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GeForce or ATI radeon?  

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i was reading the pc to hdtv ultimate guide post and it says geforce video cards are better than ati cards because they support custom resolutions. still i see lot of people on this forum using ati cards. have they started supported custom resolution?

i am building an htpc for playing dvds in progressive scan mode (my current dvd player does not). which one should i go for, geforce or ati radeon?

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In terms of functionality, the Geforce is better for gaming if you are hooking up to an HDTV. This is because interlaced modes work on the Geforce in D3D games, so you can encapsulate common PC resolutions such as 1024x768 and 1280x1024 in 1080i.

In every other respect I'd recommend the Radeon.

André Dalle
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Hi Peeyush:

___What were you reading again and where was it located? The reason I ask is that the Radeon under Millennium does have custom T&R’s as Robert mentioned. You can achieve them via the Radeon Mode Maker utility or the excellent all-in-one PowerStrip 3.0.xxx. As for what is best … Pure HTPC users should definitely use the ATI Radeon even under Windows 2000. Gamers are another story however. It really depends on your uses and OS. If you are a gaming Windows 2000 user in particular, you will be definitely be disappointed in the Radeon’s performance. If you want guaranteed compatibility with most every game out there, the GeForce’s cannot be beat. You will lose the deeper blacks and smother color gradients of the Radeon for HTPC DVD playback however.

___Good Luck

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Whatever information you were reading is outdated. ATI cards do support custom resolutions.
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Here is the link I am talking about.

This mentions that the ATI cards do not support custom resultions as of yet. Anyway, I have ordered an ATI card for my HTPC reading the replies here.

Thanks for your help guys.
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I'm in the same boat as you. Please update the post with your opinion of the ATI card.

Thanks Brian
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So here I am about to buy an Elsa card because I like to game and thought is was also a great card for DVD playback and I am picky about black levels. How different are the GEForce and the ATI in this regard?
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Can you tell me a little bit more about the Radeon Mode Maker utility you mentioned? What can it do and where is it available? Thanks.
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