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Ok, open beta of v1.42. Currently at beta 7:
--- What's new in v1.42 beta:

 * New integrated time line for windowed mode, should allow for
   more visible buttons in this mode without sacrificing the
   time line resolution.

 * Added an option to disable sorting on the play list and two
   button to shuffle around the playback order.

 * New Anamorphic Aspect Ratio mode.  I can't really test it to make
   sure it's perfect, but it should work with all 4:3 image sources.
   (which means it won't work with VCD, but then again, VCD doesn't
   have the resolution that requires anamorphic display).

 * Added an option to make the background of the OSD messages
   transparent.  This only works properly with overlay surfaces
   and takes about 3 seconds to initialize once you start playing
   the video.

 * Having the Control Bar pop when skipping/jumping is now optional.

 * Pressing ALT+"O" will enable/disable on-screen display.

 * Pressing ALT+"S" will open the VobSub property dialog
   (if the filter is in use).

 * Pressing ALT+"+/-" will scale only the video Height.

 * Pressing CTRL+"+/-" will scale only the video Width.

 * Pressing CTRL+"F" will now fast forward at half the speed
   specified in the options dialog (half as fast).

 * Pressing CTRL+"L" will now slow motion at half the speed
   specified in the options dialog (half as slow).

 * Pressing CTRL+"M" in windowed mode will maximize the GUI
   to encompass the entire screen.

 * The "I" key informational dialog no longer pauses playback
   and provides some more information about the playing video.
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