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Thanks for the info Deeann, I bet that show was awesome! You sure dont look old but it does suck seeing people at shows that have their parents drop them off. Tuesday - What Lies Beneath (harrison Ford) I took it home from work, it was ok but I wouldnt buy it. It actually made me jump twice (and that is hard to do).
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We watched a movie from a few years ago -
The Replacement Killers
with Chow Yun Fat and Mira Sorvino.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, the soundtrack during action scenes really brought you into the movie.

Tonight we are watching "The Negotiator" with Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey. I have enjoyed several of Kevin Spacey's movies especially L.A. Confidential.

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had a "chicago" party over the weekend
what a fantastic ht experience !
goes right to # 2 in terms of ht enjoyability, just behind lotr
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Saturday was Daredevil (loved the visual and audio effects) and Bringing Down The House. I'm a sucker for Steve Martin movies - throw in Eugene Levy and I'm sore.

Sunday picked up Chicago, and Tuesday was the mandatory LOTR: Two Towers. Haven't watched either yet - probably tomorrow night for at least one of them.

Monday night I was blown away by Tears Of The Sun. I'm a war movie kind of guy anyways, but seeing the (in)human side of the rebel fighting and ethnic cleansing in Africa made it a powerful movie. Wifey was out and about - don't think she could have handled that one, so it was a good night for a "guy flick".

Last night was The Life Of David Gale. My wife picked that one out - I wasn't too into it when she grabbed it from the shelf, but it's quite the story. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how "Bitsey" figured out the ending. I saw it coming earlier on, but thought it to be too far fetched to be the case.

I'm bacheloring it again tonight - I think I'll pull the made-for-HBO "When Trumpet's Fade" from the shelf. I used to work directly with the guy that wrote that movie, and I read his original draft of the script back in '93 - so it's always interesting to watch that one.

Can you tell we have no kids and I've got a short hobby list besides HT?
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Wednesday: Romper Stomper w/Russell Crowe. A very gripping and twisted portrayal of neo-nazi's in austrailia in the 1990's. Seems very realistic it was sick at times but movies can be. I have seen it before, and enjoy it w/good acting and excellent ambiance. Suggested purchase (or rental) but not for the easily offended.
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I watch LOTR-TTT yesterday. All I can say is "WOW!".
I watched it with my 7-y-o and I think it might have been too scary for him. I think I'll be giving it a second viewing this week-end with some friends.

Great picture and sound on this one. Mind-blowing special efx.

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Lunchtime movie with 4 10 year old boys that had an early dismissal from school - Stuart Little 2 - Great colors! Reminds me of the old Dick Tracy movie from a while back. Hmmm...

PS Gotta clean up the popcorn now....
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Great thread, been to sea for the last couple of months so I had some catching up to do.
Picked up a movie called SPUN, different, but I really liked it.
8 Mile: not a rap fan, but thought the movie entertaining enough.
Watched a few at sea, on the sonly plasma, but they are 8mm (the navy has yet to switch to dvd, at least in the sub force) but anything beats the boredom.
Old School: Rude, crude and totally perfect for 30 sailors.
Started to watch Pool Hall Junkies, but never finished it. I can't seem to find it around so it may not be out yet.
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Thursday: About Schmidt- A sad, yet witty portrayal of an old man (Jack Nicholson) reaching his prime. Tons of events drive him to ponder his life and whether or not he had made an impact on the world (or would die and be forgotten). It was enjoyable and made me laugh out loud a couple times (though I'm not quite sure if I was supposed to).
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Tonight, The Impostors

Some really funny stuff, and one of the best over the credits closes.

We all watched it and it would make a great family film, but some stray language (too much, really) and some adult situations the film would have been better off without.

But if you liked "Big Night", you'll see lots of familiar faces. A great tribute to Laurel and Hardy and the Marx Brothers.
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Friday: Dahmer-o.k. acting terrible theme. I usually like these outta-whack films, but this one was too much! Saturday: Apollo 13 and Space Odysey 2001 felt like bring out the inner geek in me so I had a space (mini?) marathon. I've never seen Apollo 13 but thought that it had decent special effects and a plot that could keep your attention. Sunday: LOTR:TT again! I really love those films.
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We had some friends over Saturday and watched Shanghai Knights. This is a very shallow, but very funny flick. Great for putting your mind in neutral and having some fun.

Yesterday I watched Minority Report. What a great movie!
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We watched U2s 1988 epic "Rattle n Hum" last night. It rattled and hummed!
We watched Stallone's "Driven" Thursday which reminded me of the IMAX "Super Speedway" and put our subs for a work-out. We watched "Earth Light 2: Special Edition" Wednesday. It had a thundering lift off in 5.1 of the space shuttle and great earth views from space in digital footage.
Tonight our friends are bringing over "Lord of the Rings:Twin Towers". I will continue this post after we see it...
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Monday (Labor Day), Jennifer, our youngest daughter, had a friend over to watch Spider-Man

And Diane and I finally got around to start watching Band of Brothers - absolutely amazing. And 9 more episodes to go!

I've never been much of a fan of HBO to watch movies - never anything on I want to watch and now that I've got the dedicated theater, I don't want to watch movies on TV (although I haven't tried HD yet). But HBO's original programming is amazing. I think From Earth to the Moon is among the best things ever done on TV - Band of Brothers looks like it's in the same league.

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Lotr2, Bowling for Columbine, Final Destination 2
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Last night it was "The Terminator" special edition. I was all jazzed that it had a DTS track, but then I was totally disappointed by the sound. No LFE at all... The audio was poorly done, and it's a distraction from the movie. Unlike T2, this 'special edition' wasn't very special.

I'm going to pick up the 'high school reunion collection' today (Weird Science, Breakfast Club, and Sixteen Candles) Hopefullly these will have been remastered and dressed up a bit. Amazon indicates DTS soundtracks... anyone have the scoop on these?
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Yes Band of Brothers was fascinating. All the episodes will hold your attention and keep bringing you back for more. You may even wish that the war never ended (not really) but the series is so well done I keep watching (all 9 episodes) monthly (I got it as a Christmas gift this past Christmas).

Not too much movie watching this long weekend
Watched LOTR:TTT, it was enjoyable. Lots of low bass and tremendous special effects. I liked the first one better then the second but the second was still an outstanding movie.

I also watched the Last of the Mohicans. Great movie but I wish it had been recorded better. But the story line is interesting and holds your attention. Its a great love story that will hold the guys and girls attention.
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over labor day weekend
chitty chitty bang bang and the love bug with the kids
my wife and i - punch drunk love
bottom line - ioho ccbb was the best of a very medicore group
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My daughter loves Colin Farell so we had a mini moviefest for her this weekend...

American Outlaws
Phone Booth

That should hold her until SWAT is released on DVD!

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Thursday: The Great Escape - I always find this movie enjoyable. A little overacting (but what movie from the 50's or 60's didnt). A good comedy/action with very funny parts.
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Last week-

Tuesday: Two Towers (good, though I'm not a huge LOTR fan). The next door neighbors chainsaw wasn't very good for the ambiance, though.

Wednesday: Animal House (DSP Ed)- a classic.

Thursday: Phone Booth-Yeah! I really liked this.

Friday: TV day.

Saturday: Tried to watch the French Connection but due to vodka orange soda I couldn't follow it at all so switched to The Terminator.

Sunday: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days- it was cute and better than I thought it would be.
After that we watched Chicago. I'll be picking this one up when I see it used.

Monday: I can't remember.

Tuesday: Sixteen Candles- whatever happened to the guy who played Jake?

Wednesday: Weird Science- when I was younger I wanted to be cool like Kelly LeBrock. And whatever happened to the guy who played Wyatt?

Yesterday: The Breakfast Club- I never liked Molly Ringwalds boots in this movie (and still don't). Otherwise, it's one of my favorite movies.
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Originally posted by deeann
Last week-

Tuesday: Sixteen Candles- whatever happened to the guy who played Jake?

He owns a little furniture making company. I can't remember where but I'm thinking it was near TN.
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I got a chance to watch IMPOSTER with Gary Sinese and Madeline Stowe.
Loved the twists and turns, especially the surprise ending!

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Saturday night: The Blues Brothers

I got an itch to see this after seeing Animal House rereleased - I was never a fan of that movie and don't think it's aged well, but Jake and Ellwood Rule!

"Lots of space in this mall".

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Friday night I watched Die Another Day, one of the best Bond movies IMO, and the DTS sound track is not bad.

Sunday - Jerry Maguire. It's a while since I last saw this. I still enjoyed it, a good one to have in the collection. It's one of those movies that is almost a chick flick, but it's not really. Romance, but with a bit of sport etc thrown in to keep us males interested.
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Friday: SUBURBIA (Roger Corman)- Oh yeah! I dont know how long it has been since I've seen it, but it was still as good as I remembered. Believe it or not I bought it for $3 at local Record Exchange (on dvd). People who didnt dig the whole punk era wont enjoy it, but it is one of my faves. Off the topic (sort of), I hate giving away my secrets but any one in Northern Ohio would do well to go into local Record Exchange. I hardly ever pay more than $12 for a new release. I also buy ALL of my albums for $1 a piece. Just stay away from Cuyahoga Falls, thats my tresure chest!! J/K
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Originally posted by deeann
Tuesday: ...The next door neighbors chainsaw wasn't very good for the ambiance, though.

I guess you should have rented the "Texas Chain Saw Massacre", then it would have been just perfect.


Monday: I can't remember.

Must have been the vodka orange soda again.
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Not much time for watching anything this weekend, but I found some Imax movies on DVD at a local bookstore in the cutout bin. $10 apiece!

I picked up Everest, Titanica, and Dream Alive. Dream Alive is about the space program, Everest was meant to be a doc about climbing but they were filming during the disasterous 1996 climb detailed in the book "Into Thin Air". Since I'm sort of an armchair climber I read the book several years ago and was very interested in seeing this movie! I only had a chance to watch about half of Everest and some of Dream Alive. (I had to test out the launch... beautiful!)

Content was excellent, as most Imax movies are, sound quality was above average, but the dadgum things are 4:3?! What's up with that?
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Last night it was the wifes turn...

She wanted to watch Sweet Home Alabama, I was reluctant of course but found out it was very entertaining. I especially liked the scene in the bar when she introduced herself to Jake's date as "snooty, uptight, yankee-b*****, wife who he won't give a divorce".

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this past w/e...
"sandlot" with the kids - great family movie
"identity" - very good - not excellent , but above average
soundtrack better than expected- lots of surround effects, not much .lfe but ample rear info
"hollywood knights" - not nearly as funnly as i remembered it
michelle phieffer was ALWAYS beautiful
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