the trick or treaters are done and then enjoy a movie. However we decided to start a week earlier this year so we could watch all the Halloween movies we wanted. Last night was "Bram Stoker's Dracula" superbit version. I have not seen this movie since it was released (1992 I believe) and I enjoyed it much more this time around. Besides it being a horror movie, this movie was as much a love story. I found the acting to be excellent with a very good cast of actors.

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Good friend lent me "Bend it Like Beckham".
Cute movie for the kids to enjoy. I liked hearing the English accent and their humour.

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Good Movie, Bram Stokers Dracula. I liked the way they used the surround channels while you are in Draculas Castle. It was really eary hearing all the little sounds in the background and the mice running around. Everytime I watch this DVD I see and hear something different. The acting was tremendous but the acting by Gary Oldman as Dracula was absolutely superb. For me this put Gary Oldman as one of those unheralded actors who are superior to all others. I look for movies that he is in, he is so diverse. Watch him in The Professional, he was stunningly neurotic.
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The kids wanted to watch "The Hulk".
I went in with no expectations and enjoyed the movie.
I liked the digital animation and am a fan of Jennifer Connelly.

The kids (and the big kid) thoroughly enjoyed the combat scenes!

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Last night my daughter had a Halloween party and I screened "The Sixth Sense" for them.

After they were gone I watched "Leon: The Professional" Terrific movie with a very young Natalie Portman.

Tonight: more guests with kids and "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

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I am a big Ashley Judd fan (yes I am collecting all of her movies) and watched Double Jeopardy yesterday. Forgot Tommy Lee Jones (another of my favorites) was in the movie.

Enjoyed the plot, heroine, action and suspense.


PS: If you are also an Ashley Judd fan, check out Eye of the Beholder.
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My wife picked up "Holes" (I'm impressed, she never buys DVD's...)
So we watched it!

I liked the movie and was rooting for Stanley and Zero!

Good all around fun for the family!

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Watched, "The Italian Job" last night and really enjoyed it.

I am now out the door to buy "Finding Nemo". I can't wait to watch it with my boys tonight. We saw it at the theater, but it will be so much fun to have it at home.
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Bought Finding Nemo but it's for Christmas for my 4 year old daughter! I want to watch it now! Going to watch the 1 hour special 8 simple rules tonight.
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I bought it and it fills the whole 16:9 screen (and you know how much I like that, eh CapnRandy?)

And it even has a "Virtual Aquarium" where the characters just swim around their aquarium on your screen indefinitely so you can pretend you have one. A very cool visual accessory for our HTs to use before starting a movie!
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Originally posted by Markito
I bought it and it fills the whole 16:9 screen (and you know how much I like that, eh CapnRandy?)

And it even has a "Virtual Aquarium" where the characters just swim around their aquarium on your screen indefinitely so you can pretend you have one. A very cool visual accessory for our HTs to use before starting a movie!

Cool! I have a crt pj and I am always popping a movie in to warm it up prior to anyone coming in to watch the movie. This will be so much nicer .

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Originally posted by Markito
I bought it and it fills the whole 16:9 screen (and you know how much I like that, eh CapnRandy?)

I had to pull a few strings with Steve Jobs, but happy I could help!

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Hey, I appreciate it Captain my Captain.
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Watched 3 movies in the last few days.

Ice Age (I know it's been out for awhile). My wife, me and another couple couldn't stop laughing. The sloth and the squirrel kill me. We've watched it 2 times since with other people with the same response.

The Italian Job. Great action flick. Good plot, acting and just all-around fun to watch (LOVED the Mini's).

Finding Nemo. Very enjoyable. Not as funny as Ice Age, but the animation and colors may be the best I've ever seen (even looks better TO ME than Toy Story 1,2 and Monsters Inc.) I to will be using the "Virtual Aquarium" to warm up my CRT. Very Cool!!
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BUMP-this thread's too good to keep down!

The opening scene of Ice Age with the squirrel is as good as any animation I've seen in the last few years. The rest of the movie (for me, at least), is kind of a let down, although I don't know any film could keep up that momentum.

We watched Nemo on Friday and Saturday evening. There are already too many posts for this movie, so I'll just say we loved it.

Sunday, we shunned both Jessica Lynch and Elizabeth Smart and rented Legally Blonde 2. If you can make it through the first third of it, it gets much better. Not quite as bad as the reviews make it out to be, if you liked the first. Otherwise, you'll hate this one even more.

Really enjoyed these movies, but looking forward to something a little more ballsy in the near future. I am awaiting T3, Hulk, and 28 Days Later to arrive and have X2 & TT EE on order.
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