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^^^^Me too! My favorite episode HAS to be "The Trouble With Tribbles", I also remember the animated version as well. My next favorite would be "The Devil In the Dark". Good stuff!


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Originally Posted by RTROSE View Post

Fast and Furious - Netflix DVD - This is the fourth installment of the series. I find this one to be the weakest so far in the series. I was underwhelmed by the movie. While not a terrible movie it just was not a great movie. Plus one of my favorite characters is "offed" in this movie which did not do any favors for me either. 2.5/5 Definitely a rent not a buy.
I have the Fast Five on the DVD player waiting for a spin.

Fast Five - Netflix DVD - Well I got around to watching the latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. I actually liked this one and probably is the best in the sequels. The original is the best and I would say this one does not give much up to it. A great popcorn flick and not to give anything away but the best parts of the movie are the show down between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson and the final chase scene. 3.25/5 Worth a watch for sure.


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Watched 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012)
1/5 (imdb 2.7/10) Straight to video.
Corinne Nobili in a red & white bikini has a stunning figure.
Which is saying a lot given that Carmen Electra is in this and hasn't lost her figure.
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I really enjoyed the original Star Trek series too! So many good episodes. A few stand out as favorites of course, but I cannot remember their names. The Trouble With Tribbles was fun.
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Wathced Really Loud and Inceredibly Close. Actually liked it, it's a good drama aimed at adults (but not an "adult film," if you know what I mean). Ironically enough, it's actually quiet. It made me realize that I CAN hear the furnance running in the theater. Now I have to get cracking so I can replace the temp door to the furnance room with real door.
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Watch the Campaign - was kind of disappointed. A couple funny parts, but still lacking.
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Originally Posted by Scout's staff View Post

Watch the Campaign - was kind of disappointed. A couple funny parts, but still lacking.

But it's a Will Farrell movie . . . wink.gifrolleyes.gifbiggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by NickTheGreat View Post

But it's a Will Farrell movie . . . wink.gifrolleyes.gifbiggrin.gif

Thank you. Until you wrote 'Farrell', I was thinking of The Contender (2000), and that I didn't really find it lacking.
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Originally Posted by BasementBob View Post

Thank you. Until you wrote 'Farrell', I was thinking of The Contender (2000), and that I didn't really find it lacking.

eek.gif I meant Will Ferrell. He peaked in Anchorman (hilarious movie). Every movie he's done since is worse than the last. frown.gif
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Sorry, I'll be more clear.

I read this
Originally Posted by Scout's staff View Post

Watch the Campaign - was kind of disappointed. A couple funny parts, but still lacking.

and mistook the movie The Campaign (2012) for the movie The Contender (2000).
I liked The Contender (2000), and was surprised that anyone could find The Contender (2000) 'lacking'.

Then I read this
Originally Posted by NickTheGreat View Post

But it's a Will Farrell movie . . . wink.gifrolleyes.gifbiggrin.gif

and realized it was not The Contender (2000), but rather the latest Will Farrell movie.
Which of course explained the 'lacking'.
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Gotcha. Thought you were calling out my typo . . . wink.gifbiggrin.gif
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Played The Deep (1977, widescreen)
4/5 (amazon 4.1/5, imdb 6/10)
I'd forgotten how amazingly good this film was. Well put together. Excellent tight script and plot.
Lots of nastyness that strangely hasn't ever been done as well since. Lots of different perils in this movie, each of which are delivered more satisfyingly than any war/spy movie I can recall (Threatening the world with nuclear holocost is not the only way to create peril).

Robert Shaw had been in lots of good movies by then,
but this was the film that made Nick Nolte and Jacqueline Bisset.

Nick Nolte and Jacqueline Bisset play a young couple enjoying a tropical vacation who discover a glass ampoule while scuba diving off the coast of Bermuda. It takes a seasoned treasure hunter (Shaw) to identify the ampoule as part of a valuable shipment of World War II morphine lost at sea, coincidentally, atop the even greater treasure of a sunken Spanish galleon. Thus begins a race for drugs and treasure pitting Nolte, Bisset, and Shaw against a ruthless drug lord (Louis Gossett Jr.) who'll do anything--even resort to Haitian voodoo--to get what he wants. Intense aquatic thriller based on the Peter Benchley novel.

I watched a DVD widescreen version. I might get the bluray.
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Agree completely. Back in the day; read the book and saw it at "the movies", in that order.
One of the few times the movie version was as good as the book!

If this is on BR , I have to find it!
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Originally Posted by cuzed2 View Post

If this is on BR , I have to find it!
Apparently there's a 3 hour version of The Deep that NBC showed years ago. That I can't find anywhere.
The BluRay 'details' say it has some of the extended bits, possibly in a deleted scenes section -- but even the sum of these doesn't add up to 3 hours.
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Excessive Commercials?
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Originally Posted by BasementBob View Post

I liked The Contender (2000), and was surprised that anyone could find The Contender (2000) 'lacking'.

On the recommendation of poster BasementBob (a name that seems strangely familiar to me), I

Watched The Contender (2000)
3/5 (amazon 3/5, imdb 6.9/10)
A political thriller about
- Laine Hanson, a senator who is nominated to become Vice President following the death of the previous office holder. During the confirmation process, Laine is the victim of a vicious attack on her personal life in which stories of sexual deviancy are spread. She is torn as to whether she should fight back, or stick to her high principles and refuse to comment on the allegations.
- a governor, apparent vice president candidate, a position the country had apparently been without for a few weeks. A car flies off a bridge and the governor who was fishing under the bridge tries to help the car's driver. Unfortunately, the driver dies.
- The presiden't rival in the prior election was Sheldon Runyon, who is rurthless in his pursuit of dirt on Senator Hanson.
- A president who throws power around with the ease most of us would make a sandwich -- speaking of which there's an amusing subplot where the president is constantly trying to find some food the white house kitchen doesn't stock, a subplot which turns out to be a foreshadowing plot device
- Reggie Webster, a freshman Delaware congressman who was trying to get on Runyon's right side, then saw that Runyon's tactics were not his cup of tea.
- FBI agent Paige Willomina, as the pawn that checkmates the game.

Principles only mean something if you stick by them when they're inconvenient.
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I have several unopened 3D movies waiting, been catching up on TV and the Voice and The Dust Bowl on PBS have had my attention last night... did watch an old favorite The Lakehouse Saturday night 4/5 for me, I like Sandra Bullock.
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Watched Margin Call from 2011...reasonably decent drama set during the financial crisis of 2008. Kept me wondering how things were going to play out. By the end, some questions were left unanswered, but it was worth the watch. I would say this is a rental only though, I'd give it 3/5.

Also (finally) saw The Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader tonight on 3D Blu-ray disc. I was mildly entertained by this one, but the 3D effects and visual appearance in general was excellent. I did enjoy Reepicheep, the mouse. I would also give this one a 3/5. I would consider it to be the weakest movie of the trilogy as a whole.
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Originally Posted by cuzed2 View Post

If this is on BR , I have to find it!

Based on the opinion of cuzed2

Played The Deep (Blu-Ray) $7.99
4/5 (amazon 4.1/5, imdb 6/10)
Same movie as before. Lots of grainyness in spots, same as the DVD; and other spots are much clearer, including the initial t-shirt swim. It's still correctly widescreen (not 16:9)

The "selected scenes from the 3 hour special edition" were rightly deleted -- there's a bit more backstory about Treece's wife
- Prologue: The Goliath Sinks
- Romer Treece's Disposition
- Treece and David Harassed by Cloche's Goons
- Pillow Talk
- Extended Conversation between Cloche and Treece
- Treece's Past Revealed
but there's a lot of overlap in those with the main movie, so there's even more missing from the 3 hour version still I haven't seen.
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I watched two more movies...first was Commandos from 1968 starring Lee Van Cleef. This movie came out of the WWII Commandos Collection 4-disc 10-movie tin that a friend gave to me that he originally paid $10 for and no longer wanted. Commandos is the first movie on the first disc in this set so I thought I would give it a spin. I wasn't expecting much, and indeed the audio and video quality is lacking (it looked like they took it right off an old VHS tape), but I was surprised that the movie itself was reasonably entertaining. It's about a group of Italian-Americans who attempt to infiltrate an Italian camp in North Africa in WWII. They are successful but things slowly but surely unravel and become progressively worse. I would give this a 3/5.

Also saw Half Past Dead starring Steven Seagal. It's funny, even though I would consider most of his movies to be average at best, Seagal is actually one of my favorite actors. This movie is fairly typical fare for a Steven Seagal film...lots of fights, gunfights, some of it believable and some of it not so believable. Not too bad but not too good either, I'd give this one a 2.75/5.
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Watched The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
3.1/5 (amazon 3.4/5, imdb 7.3/10, rotten tomatoes 73%, Decent Films: C+)
It's a retelling of the initial spider bite, and less magical than before.
Overall, not too bad, but it's not remotely the "wow they got it so right!" that I had with Spider-Man (2002). What it is: a project of expedience created by Sony to prevent film rights from lapsing to Disney/Marvel.
Stan Lee was fantastic -- my eyes lit up for his scene.
I thought the director should have had more cranes.
As I recall, in the 1967 cartoon Peter used his chemisty skills to create the mechanical web shooters, whereas in the 2002 version they were an organic part of his body, and this time around in 2012 they're pretty much purchased with very little tinkering and no chemistry at all -- possibly due to the now defunct No Organic Web Shooters .com.
When 24-year-old Emma Stone showed up in highschool I thought she was a teacher, not the 17-year-old girlfriend.
Peter Parker seems much less do-gooder than he should be. The problem is that the movie never gets where it needs to: At no time does the lesson of power and responsibility emerge in connection with Uncle Ben’s death.
And The Daily Bugle is barely mentioned.
They had a surprisingly high-end meeting of Amy Pascal [chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment], the producers, director and everyone, and sat me down and pop quizzed me on all things Spider-Man. A big debate was about organic versus mechanical web-shooters. Because I have always been a practitioner of mechanical web-shooters, Amy asked me why you use mechanical web-shooters. I said, because [it showed] the genius of Peter Parker, that he was able to invent these things that he needed. It says who he is, and what kind of person he might have become if not for the spider-powers."

The reaction, said Bendis, was quite telling: "People who agreed with me were banging the table saying, 'Huh? See?' and others were shaking their heads. You could see this was a huge debate.


A Superherohype.com reader posited, "I hate the whole idea of organic webbing ... plus, it should be under his tongue!" (There's one for the super-scientific take on it!)


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Having a choice between Iron Sky and Top Gear, I

Watched Top Gear: Worst Car in the History of the World
1+ hour Youtube video at link.
A good bit o fun.
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Just Go With It. Adam Sandler not at his best. But it had it's moments. And more of Jennifer Aniston than we've ever seen, provided of course, that WAS Jennifer Aniston.
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1) Get Low - 4/5 - An old hermit decides to throw a funeral party for himself. Promoted as funnier than it is. Reminded me I've always thought Robert Duvall is one of the top actors of the last 50 years.
2) Savages - 3/5 - Oliver Stones does a drug dealer vs drug dealer movie. Well shot, straight forward plot, but I found that I didn't care enough about any of the characters to really care who lived or died in the end.
3) The Darjeeling Limited - 3.5/5 - I always enjoy Wes Anderson movies, but I found the three mains to be rather unlikable so I never really got into this one.
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Originally Posted by tlogan6797 View Post

The Three Stooges. Was probably as good of a tribute/update to the Stooges as can be done. If you were a fan of the Stooges, I think you'll be a fan of this one. I must admit, I was skeptical at about this, but it had many laughs. Even the LOGANESS was laughing, and she HATES the Stooges.

The Three Stooges - Netflix DVD - Tom, you are spot on. A great tribute and probably the best it can get or as close as it can get to the original. I think if you like the Stooges as you say you will be pleasantly surprised and entertained. If you didn't get the original Stooges you wont get this either. I think actually the movie was a tad long as I was getting worn out by the slapstick and as Stooges gothey are better in increments of a half hour or so. Well worth a rent if you are a fan you will be happy and entertained. 3.25/5


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Glad I could help, RT!
I think actually the movie was a tad long as I was getting worn out by the slapstick and as Stooges gothey are better in increments of a half hour or so.

I would agree with this. But it IS broken up into segments, like longer epsisodes, so there are natural places for a break.
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^^^^HAHA yup you're right about the segments. Maybe should have taken the opportunity to go to the concession stand at those points.


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Originally Posted by jdanforth View Post

I did want to take the opportunity to whine about cinema etiquette. It seems as though people have just given up on the cellphone thing. They apparently got the message about silencing the ringer but they're texting and surfing Facebook the whole time! One woman a few rows in front of me took a FLASH PHOTO with her phone.

Watched Skyfall (2012)

I was the only person in a 1000 seat theatre.

There was a guy there with a cell phone, but fortunately he had it turned off and didn't bother me much. He also spent the entire film toe tapping the seat in front of him, in complete defiance of cinema etiquette. He didn't take any flash photography, but sometimes the popcorn chewing was quite loud.

When I left, mine was the only car in the parking lot. When I pushed the remote button to unlock the door, the car did not blow up. Bit of a disapointment that. On the other hand, it did offer me the opportunity for a ride home.
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I saw three more movies...

First was Taken from 2008...predictable plot and you know how it will end, but this was really well done. The skills of the main character (played by Liam Neeson) are almost unbelievable but the action was good as were the fights. I rate this one 4/5.

I was happy to see that Taken 2 was still playing in the theater and since it was my day off today and it was cheap Tuesday, I decided to go. Only seven people in total in the theater, which was great. This movie was mostly more of the same from the first film (with a twist), but also well done. 3.75/5.

Finally I watched Zookeeper which I had recorded off of Movie Central. The animals had a certain charm and the storyline was reasonable, but for me the humor mostly fell flat except for a few laughs. I liked how things came about towards the end. Not a terrible movie, but not good either, I'd give it 2/5.
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Watched Skyfall in Imax last week

Amazing movie. I really enjoyed Casino Royale but still kind of mixed with Quantum of Solace. Seeing the previews for Skyfall, I was very eager to watch it and went after work. Crowds have died down but there were still plenty of people. Great action and plot and story kept me very entertained. Just had people around me that weren't respectful of others. Guy next to me kept checking his phone, luckily he stopped after I asked him to, and girl a few seats down kept talking to her date loud enough for everyone to hear. Just reminds me exactly why I spent money on a home theater.

Watched Megamind on HBO

Was working and had it running in the background. Still a fun movie, albeit predictable, with great music and video. One thing that caught my eye was when they were in Hal/Titan's room for the big fight, I noticed that he had what appeared to be Klipsch style speakers. small detail but pretty entertaining as a Klipsch owner myself.
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