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DMR-E80 and DirecTivo question  

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I just read through the entire "DMR-E80 has landed" thread:


It is not until the very end where the idea of using the E80 as a recording device attached to a DirecTivo is brought up. And even then, the questioner states that they are using a standalone Tivo and not a DirecTivo.

I have a first generation Sony SAT-T60 with an additional drive added for a 149 hour capacity. I'm starting to wish now that I had something like the E80 for archiving as my VCR broke down about a year ago and I really only use the DirecTivo for TV viewing. It would be great to free up some space and store some of the shows permanently to DVD-R's. I should probably mention that most of the shows I would be archiving are 1 hour shows edited to remove commercials (I guess using the E80 as the Tivo does not allow editing). So I guess I would use the Tivo to output S-video and capture it on the E80 hard drive. Then edit and archive to DVD-R from there.

Any E80 owners who are archiving off a DirecTivo? I would appreciate any and all comments regarding the quality of the stored video.

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I don't have an E80, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night........

but seriously, I have a DirecTivo, and a DMR-HS2 recorder...
Archiving to DVD with that combo works very well....

Picture from the recorded DVD's look as good as the original....(at least to me)

I imagine it would be the same with the E80....
one of which I am getting within the next week......

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I am not familiar with the TIVO, but wouldn't you just route the out A/V cable to the E80 and select play and record? The same as hooking up a VCR, Camcorder DirecTV or DVD player to the E80. Also you can very easily delete commercials from movies or TV programs recordered on the E80.
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I have a question about hooking up the E80 to my home theater system. The A/V receiver input port for DVD only has a digital audio imput. If I leave the DVD player hooked to that imput and use the VCR imput on the receiver for the E80 output, will that work and, if so, would there be any loss of PQ? I don't have na E80 yet, but I need to know about hooking it up to my seatem before I get one. Thanks
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I don't have an DMR-E80, but have a Philips DVDR 985 and a Pioneer Elite DVR 7000. I record shows from both DirecTivo and ReplayTV to both of these players without a hitch (alibet the poor performance of the 985). Just connect up through the SVHS in, set the time parameters for the DVD disc (2 hours 2-1/2 hours, etc.) and let it record. I have the ability (and the time) to further edit the shows on the PC and re-record back to DVD (in case of removing commercials, etc.).

I've been doing this for well over one year now, with no complaints. For those few TV shows in excess of three hours the quality of the DVD produced on either platform suffers.

Hope this helps.
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I have your exact DirecTivo model and I've also done the hard drive upgrade. I've had my E80 for 3 weeks now and have recorded 25-30 movies and made some compilation DVDs of other broadcast stuff for friends. I still have a lot to learn, especially to improve efficiency, but I've been quite happy with it and my friends have raved about the quality of the recordings. (Admittedly we are not DVD/HDTV connoisseurs.)
BTW, I bought my E80 from Best Buy and was able to combine 3 different offers from them to get the price in the mid $400s although that takes into account a couple of Best Buy gift cards so I have to re-spend the $ with them. No problem for me though and they let me spend one during the transaction.
Good luck!
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I bought the E80, had no problem hooking it up. Have been recording movies from my Direct TiVo and the PQ is great. My question is; is there a way to not record the title page when the disc will have only movie on it? I haven't found any mention of it in the manual. Anyone know?
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I assume that you are referring to the title page that the DirecTivo generates for about 5 seconds when you play back a recorded show in order to transfer it to DVD/VCR?

I don't know of any way to suppress that from the Tivo side. However, couldn't you do one of the following on the E80...

1. Don't start recording until after the Tivo is done generating the 5 second title page.

2. Use the E80 to record the Tivo output onto the hard drive. Then use the E80 editing capability to cut out the Tivo title, along with any other commercials that may be in the show

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No, I think he was talking about the one the E-80 puts on the DVD. I think it is annoying as well when you only have one program on the DVD that the E-80 still creates a title menu.
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I was talking about the one the E80 puts on the DVD. I guess I'll yust have to live with it. Still, it's a great machine!
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I used to have a DirectTivo and I used it in conjunction with an HS2 for exactly what you're talking about. It worked fine and I am sure it would work fine with the E80 as well.
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I have done quite a few recordings from my TIVO to my E-80 with great results. I am planning on using the season pass on the TIVO to record the entire season of all my favorite shows then tranferring them to the hard drive of the E-80, editing out the commercials and recording them to DVD-R's. I have also made some compilation DVD's and transferred family videos to DVD-R. I have to say that the E-80 is probably the most useful piece of Video equipment in my house on a par with or a little above my hacked DirecTIVO and hacked Apex DVD player.
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