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The only fallback that I can find(I have a Zenith C27V36 HDTV) is that when fed a high def signal(720p or 1080i. It only displays HD at 1080i) this TV auto compresses image into 16:9 window. Black bars on top and bottom. This cannot be changed by any aspect ratio on a set-top box or, I would assume, any HTPC. This is just the way it is. When fed any digital(480i or 480p) signal, the aspect ratio can be changed from either 4:3 or 16:9. Zenith's other model with the built in tuner, 32 inch model(C32V37) or 34 inch model(C34V37) has a built in adjustment that does change the aspect ratio, even on high def signals.

I know that Sony models (HS500 series and XBR) had a fix for this. It was called the "jump fix" and it was accomplished by entering the service menu. This "fix" allowed the viewer to watch HDTV at 4:3 and not forced to watch the 16:9 box. I have not seen anyone post a fix for the V36 series from Zenith via the service menu.
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I can confirm that you can adjust aspect ratio with the V22. I use mine for an HTPC display. It is connected to the RGB (VGA) port from a Radeon 9000 card. For surfing and desktop work (like now), 640 x 480 @ 540p timings works well with a full screen and almost no overscan (~ 1 - 2 %). 1280 x 960i @ 1080i timings works great for DVD viewing.
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Do you watch SD TV with your HTPC? If so, how does it look?

Without the the good linedoubler does the v22 still look decent with SDTV??
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Cousin -

I do watch SD TV, both using the built in tuner in the c27v22 and using a WinPVR USB2 tuner in the HTPC. Quality for analog cable is about equivalent with either one -- some channels are better than others. The built in tuner might have a slight edge, but the HTPC lets me pause and record. Overall, SD cable is decent (better than my old 27" ProScan). I haven't tried digital cable through S-video in -- that probabley looks better than analog. I also use a MyHD 120 ATSC tuner card in the HTPC for over the air HD broadcasts -- that looks really good.
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cc has the Zenith c27v36 on sale and in stock.
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