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Radeon Image Too Dark  

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Yesterday, I replaced my Elsa Gladiac (which I was very happy with) with the Radeon 64DDR. The image for the windows desktop is bright and adjustable. However, the image using PowerDVD (or ATI Player) is Dark. The only control I can see for the DVD image is the "Overlay" setting. It brings up the brightness (Black level) but the image looks washed out (No contrast control).

Also, I can't use PowerStrip to set 1024X720 Resolution as I could before.


HTPC with:
Radeon 64DDR
PIII 866
128M Crucial 133 DRAM
Toshiba DVD ROM

NEC XG135LC (AVS Power Buy)
Stewart Studio Tek 1.3 96"

With the Gladiac, I had full control over the image settings, What am I missing here?

Thanks for your help

Bill Kearns
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Hi Bill:

___Have you reviewed the Radeon FAQ ? This will help you with all the setup adjustments/tweaks. The Radeon needs its brightness, contrast, and Gamma in particular adjusted to achieve or best what you are used to out of a GeForce and its working overlay adjustments. For custom T&R’s under Win98 SE/Millennium, you will need to use the Radeon beta’s 7089’s or 93’s and one of the latest PowerStrips or ATI’s own slightly buggy Radeon T&R Mode maker utility.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___ xcel@midwest.idsonline.com

New E-Mail address for the time being ... waynegerdes@earthlink.net
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Thank you for the info Wayne.

I downloaded and installed the 7093 driver, DVD Player 4.1 and I think I am almost there. However, how do I keep anamorphic dvd's anamorphic so I can use the vertical squeeze method of fitting it on my 16:9 screen?

PowerDVD allows me to do this but ATI does not.

Thanks for the info.

Bill Kearns
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I think I found it in the Radeon FAQ. I'll give that a try first.

Bill Kearns
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