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I have a room upstairs that I cannot control ambient light. I currently have a very tired Barco Graphics 800 CRT projector that isn't bright enough to use during the day in this room. This is not my main theater, just for internet and kids movies. I am using a 6' wide screen.

Ok, I have a good friend that has a NEC MT1040. I was debating purchasing one of these for this application due to it's light output. The problem is that I am a CRT person and image quality is important. I use a Barco Graphics 808s in the basement theater and I love the image it throws. The reason I am interested in that model is that he has a few spare bulbs and wouldn't mind parting with one for me.

Now for my question: What sort of tweaks are available to improve black level, color purity, and overall image quality? I can deal with dust build up, since I have cleaned his out a few times and I have the process down pat.