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GUS, don't ever scare us that way again...as i read your story i kept checking to see if i was alone..i was so scared..i had not read such a scary story since the exorcist..i'm glad you survived the night,and that i survived the story...LOL!!

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Yeah, I would have been a wreck too. Glad it and you survived!
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We watched "T3-Rise of the Machines" Friday night....didn't care so much for story line....but the car(truck) chase was cool! That had to cost some bucks!

Then Saturday Night we had a 'Finding Nemo Party' for my daughters (age 3 and 6) Had 17 little kids over....night started with pizza upstairs using Nemo themed plates, cups, balloons, movie tickets, etc....then downstairs for the movie where we server Goldfish crackers, gummy worms, and popcorn. Girls had a great time. Pictures can be seen at....


look in the 'Theatre' folder.

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Drinks on the speakers is one of my pet peeves. I try to warn everyone ahead of time that I may become enraged and murder someone if I find a drink on a speaker. Usually it works. Fear is a great motivator.
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AZ,believe it or not you're actually tame wwhen it comes down to this subject vs my cousin....he is that ANAL about his speakers....bose at that!!i do feel you guys,i would probably have to snap if someone put drinks on my speakers...if you'r e that STUPID then you wouldn't be in my house for long...it's the one place where i will NOT TOLERATE anything!!!!!!!!!it's not hard to respect other peoples houses...

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In this case, I felt that I had just about ZERO control. I was just depending on my guests being considerate, and thanks be to God, they were.

With a large number of people, the lights dimmed, the music blaring and plenty of alcohol, I'm actually VERY lucky that nothing bad happened.

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Just watched Tomb Raider "Cradle of Life" and the stunts/effects are amazing. Especially loved all the dark scenes and caves, reminded me of the night scenes from "Tears of the Sun".

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Watched Finding Nemo last night. Pixar & InFocus 7200 - priceless!
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Friday night - friends from work for "The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers" Extended Edition - great movie, and just right for an intermission with Irish Coffees (speciality of the house at Cinema Murray!).

Saturday night, "A Christmas Carol" - The 1999 TNT Patrick Stewart version. My youngest daughter is doing the play and wanted to watch.

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Had a Finding Nemo party last night... 10 kids and 5 adults. Several of the adults and 2 of the kids had never seen it.

What's really amazing is that the oldest kid was 11 years old, and no one spilled any drinks, put their hands on the screen or talked through the movie. (Except my wife, she refuses to shut up for anything)
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Just picked up "X2" at the local CC and enjoyed it on the HT much more than the local Cineplex.

I got a big kick out of the initial scenes with Night Crawler attacking the President. The black smoke effects were dazzling.

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big finding nemo crowd for thanksgiving...in demoing some of the movie,this could be perhaps better than toy story series or monsters inc. in terms of pix quality...some of the scenes just looked downright hi-def..especially on the shots in the fish tank..

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I just finished watching The Time Machine for the 5th time. In about one hour, about 10 family members will be arriving. They drove to Montreal and are on their way back. My wife is cooking dinner for them. I bet we will wind up watching a movie or two. I'm betting on Nemo for the first show. Probably followed by 2001 A Space Odyssey (I'm in the mood for sci-fi tonight)



Absolutely, positively No dancing tonight... And no drunk people walking about!
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After Thanksgiving diner today, the family and an invited friend sat down to watch "Spirited Away" - an amazing film and perfect for a rainy afternoon. Afterward the adults adjourned to the lobby bar and enjoyed cappuccinos and mochas (got an early Xmas present - a new expresso machine!).

The theater's been open all day - in and out watching the Macy's parade in HD and Discovery HD Theater.

BTW - in 2000 I took the family to NYC for the parade: 20 degrees and breezy. A great once and a life time treat, but much more comfortable in a Berkliner in my jammies!

Ain't life grand?

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After Thanksgiving dinner, the kids went and watched Lion King and the adults cleaned and polished off another bottle of red!

The nice sounding, very expensive babysitter gives us 1.5 hours of quiet!
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Originally posted by CptnRandy
After Thanksgiving diner today, the family and an invited friend sat down to watch "Spirited Away" - an amazing film and perfect for a rainy afternoon. Afterward the adults adjourned to the lobby bar and enjoyed cappuccinos and mochas (got an early Xmas present - a new expresso machine!).


If you like Spirited Away be sure to check out Castles in the Sky. Kiki's Delivery Service is ok, but more kid oriented and not quite so imaginative.

Although Spirited Away is my 10 year old's favorite movie.
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watched the SE of Enigma last night. interesting movie.
after that i watched Solaris which took my breath away.
loved everything about it.
the kind of experience that seems to justify all the money and time i've sunk into this hobby.

tonight i'm looking forward to Experiment in Terror, and maybe Thief of Baghdad or Thrill Of It All.
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just polished off finding nemo...it was a great end to a fabulous day!!

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Last night we screened "X2" for a group of my brother in-law, his wife, her sister, his wife and kid, as well as all of us. Most hadn't even see the first movie, but greatly enjoyed it. Afterwards, I turned on Discovery HD Theater and everyone was mesmerized at "Undiscovered Disney World". Took a while, but my wife now "gets" HD!

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anybody using that new VOOM hi-def satellite service?

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Not me - Time Warner. In the Columbus area, pretty limited offering, but I got a hell of a deal with the combined package of Road Runner (internet), full digital package, multichannel HBO (which we never really watch) and HD. HD is currently limited to one HBO, NBC, CBS, the local WB/UPN, and Discovery HD.

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i also earlier today in a mag i think,saw that dish network is now offering some satellite system geared towards the hi-def crowd.i know they have had it for awhile..but i think this was a little different.voom wants you to pay $750 for equipment,to use thier service..i guess it's okay considering you own it.

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Just started watching Charlie Sheen Comedy Show "Two and half Men" on Tv. I had forgotten how funny he could be. That being said my better half put on "Good Advice" from a few years ago. It had Angie Harmon and Denise Richards (now married to Charlie).

I enjoyed the movie especially the scenes with John Lovitz.

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Yesterday afternoon, my wife went and rented two movies. She rented Stuart Little II, which she played on the 60" RPTV upstairs for my son, our toddler and their cousin whom we are baby-sitting while her parents are on vacation. After the kids got settled, the wife and I went down to the HT and enjoyed a nice, quiet viewing of George Cloony's Solaris with a glass of wine. I liked it, but then I'm into sci-fi. She hated it, but still enjoyed our quiet time together.

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GUS, how do you like the cambridge sound works speakers...is the bass pretty good from your towers..?

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I LOVE my CSW speakers! Yes. The bass is pretty good. The T500 towers have a 300 watt sub each. Not huge bass, but pretty good. Also my S300 surrounds are great. The only complaint is that my center channel is too small and the next larger CSW center channel speaker would block part of the screen. I've been thinking of how to get around this problem but haven't found a solution yet.

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Saturday night my wife and older daughter and I watched "The Italian Job" - actually pretty good - better than I expected. The younger daughter wanted to watch "O Brother, Where Art Thou", so she was relegated to the family room TV.

Hard to believe that the 35" Sony would look so small, so soon!

My daughter (older) and a friend watched "Just Married" Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, I wasn't around!

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actually i have a date with my wife to watch "just married" sometime this week..i was hoping that it would be decent.

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Last night - Pirates of the Caribbean - lots of fun. Friday night was "A Christmas Story" which is funny as ever.

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CAPTNRANDY, what did you think of the picture quality?there has been so much talk about this dvd being ruined by bad picture quality,just wondering what your take was?also did you allow the kids to view?

thanks brickie

we're about to goto into our x-mas movie craze...the first up is my favorite,or one of them,JINGLE ALL THE WAY.
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