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My son and I noticed problems with the movie
just after it started, we watched in in SD for a while and when we went back to HD it was fine.
From your location the weather may Have had an impact, but I live across the street from the WEWS TX site and it was bad here.

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I watched the PGA tour event on the digital channel earlier in the day and did not have any problems. However, I didn't watch any of the HD stuff last night, so I can't comment on that portion of programming. Just my 2 cents

I also suggest that we all call the station and let them know about the problems you guys had last night, so it's taken care of by Thursday night.

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Thats possible, I live in Wellington. But it sounds like maybe the station was having issues in the beginning, and got it fixed early in the movie if we both were having problems.
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Yo fellow Clevelanders!
This thread has been so helpful and I think it is great that we are getting together to call these guys to keep the pressure on and letting them know we are out there.

The reason I am posting this here is due to the local nature of the thread.
Anyway, I need some advice on an antenna. I live in Avon which is about 25 miles from the "antenna farm". Over the past few years I have accumulated 3 antennas. 1. Terk TV42 (goes on the dish). 2. Terk TV55. 3. Radio Shack 160" boom length.

I know that the obvious choice here is to go with the Radio Shack model. However, I am somewhat limited in that I do not want to install a big ugly antenna if I can help it. I have had a little success with the TV55 putting in an east facing window (temporarily). NBC seems to always be weak no matter what I do. Others seem ok.

Any advice?
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i live in akron as well, after trying few other antennas I finally got a outside antenna on my roof and wolla i get everyhting now, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and this worship channel but i forgot the brand name of the antenna, I know u dont wanna put up a big ugly thing outside but if u are successful otherwise i wanna know about that too. I live in firestone park area.
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Parsons let me ask you this simple question.

Would you rather have a great looking picture on the TV, or a great looking roof?

Right, the TV.

So go put that 160" antenna up. Throw a rotor on that baby, and you should pick up a whole lot of great stuff. (like CBS out of Toledo when 19 is down).

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Well, game day is here. I haven't had the TV on much this week so I have not checked out ABC....are we still up and running with no problems?

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I too am glad to see a local Cleveland thread going in this forum.

Regarding antennas, I live in Olmsted Twp. and tried numerous indoor antennas to no avail - none of them worked for me. I finally had a chimmney-mounted UHF/VHF antenna professionally installed and have been able to receive all 5 of the currently available digital stations.

So, I highly recommend going with an outdoor antenna. For the Cleveland stations all the broadcast towers are roughly in the same direction, so I don't think you need a rotor unless you want to receive Toledo or other locations as suggested.

I've read mostly bad reviews about the Terk 55 antenna.

Good luck!
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I am trying to avoid putting up a big ugly outdoor antenna, too, and have experimented with a few things with mixed success. Both antennas were tested in a 3rd floor guest room with double windows facing the transmitters in Parma. I am in Shaker Heights.

1. Radio Shack 120" VHF/UHF double boom - installed this for Super Bowl last January - worked well on all DTV locals until the trees grew in summertime. Foliage directly in line of sight apparently blocking good reception. Also had problems picking up signal in heavy snow last winter. I'll bet putting this baby outside on the chimney and up higher would do the trick.

2. Now I am testing the ChannelMaster 4228 double bow-tie "mother of all UHF antennas". This picks up all the DTV locals thru the trees *except* is flaky on WKYC (NBC). Alas, WKYC-DT is on VHF channel 2 which this antenna was not designed for...

Hope that helps!
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Seriously guys, I dont know what the deal is with some of you. Antennas are not big and ugly. They may be big, but they look cool, not ugly. So if you are gonna complaign about the look, at least have some dignity and blame it on the wife.
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Yeah, I agree with Mike_Stuewe. I live more than 45-50 miles from the transmitters, and my only option was going with rooftop antennae. I live in a newer development, and I am the only one who has a rooftop antennae. Its been up since last January, and noone, I mean noone in my neighborhood has said anything about it. (But they sure as hell will make comments if I dont mow my yard and it gets a little long.) I don't even notice it anymore, and I know its there.
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Look, I will absolutely resort to putting up the big one if necessary, I just dont want to if I dont have to. Even with the bad reviews of the Terk 55, I get average to above average signal on all except WKYC. Not much there anyway, but I would still like to have it.
I guess I will continue to experiment only to put up the big one in the long run (that is if the wife lets me )

MNF tonight and ABC is coming in strong as of 7:31pm. We'll see about kickoff...
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MNF was full of dropouts here in Mentor. I called and left a message on the Cheif Engineers machine. I asked about DD 5.1 too.

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MNF looked fine here. I went to bed around 11:00
and did not see/hear any dropouts. FCC info lists
870KW ERP for WEWS. Wonder if your getting clobbered by "Airplane Flutter".

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MNF was great in Strongsville. No dropouts or audio breakups at all. I thought they did a great job last night.

Ray....what kind of antenna do you have? If you're using an indoor all the way out in Mentor, that might be the problem.

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I did not have a single audio or video drop out during the entire game. I am in Olmsted Twp. I thought the game looked pretty good. Hoping to have 5.1 at some point this year, but not counting on it.
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Not one single drop out here in Wellington. The game looked awesome, and I second that thought of 5.1 soon.....
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Thanks for all the feedback on MNF signal. I guess its not WEWSs fault for my dropouts. I may need to take a peek at the connections on my roof mounted antenna. I think the low level here in Mentor is hurting my reception too. I need to raise the house about 50 ft.

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Hey guys,

Does anyone else want to join me in emailing WKYC Channel 3 and request that they stop multicasting. Points in my email that I want to get across is that no one watches 3-2, there is no reason. 3-3 is a waste as well cuz of the internet. But they should at least get rid of 3-2.

Leno looks horrible at night when ever they do a crowd shot because of the motion. And whether its SD or HD, sports look horrible as well because of the fast motion. They need all the bandwidth possible, and they chop it up with wasted channels.

Also anyone watch CBS today for the US Open. Good to see they couldnt have a flawless program. The audio was messed up as it usually does for a good couple of minutes during the Agassi match. You would think they could have the problem fixed considering how many times it comes in. NCAA Champ, Masters, and often during Primetime.
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The US Open was unwatchable for me in Mentor yesterday. The Browns game was fine before the Open. I had a terrible time with MNF last Thursday but WEWS was fine yesterday. Later in the evening on WOIO I had great reception on whatever movie they were showing. My reception in Mentor is so inconsistent its funny. I will try to get up on the roof this week to check out the antenna connections. I hope I find a corroded connector or something to explain some of the bad reception problems I'm having.

I will E-mail WKYC about their multcasting. What's the Email address?

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I dont see engineering listed for email addresses on the wkyc.com website. Does anyone know it?

Ray don't worry about the US Open being unwatchable, the audio was a joke during the entire match. The browns game was fine, but during the Tennis it was not. There were split second drops of audio every 2-3 seconds, it was super annoying.
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I had good reception for MNF on WEWS yeturday evening. CSI on WOIO also had good reception yeterday evening.

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I live in Avon also, I played around with multiple antenna's for 6 months I finally went with just a plain old outdoor radio shack, and for the relative small dollar amount I put up a rotor and am glad I did, if you want to compare notes just email me and I will happy to help.

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Originally posted by Ben Music
From North Olmsted point your antenna southeast past the airport to the Parma tv towers. That should give you 70 to 100% if your antenna is on the roof. Slightly less if antenna is in the attic. WEWS CH 5-1 seems to be doing some upgading lately. Their signal is on & off, up & down, all over the map. Hopefully they and CH 43-1 will have it all fixed by the time the new fall shows start.

Ben Music
North Ridgeville

Hi Ben,

Got knee deep with work that I haven't been able to get up on the roof to re-point. I hope I can try it this weekend ... I'll try to point past the airport direction.

P.S. I was surprised to see how long this thread became since I first posted
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WKYC cannot get rid of 3-2 as it is used for cable companies. Let's work on WEWS for 5.1 sound. Does CBS offer 5.1? If so bug them , too
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I could not receive WOIO early yesterday evening (8-10PM). The signal was fine after 10PM. Did anyone else have this problem? I live in Mentor.

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Originally posted by rlockshin
WKYC cannot get rid of 3-2 as it is used for cable companies. Let's work on WEWS for 5.1 sound. Does CBS offer 5.1? If so bug them , too

I don't understand this. Do the cable companies have antennae that they use to pick up the locals in this manner? How many cable companies actually retransmit an OTA digital signal? I really am completely naive about this stuff, but it would seem to me that even if WKYC does have to produce a digital signal of SD material for cable companies, that doesn't mean they actually have to broadcast it OTA.

I mean neither 5 nor 19 have digital SD signals broadcast, and they're carried by cable companies all over northeast Ohio. What's so special about WKYC?
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Does anyone know what is wrong with CBS' audio, sounds like a skipping CD. currently watching the SEC football game of the week on WOIO. Happened before during CSI a couple weeks ago and last week during the US Open.

It better not happen during a browns game.
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Anyone in the Cleveland area also have dropouts on FOX 8, 31. I think its a multipath issue with my antenna placement. Its a small outdoor antenna right now. Nothing indoors really lets me pick anything up. Anyways dropouts occur a couple times every minute. It happened a lot during the begining of summer, never in the spring. The last couple of weeks there signal has been received by my samsung t151 really well. Today though it is dropping out again. Rotating the antenna doesnt really help. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with multipath issues? Does anyone else have this problem?

Thanks Clevelanders, go browns.
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Hi Guys,
I'm thinking about picking up the Samsung SIRT-151 for some local HD here on the east side (Mayfield). Are the Browns games available in HD? WOIO?
Are there any other issues I should be aware of? Thanks!
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