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So, you are saying that you will not be able to select on type of receiver over the other? Will you if you go to Tweeter?
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You are exactly right. When Tweeter tried to ring the deal up, the E86 came up. It took about 15 minutes for the Tweeter guys to change it to the Samsung SIRTS160. I told them I didn't want the deal if it was the E86. On the way out I think I heard the manager say that from now on it is the E86. (The E86 is an older less expensive receiver.)

I had them make me a copy of the current DIRECTV Promos. It says it is for New Subscribers only.

Promo Item # -- PROMOHD1
Retail -- $820.97
Discount Item# -- HD1DISCOUNT
Retail -- $370.98
Rebate -- $50.00
Net Price to Customer -- $399.99
Description -- One Room with HD (SIRTS160 & TRKS25)

Good Luck
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Hey man, they said they would do it, if they can pull up the invoice via your name or phone number. They said they can't make it take the 160, but that if they could pull up your invoice they could duplicate it. They said they pulled all the invoices for last week from the huntsville store, but they didn't see the price you were talking.

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Can you private message me the info? Or send it to music_mp3man@hotmail.com

thanks for the help

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I just called my local tweeter here in Philly

The deal is you can substitute for the Samsung, but the cost jumps to 549

So, I am guessing that those who order from D* will be getting the Houghes - almost 90% of the time

At 549, it is almost better to do the normal upgrade package on D* and purchase the Samsung somewhere else
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I just called them back with the info given two posts up, and they said they found everything and now have to get management approval to get it to go through. I hope this works out, cause this is an incredible deal, methinks.

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The normal Directv HD package is a Free triple line Antenna with self installation or or $50 for professional - 1 month free programming with 1 year committment

So if the tweeter deal for the Samsung is 549 plus tax for HD, Antenna, and Samsung T-160

Then the other deal is buying offline the T160 for $556 and the normal upgrade

So professional installation with Tweeter deal $574 (inclduing tax)

professional installation with normal deal $606 but 1 month free HD programming

So, it looks to me like the tweeter deal would save $25 bucks

If you can get tweeter to put the Samsung T-160 for the same price - that would be awesome
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D* guy told me that I could always refuse to accept a given receiver. If a technician showed up at the door with Hughes I could always refuse it.

I am not sure how that would work in practice.
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Just thought I would let you guys know they were able to do it. I go pick up the stuff tonight. They will be installing next week, but since i live 45 miles away, they are going to surcharge me 65 bucks. No prob for professional service and another customer. thanks again for the insight.

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Thanks for the heads up on this deal. I had to reactivate my account (switched to Comcast due to high D* upgrade cost) and overcome not being eligible in this area (Sacramento) for the deal. Apparently there is some kind of promotional code, but the nice lady didn't fight it at all. She didn't have any information on whether it would be the Samsung or Hughes that was being shipped to my house. Installation next Friday. Thanks again for the info.
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Glad you got it. I actually got the 2 receiver package (1 hd & 1 regular) for $499 (sorry for the confusion). I got the package Wednesday Aug 6 at the Huntsville Tweeter. It was installed Saturday Aug 9. I thought this was a great deal also. I've seen the TS160 for $599. Getting it for $399 is a steal. No problems with it so far either. (It's just a week old though.)

Promo Item # -- PROMOHD2
Retail -- $1021.96
Discount Item# -- HD2DISCOUNT
Retail -- $421.97
Rebate -- $100.00
Net Price to Customer -- $499.99
Description -- One Room with HD (SIRTS160 / TRKS25 / SIRS300)

A 3 room install (1 hd & 2 regular) goes to $599.
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I called D* yesterday to inquire about "any" HDTV upgrade deals for existing customers. Since I already have the 3 LNB dish, the rep informed me that I could purchase a HDTV receiver through them for $399. I asked if I could pick the receiver (the rep said no :( ). I told them that I absolutely needed the sammy receiver because I needed a DVI output and that the hughes box would be unacceptable. The rep doubled checked and there was no way to specify the box I would get (it would come down to whatever they currently had in stock). However the offered to give me a $200 credit whenever I add an HDTV box to my account. (I'll take that :) )

So all I have to do is go and get the TS160 (or any other receiver of my choice) at the lowest price I can find, call up D* and activate the box, then ask them to transfer me to customer retention to process the $200 credit.
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Make sure that they note this in your account. I tried to get them to do this and they refused. I called in 2x.
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Good deal, poor execution.

I called DirecTV and told them that I was a new subscriber looking to buy a directivo and a high definition package.

After sidestepping Mike who told me DirecTV didn't offer HDTV packages :o, I talked to the manager.

I told them I saw an offer for 100 dollars for a two room tivo setup, and an high definition offer for existing customers.

They actually told me that I would have to have the Tivo installed first, and then I would have to order the high definition upgrade and schedule another installation when I was an existing customer.


Is it me or would they save money if they did all of this at the same time?

I may bite on this, insane installation process since an online retailer is selling Tivo for 70 dollars, so the whole installation for Tivo and HD will cost me 470 + shipping.
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What will the HD package consist of for the $470? The $70 for tivo and what is the other $400 for? I am in same market so any details would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Originally posted by NickHDTV
What will the HD package consist of for the $470? The $70 for tivo and what is the other $400 for? I am in same market so any details would be appreciated. Thank you!
You have to be a new subscriber to do this.

If you buy a Phillips Tivo from Orbitsat, they offer it for 70 dollars.


After you get the Tivo installed, you can then call DirecTV and ask them for the high definition upgrade. This will cost you 399.
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thanks. I amnot all that familiar with tivo, I know what it does but do you have to pay a monthly fee to use it? The $70 gets you the sat dish and the tivo system, right? Then if i get directv and buy the $399 stb is it more than the normal $33.99 month, do i add more for actually using tivo?
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First of all, TiVo is great. I have two and wouldn't be without it.

If you have their top level programming package (Total Choice Premier) TiVo service is free.

If you have anything less the Total Choice Premier package the TiVo service is $4.99 per month. Well worth it. When I first got my TiVo, the monthly charge was $9.99 per month with DirecTV and then they lowered it to $4.99 and included it in the Total Choice Premier package as a free item. By the way, Total Choice Premier is the same price with or without TiVo.
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Wow, so if i spend $70 more i can get tivo?? Sounds too good to be true. This doesnt allow for HD recording though, right?

My route is going to be D* and a OTA-a with, I think the samsung T-160.

If i understand your posts correctly I must first buy Tivo, then call to order D* with the hd-stb.....correct?
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It is just a promotional package. Nothing unusual. And No, you cant record HDTV with Tivo. You have to wait for D* HDTivo. It should be out in Dec/Jan.
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Originally posted by TheOski
It is just a promotional package. Nothing unusual. And No, you cant record HDTV with Tivo. You have to wait for D* HDTivo. It should be out in Dec/Jan.
Correct, you must order the Tivo special as a new customer.

Then you have to get it activated and installed. Once it's installed then you can call DirecTV and order the 399 High Def receiver as an existing customer.

I asked the manager how long this promotion is going to run, and he said he couldn't say but he said it would be running for a while. I figure it will be 2 weeks before I get the Tivo installed, if you factor in the shipping and then waiting for it to be installed.

Now I have to put my Dish 6000 up on EBay. I figure once I sell that, my switches, and dishes I should almost break even.
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One other note on Orbitsat, don't forget to click on the coupon to reduce the price of your receiver.
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Originally posted by SharpAngle
Make sure that they note this in your account. I tried to get them to do this and they refused. I called in 2x.
They did note my account with this information. The orginal rep said he did, but I called back up an hour or so later just to confirm.
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Well I just talked to the customer retention dept. They don't seem highly motivated, even when I mentioned that I was looking at HDTV sources like cable and OTA.

First he did the company line, which was $50 for a triple LNB dish and install. Said they didn't have any HDTV receivers.

Then I mentioned the fact that people were talking about getting the $399 package with the receiver. He finally admitted that there was such a deal but there would be no way to determine whether I would get the Samsung or the Hughes, that it would depend on what was available in my area.

I asked if D* sent out the receiver to the local install person who made the call. He admitted that was the case but he still wouldn't say which ones they had. Remember, he first claimed they didn't have ANY receivers.

He gave short answers and stayed silent. I tried to push him without making specific threats to drop the service.

The thing is, I could probably live with the Hughes until the HDTV Direct Tivo. But it would probably be hard to get rid of since it doesn't have DVI. The other uncertainty is how much OTA I could get and he's saying once I install, I can't return anything.

Would be interested to know which receiver people get with this so-called customer-retention package. Sounds like they really want to get rid of the Hughes.

Maybe getting a triple dish for $50 and then buying it at CC and trying it out to make sure OTA reception is good is the way to go.
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:D :D :D :D :D
I GOT IT! Thanks for everyone's input on this great deal!

Damn!!! Just got THE DEAL on Saturday. Talked to a guy at Tweeter Lewisville on the phone on Friday and set up the deal over the phone, went really smooth. Went all the way over there after work on Friday (okay, it's directly on my way home), showed up and talked to the exact same guy I talked to on the phone.

He goes in the back to get the unit, turns out they don't have the Samsung
in stock. I gripe at him for not telling me in the first place, he tells
me that all the other Tweeter stores in Dallas have it (which really annoyed me because I drove right past them to get there!)

I'm torqued off at them now so I go over to Ultimate Electronics and try and get the same deal, the sales manager I talked to didn't think he could get the deal so I left dejectedly. So the next day I call the Frisco Tweeter store, this guy tells me they're backordered, and none of the stores in Dallas have it... greeeeat.

So I go back over to Ultimate and try again because their newest add has a 2 room system for $399 with a Hughes receiver. See the same sales manager, start working with him and the store manager, between the two of them they figure out how to swap the Hughes out for the Samsung. What helped IMMENSELY is I had copied down the promo codes yall had submitted from Tweeter and it was completely smooth after I slapped those down on the counter. It was no longer a question of whether they'd match it, but how they were going to pull it off.

Only problem is, THEY'RE BACKORDRED ALSO! Then the sales manager mentions the Zenith model (which is basically the $699 Sony without the name) and they give it to me for the same price! So after they figured out the package, I ended up with a 2 room system with a Zenith HD receiver and the new Samsung regular receiver, and triple-lnb dish installed for $425. Yesssss.

Installation scheduled for Saturday and I'm STOKED FOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL IN HD!!!!! WHOOP! Oh and a lot of props go to the guys at Ultimate Electronics, they did good. Thanks again for everyone posting their help on this.
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so the deal is tweeter only for new dtv customers - (unfortunately i'm already one)

or take chances with dtv and probably get a hughes (already have one).

has anyone gotten tweeter to do it for existing customers?

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I just received my receiver today from Fed-Ex. It was the Samsung!!!! The installation will be this Friday (they will bring the dish). I don't know anything about Tweeters, but just calling Directv and complaining a little had the Samsung here in two days. The 399 is a great deal. Thanks for the heads up!
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Umm, what the hell do they do if your display device doesn have Component inputs and only has RGB, DVI, or VGA inputs? I bet they simply tell the customer they're SOL.

If they are advertising the Samsung SIR-T160 then not providing it is false advertisement.
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As for my experience here in Huntsville, Tweeter did not advertise this deal. I actively sought out the DIRECTV Promo Packages that DIRECTV gave to Tweeter. Although the price list has the T160 on it, it is probably up to the discretion of Tweeter as to whether or not the T160 is substituted.
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Can anyone post that promotion - is their a page or reference other than the codes? My tweeter wants to up the price for a substitution of the 160 - for like 150 bucks
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