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Got around to seabiscuit. Great film and looked great! All right going to have to hunt down that Lawerence Of Arabia Superbit. Girlfriend wants to see SWAT, I don't really (kind of odd she wants to see the action flick and I don't). It will be a renter.
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Watched SWAT last night, and I thought it was really good. Pretty much an action film though - not much in the way of substance. I, like Daniel, was going to comment on how dark some of the scenes were. Some scenes in the sewer tunnel and in the train yards it was tough to make out what was going on. Other than that it was a fairly enjoyable flick.
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Catching up:

While I've been at work this week, my wife and kids were at home - they watched "Step Mom" and "Dirty Dancing." Last night I actually managed a mid-week movie and watched "Le Fem Nikita".

Anyone catch the American remake "The Point of No Return" or watch the series? I hadn't seen any, but thought it pretty good - my favorite Luc Besson movie is still "The Professional".

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Took a quick break from the movies and rented UFC Vol. 1 & 2.
Allot of good fights in the ole Octagon.
What a treat to see Gracie, Frye, Coelman, Tank, and the rest of the gang brutally beating the crap out of everyone.
I just didn't realize how long it has been. Kinda makes me feel a bit older.
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Le Fem Nikita is best left to the original Luc Beson version. And I agree totally "The Professional" is awesome. Try to get the international version "Leon" got some extra footage that doesn't add alot but does go further into Matilda's training.

Watched SWAT tonight. I was pleasently surprised. Thought this wouldn't be very good. Worth watching.
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Watched "Ronin" last night with Robert DeNiro.

If you like action packed "car chase" scenes ala "Transporter", this flick is for you. As a bonus this movie also has the actor who played Leon in the "The Professional".

The movie has lots of plot twists and surprises.

If your into action movies with a little more, you will enjoy this pic!


PS: I took my mom to see "The Last Samurai" on Christmas day. We both loved the movie and can't wait for it to come out on DVD.
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Happy New Years to Everyone on this Forum!

Well it seems all the kids and grandkids are coming over today. I have been asked to fire up all the cinemas with different themes.

New Years Day Video-fest featuring:

Grandkids-Family Room (Sony 1251 CRT)

Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc
Toy Story

Kids-Home Theater (Barco Graphics 808 CRT)
Yes my daughter wants another Colin Farrell day!

American Outlaws
The Recruit

Poor-old-Dad-Office (Electrohome 4000 CRT)

Gone in 60 Seconds

Let's Not Forgot Mom!-Living Room (Pioneer RPTV)
Chick-flick Extravaganza!

Alex & Emma
French Kiss (Which also has Leon from "The Professional")
Notting Hill (I actually like this movie with Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant)

In between showings I will have to help with diapers, meals, popcorn runs (where is King Brickie when you need him!) and all the other requests.

Hey, how did I get into this hobby! Well you gotta love having the whole family under 1 roof again...can't wait to tell everyone I am converting the attic in 2004 to our grandest HT yet!

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Originally posted by Gus

I thought Bruce Almighty was good too. A friend brought it over a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, he brought the fullscreen version , so I put it down on the coffee table and marched down to Blockbuster (about a block away) and rented the widescreen one . After the movie was over, and they were leaving, the fullscreen copy was nowhere to be found!!!! We have turned the house inside out and haven't come across it. Big enigma! We've concluded that it's not in the house, but then no one entered nor left the room during the movie!!


That's just too bizarre. Has it turned up yet?

Yesterday was the first day I have been in the office since Dec 22nd. My business partner left a little something for me under the tree: Blockbuster Video gift cards. So I went down to BB at luchtime and bought (not rented) Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger (the newer anamorphic releases with DTS), SWAT, Chicago, and The Hulk.

Last night I watched Clear and Present Danger (perhaps my favorite of the Jack Ryan films). I was very pleased with the new anamorphic transfer and the DTS surround mix sounded great. I'm sure Patriot Games will at least be as good. With all the new DVDs and a huge backlog of recorded HD to watch I sure have my hands full--in a good way.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, True Lies, The Fast and the Furious, and Speed in D-Theater format came in the mail yesterday. I still haven't watched my D-Theater copies of Daredevil and X2 yet! Too many movies, never enough time.

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Last night we had a group of 11 year old girls over to help my youngest celebrate the new year. With my older daughter and myself we watched "Seabiscuit".

Of course, we were interrupted when one girl had to go home, another had to exchange toothbrushes, and a neighbor couple showed up one at a time!

Still great movie and look forward to seeing it straight through sometime soon!

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We watched 'Simon Birch' with our kids the other night.

A cute film that always gets my wife crying....Wonderful!
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last nite it was x-men 1 and 2 for us...both were good although everyone preferred 2 better..there were some instances where they could have used there powers more to help themselves...but then we'd have a short movie,right?oh well,still would rate this one a keeper..


DANIEL, that is way too much popcorn even for "king brickie" to handle..3 theaters,now that's cool!!
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Well it was quite a day for the family...I think everyone is "movie'd" out.

The grandkids fell asleep during the second feature, the girls wanted to go to Target after American Outlaw, my son-in-laws wanted to watch HD Sports, and I am pleased I was able to watch X2 before the interruptions began.

As I got each projector, I would remove the "old" one from the HT and setup in a different room. Only my son was excited when I told the family I was converting the attic into a larger HT able to seat the whole family (currently 15 members and growing!). Luckily, he is living with me and I will be able to enlist his help with the framing, electrical, sheetrock, etc...
Hopefully by next new years we can all watch a movie together.

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The Bishop Multiplex!

I told my wife the other day should we win the lottery (note to self, start buying lottery tickets) and decided to build a new house, I'd want to build TWO theaters.

One big, seating 24-30 and a second that's the size of our current one, seating no more than 10. A "daily driver" and the big impressive one for entertaining and "events"!

Last night the family watched "Keeping the Faith", which was surprisingly good. Edward Norton is becoming a dependable sign - if he's in it, it's probably a good movie. "The 25th Hour" is my top movie for 2003.

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Hopefully by next new years we can all watch a movie together.

Daniel, we do that now at holidays in the basement theater and it is definitely alot of fun for the whole family. But sometimes trying to get everyone to agree on what movie to watch is difficult. Then I have to invoke my executive privileges and pick the movie myself. Three theaters and a fourth on the way is way too cool. Thats like nirvana, the only thing left for you is to put one in the bathroom.

This weekend was full of football both pros and college bowl games in HD. No real memorable games, actually kind of boring this year except for a few games Purdue and UGa for one.

I did get to watch a movie though. 28 days later.... It is a British knock off of the Night of the Living Dead theme. The story line is different but the theme is the same. Basically, a guy wakes up in a hospital, alone, 28 days after the outbreak of some virus which was inadvertently released by some animal activists trying to free lab animals. Although a cool idea and starting out great, the movie falls apart about midway through. The entire sequence with the military was stupid and totally unbelievable. The movie completely falls apart there and never regains its early promise. I can only hope that this movie gets the virus and is never seen again. I hate when a movie shows early promise and captures you in those first 15 minutes but then loses itself. Avoid the dissapointment and see Night of the Living Dead over this one if you want to be scared out of your wits.
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Captain Randy,

I have also become a fan of Edward Norton.

If you are able, watch Red Dragon...he plays the ex-FBI agent that captured "Hannibal". I also liked the role he played in The Score with Robert DeNiro. I think he was also in a movie with Richard Gere where he was accused of murder. Richard Gere portrayed a psychiatrist and the ending had a surprise...

David Guill,

I had not thought of potential disagreements over which movie to watch...I guess we're spoiled because you just go to another room. As for the bathroom....hmmmm, I have thought of putting an LCD TV behind a two-way mirror. I got the idea from Audio-Video Interiors magazine.

In general,
I am very fortunate my "better half" indulges my hobby. She prefers to read and it takes an act of congress to get her to watch a movie in the HT, and it has to be a romantic comedy. She loves French Kiss, That Old Feeling, The Krippendorfs, and of course Somewhere in Time.

I wish everyone an action packed thrill ride of a year!


PS: has anyone seen "Confidence"?
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Doctor Zhivago is a romantic comedy which your wife may enjoy. Although it is a drama and not a comedy it is a grand epic love story as only Russian authors can tell.
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Watched "First Men in the Moon" last night. I loved this movie growing up, but even with seeing it the first time on my 92" screen and in it's OAR (2:35), it seemed to be now very dated and to have loss the magic it once had for me. This was the first time my wife has even seen it and it did not do anymore for her, then what it did for me upon this viewing.

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Slightly Off topic;

Today (03JAN04) is the last day of dVd sale at Target.
Here are some examples:

Panic Room (Jodie Foster, Forrest Whittaker) in Superbit - $7.50
Moulin Rouge (Nicole Kidman) - $7.50
Confidence (Edward Burns, Dustin Hoffman) - $10.00
* Note: not every dvd is on sale

If you have been holding off certain dvd's that are 1-2 years old, now is your chance to get them at a decent price.


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We watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" last night. This was better then what I expected, a very fun movie.

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I'm not into Anime, but the other night I watched 'Spirited Away'. It was excellent. Beautifully drawn with wonderful english voice-overs. I would say it is the Japanese equivalent of 'Alice in Wonderland'. I highly recommend it.
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By my son's request, we just finished watching The Fast And The Furious again. I kind of napped in and out the whole time, but he enjoyed it. I did wake up to notice a lip sync problem I had never noticed before. Toward the end of the movie when..
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Torreto and Connor meet after the botched hijacking
, every word that Torreto says comes out about a half a second after his lips move. This was on the DTS track. This was the only part of the movie where I noticed this.

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Last night we watched the 1938 restored Technicolor Robin Hood, quite incredible really. As with all good Technicolor the movie looked better than real life. This was actually quite entertaining. The only part that went on a little was the final sword fight. Interestingly it had some similarities to the Smith Neo fight scenes in the last two Matrix films.

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I'm away for the week, but the girls are back home enjoying the theater! Yesterday they tell me they watched the new "Freaky Friday".

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My wife and I watched "Freaky Friday" and "Say it isn't So" this weekend. Both were rather disappointing. Even my wife agreed and she was really looking forward to freaky friday.

I have been watching Alias: Season 1 and am up to episode 16. I honestly don't know how I missed this show. I remember when it came out, but at the time thought that it must be a rip off of Dark Angel which I did watch at the time. Had I just watched one episode of Alias I would have probably never watched Dark Angel again.

This is a great show. I'm just not sure what I'm going to do when I start watching it on TV in Standard rez(No HD yet) and have to wait a week between episodes. I may have to wait a bit now as Disk 5 is currently in long wait status at Netflix.

Saturday, between Alias episodes, I watched The Replacement Killers with Mira Sorvino and chow Yun Fat. Not a bad action flick! the soundtrack seemed a little bass heavy, but is that really a bad thing!


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not at all, DON.

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Let's see....since the new pj arrived Friday, we've seen: Finding Nemo, the Panthers game in EDTV, the Colts game (WOW! PQ), Almost Famous Bootleg, and tonight we'll see either Real Genius, Road to Perdition, or Good Will Hunting.
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An earlier poster mentioned "Confidence" with Edward Burns, Dustin Hoffman, and Rachel Weisz...so I had to check it out. Luckily Target was discounting the dvd for $10.

I actually liked this movie. If you want to see a con game in action and be surprised by some of the plot twists, check out this flick.


PS: The studios are releasing "Underworld" and "Johnny English" tomorrow. I have heard several good things about "Underworld" from my co-workers and I love the Mr. Bean series.
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Originally posted by Daniel Bishop

PS: The studios are releasing "Underworld" and "Johnny English" tomorrow. I have heard several good things about "Underworld" from my co-workers and I love the Mr. Bean series.

Daniel, I sure do agree with you about the Mr Bean series. I never even knew there was a Mr. Bean series until a couple weeks ago when I happened to catch it on a PBS channel. This guy has to be one of the funniest comedians there is today.

BTW, is the movie Mr. Bean (I think that's what it was called) available on DVD?

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We watched "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" last night. It's been years since we last watched the Indiana Jones trilogy movies. The last time was on laser, long before there was DVD. I always considered them as some of the best fun adventure movies ever made.

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Originally posted by darthopus
I have been watching Alias: Season 1 and am up to episode 16. I honestly don't know how I missed this show.

My wife and I are addicted to Alias too. We watched Season One on DVD when it came out. Problem is, we were so hooked that we'd stay up 'til 2am on a weeknights because we just had to see the "next" one. But then barely stayed awake at work the next day. We did this all the time.

We finished Season One at the end of October and then we had one month to get some sleep before the Season Two DVDs came out on December 2nd. We did the same sleepless ritual and finished all twenty-some episodes before the end of December.

You gotta love that it fills the whole 16:9 screen and that the surround sound is great too.

Luckily I have recorded all of the new Season Three episodes on my ReplayTV, so we have now watched those ten. Now it is painful to have to wait a week for the new ones.

Yes we are obsessed, but the every one of the characters is so great and that Jennifer Garner isn't hard to look at either.

We did the same thing with "24" and "The Shield". Now we are going to check out the two seasons of "Dark Angel" on DVD, but I'm glad I got your take on it so that I will know in advance not to expect as much.

I'm glad you are a fan too.
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