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AVR 525 - DTS problem  

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I just discovered a problem with my new H/K AVR 525. When viewing the DVD Chicago, and listening to the DTS track, I paused the movie for a little over one minute. When I hit play the receiver did not pick up the sound at all - silence. Switching to the DD track solved the problem and I could pause that track with no problem. I can also pause in DTS for less than a minute with no problem. Could someone try this out on their unit and let me know if it happens to you. I just want to know if this is a problem with my unit or the 525 in general. Remember to pause for over one minute in DTS before pressing play. Thanks,
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Just bumping this up. Hoping someone will try this for me.
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Just saw this. Was having the same problem with my 520. Never narrowed it down to DTS. Will give it a try.
The problem made me think it was my DVD player. I changed that and went from coaxial digital to optical. That second DVD player was defective (not recognizing discs or recognizing them incorrectly) so I'm on my third. The current DVD player will accept either digital or optical so I'll give it a shot and get back to you.

By the way, I bought a 525 but it was mail-ordered and I believe it arrived damaged. Decided to keep the 520. There was a minor problem with the 525 that I've seen documented by others here: you lose a few seconds of sound at the beginning of a disc. I don't remember which mode of processing you are in (maybe all, if changing from one mode to another). Anyway, it was a non-lethal but annoying characteristic - and not related to the shipping. Does yours do this?
Other than that and the fact that the processor was apparently damaged in shipping (causing ear-splitting harshness in other than 2 channel audio), I thought the 525 was a definite step up from the 520. It was more powerful and the 2 channel audio was outstanding. I soured on upgrading by mailorder and the local cost difference is just too much to justify the upgrade.

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Well, I tried it with a toslink connection and no problem. I haven't had a chance to test coaxial audio yet.

I actually had "Chicago" rented so I used that disc. I paused the movie for up to 10 minutes - I believe, at one point it was actually about 20 minutes, but I got to doing other things and the time just got away. It gave me absolutely no problem. That doesn't prove the DVD player as the culprit. I will need to try the coaxial connection to be certain.

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Thanks for testing. I guess it could be a DVD / AVR combo problem. I have a Panasonic RP82 DVD player and the pause problem is happening on DTS both optical and coax. I guess I will live with it though, as I am not getting a new DVD player. I did call HK and they acknowledged the problem does exist.
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I have this problem with the Panny CP-72 and 525. Only happens on DTS as well. Others have seen it too, switching to another input/source and back will fix the problem.
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Thanks Bighitter
So it seems to be a Panny / 525 issue. Oh well, at least I am not alone.
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I have the HK7200, and Toshiba 5700 DVD player...

While the ~1-2 second delay in capturing a signal is somewhat irritating, its not as bad as you think. I don't recall ever having any delays like your describing, though...
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Well... If I had known that this was a documented problem (meaning the complete loss of audio after a long pause in DTS) I'd never have upgraded my DVD player... which would have been a disappointment. I had a Toshiba 2150 and liked it but now have a JVC XV-F80BK which seems like a step up - but I just got it and am not certain yet. I am certain that it's more versatile in that it's Progressive Scan, plays CD-R/RW and MP3's - the Toshiba would do none of these. Still testing the overall quality, but 7 discs is kinda fun.

I am pleased to find out that it's a glitch and not something in the receiver that is beginning to fail... Seems it has been failing all along and I just noticed.

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