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Stop Making Sense is sooooo good.

Monday: pretty dry with no new Netflix dics (and we'd gone through last Tuesdays purchases) so we almost rewatched Ghost World (even put it in the player), but at the last minute changed our minds and rewatched Six-String Samurai. For those who haven't seen it yet it's a low budget indie post-apocalyptic road movie (picture "The Road Warrior" as a comedy and the Mel Gibson role being played by someone like Elvis Costello or Buddy Holly).

Yesterday: Bowling for Columbine.
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Last weekend did the classic Young Frankenstein and Spiderman.

Nothing this weekend. Daughter is going to college and need to spend the weekend there getting her all moved in and connected.

For a treat, don't forget that Animal House is being released again on DVD It is called the Double Secret Probation Edition.
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Monday: Paradise Hotel (wife like that kind of Fox fare)

Tues: Bowling for Columbine followed by a disastrous Red Sox loss to Oackland. I won't comment on BFCfor fear of attracting thread-deleting moderators .

Today (Wed) We are fixing to watch Chicago. As soon as Jackie feeds the baby.

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I've watched a few movies over the past 7 days or so. Most of these movies are older & have been out for a while. I just bought Top Gun & Jurassic Park. I love these movies & can't believe I waited so long to buy them. Here is the list:

Jurassic Park DTS: 5/5
The Matrix: 5/5
Top Gun: 5/5
The Crow: 5/5
Stargate: Ultimate Edition: 5/5
12 Monkeys: 4/5
Bad Boys: Superbit: 5/5
Ronin: 5/5

Jurassic Park DTS & Top Gun are Awesome on my HT!
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Last night we watched "The Hunted" with Tommy Lee Jones & Benecio del Toro (???).

Loved the beginning with all the action in the dark and all the scenes shot in the great outdoors. The movie dragged along in some parts but the action scenes were good.

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Still catching up on Shark week!

Tivo can be a demanding master - not only do you have all of the things you thought you'd like to watch, but now I've got a robot critic recording thing it thinks I should see!

Hey, anything with sharks AND Hedi Klum can't be bad, could it?

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Cool thread, but it could get very large. Maybe it will set the record of the largest longest lasting thread.

I saw the Life of David Gale. I didn't like it much, first because it was predictable and second because I didn't agree with the message it tried to convey.

Also saw Seven, again predictable and some of the worst acting I have seen from Brad Pitt (and I like Brad pitt movies). I have come to realize that I don't like Kevin Spacey movies very much. Maybe it is just him. I can't say that I like the roles he has played. I also saw him in American Beauty and I thought his role was a bone head and it was kind of good to see him killed. But anyway thats just me. I am not a Kevin Spacey fan.

I rewatched Private Ryan after I upgraded to a 7.1 system. The sense of realism increase substantially with this improved processor (B&K) and the addition of the two rear channels. I also acoustically treated the room so the finer details really came out.

I think I may rewatch Bram Stokers Dracula. As I remember the surround effects were real creepy and should also be enhanced with the changes to my room.

Also saw part of House of a 1000 corpses. I had to just put it away, it was that bac. My son had rented it and even he said it was pure trash. Bad things should happen to everyone in that movie. It was terrible. I guess I was expecting to see something like the Rocky Horro picture show. Rocky Horror this is not.

Also saw Destination 2. I saw the first one and the second one is very similar. Cool idea for a horror flick and maybe a 3rd will come out but this second was OK. Some likeable characters, some surprises but a real hokey ending. But you expect that from a movie like this. Maybe death will take a holiday in the next one.

Thats it for now.
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Originally posted by David Guill
Cool thread, but it could get very large. Maybe it will set the record of the largest longest lasting thread.

It might!

I've been considering starting up a "Now Showing II" thread if this keeps up and let this one retire to the archives. Good/bad idea? Any reason just to let it grow?

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I'd vote for keeping this one going to keep it all together. If we have a couple (or more) threads going on it and the old ones are bumped up and responded to it could get a little confusing.
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Last night, Jumanji

My daughter had a friend over - I didn't watch, but even 2 floors above you could occasionally hear some distant thunder . . .
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Any wagers on how many people will watch The Two Towers on the 26th??

I'll be one of them.

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I am going to fight the urge and have friends over to watch The Two Towers in November when the extended version comes out. For now I will have to watch the extended Fellowship of the Ring.

Tonight we are watching Gladiator. The only other time I saw it was on a 27" TV so this should be a treat.
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I'm resisting too - I'll planning to show both movies - not on the same nights! I'll probably have to do multiple showings.

Time to raise the prices at the snack bar!

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Keep this thread going!

Watched "American Outlaws" last night (daughter is a Colin Farrell fan).
The kids and I enjoyed it, a modern "western". Loved his "gunplay gymnastics" in the bank shoot-out scene.


Showing this evening:

Blade II
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Last night -Four 12 year old boys watching "Kung Pow - Enter the Fist" in HD.

Tonight - "Like Mike" in HD More my style for the family.

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"Resistance is Futile" I'll probably own both versions...Sorry...I'm weak.

Kung Pow is funny as heck....Love the "Chosen one vs. Bessy the cow...

The matrix and milk fight combination was great...maybe it's just a guy thing. The wife thought it was stupid. But then again, I'm a 36 year old who still loves Godzilla...

go figure...

"Keep the tread...Keep the tread"

Latest viewings...

U-571 - great surround, good movie.
Near Dark....OK...Aliens reunion
Gladiator - nuff said...

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OK, the thread stays!
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Another double feature Saturday:

Family Feature: The Man From Snowy River
Second: The Zero Effect

I learned about the Zero Effect in this threat - terrific film, especially if you're a Sherlock Holmes fan!

Oh, and almost forgot - youngest daughter and some neighboorhood kids watched The Cutting Edge Sunday afternoon.

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Watched "Office Space" again , I've lost count on the number of times i've seen it but its hits home so its not a loss... Also watched Bourne Idenity , good flic also, but had to watch it on the Protable theater (Divx Encoded movie, laptop with earbuds) , I was in a hospital... But still a good flick none the less.

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Friday night, The Recruit.

Tonight, Adaptation.

My daughter wanted to watch Monsters Inc. Saturday, and we stayed up way past her bedtime watching the movie and playing with all the extras.
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thursday: LOTR two towers
friday: nightmare on elm street 1, 2
sat: NOES 3,4,5
sun: NOES 6, 7 and two towers with friends
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Pretty excellent effects....very dumb story / acting.
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Dropped the Son off at college, he's the first and is a freshman so in honor of him we (myself and the remaining two girls) watched the movies the son enjoyed in his younger days. Ernest scared stupid, Ernest goes to camp and Ernest goes to jail. These are classics and still just as silly and stupid to watch as when the kids were 8. Just a little reminiscing as the oldest has flown the coupe. Another goes in two years. Good thing I have the theater installed already because I wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise, college costs are just outrageous.
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The wife and I are remodeling the kitchen and I must have done something right because last night she simply said "honey, go watch a movie". I was dumbfounded but not stupid and took off like a shot...

Watched The Matrix on my new screen (52X92 DaLite) and was astounded by the "big" screen. For the first time I felt like I was is theater like setting (old screen was 45 X 80).

This hobby can become addicting!

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Saturday I watched Disney's Hercules with my 4 year old daughter. I don't think this movie received the good reviews it deserves. Maybe watching it with a 4 year old helps. There are a lot of great one-liners and James Woods is perfect as "Lord of the Underworld". The DVD transfer is excellent along with great surround sound.
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I too watched Lord of the Rings : Two Towers. An excellent picture and good (not great) sound. Anyone who saw the first film will be quite pleased. On Sat. I made my girlfriend watch American Pie for the first time (she is easily offended) but she laughed throughout the whole movie. On Sunday I watched Buckaroo Banzai, a cult classic, fans of cheesier 80's movies will like it with it good special effects and silly story (I enjoyed it).
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We had a rainy weekend here so went to the local video store and rented a stack of DVDs. This is what I've watched so far:

Sat - Two weeks notice - not bad for a chick flick, some funny moments, I enjoyed it.
Sun - The Bourne Identity - I liked this one, this was the second time I have seen it and still enjoyed it.
- S1m0ne - found this boring and predictable, although my wife enjoyed it, I left the room part way through.
Mon - Swim Fan - Pretty enjoyable, worth seeing, but not one I would buy.
Tonight - LOTR: The Two Towers - I can't wait for my son to go to bed so I can get this started...I have watched some of the special features and now I am hanging out for TTT:EE and ROTK....
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Every time I read this forum...someone reminds me of a movie that I have got to go buy. I remember watching Disneys Hercules and rolling at some of the parts. As rdwalt stated just prior to this post, James Woods is great at the bad guy. I love Bobcatt as one of his little cronies.

my shopping list for Best Buy keeps on growing...and growing...and growing..
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Monday night: Amelie (a beaufiful film with a perfect transfer and excellent sound). I picked it up in FEB. and have probably watched it 15 times. Just a warning, it is in french w/subtitles and is very cute (my girlfriend loves it too!). Has anyone here seen the DVD version of the 1984 punk movie SUBURBIA? I was wondering if its quality was any good? I want to order it but its like $25 and I hate paying more than $3 at record exchange for a bad transfer on a good movie.
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Cinneadthe2nd, the Suburbia transfer looks true to the film and is very watchable (looks about as good as it did in the theater). I think there might have been mpeg picture noise from the source grain, but I'm not home so I can't check. Sometimes you can get a deal on it (I got it for about $12.00 as Digitalaleyes.net, but they're sold out right now). There are some Amazon sellers who have used copies also. (Going a little OT, but related to Suburbia). T.S.O.L. just played in Sacramento a few months ago in a little midtown club. It was really good (and they didn't play any of the icky crossover stuff that they were doing for a few years). It sold out and Jack G. snuck in some of the people hanging out on the sidewalk through an open window (but later they got kicked out). At the end of the show I was beat (and feeling kind of old ), but seeing the "kids" who were to young to go the first time round get to experience a bit of what a real show is like (not that Blink 182 pop-punk radio friendly junk) was pretty neat.


Saturday: Cradle 2 the Grave. Ugghh... I like Jet Li, but this was kind of a mess.

Monday: What to do in Case of Fire? (original title "Was tun, wenn's brennt?", German, 2001)
Comedy/Drama about a group of former anarchists that reunite year later due to a forgotten bomb set to go of in the '80's in Berlin. That's about all I'll go into with the plot. I liked it.
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