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Explorer 8000 in Rochester, NY  

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I'm new to this board as a recent convert from Dish Network's PVR501.
I really liked the 501, but the 40GB HD and single tuner interface
was getting to be a bit of a drawback. So I called TW Rochester, and
they offered me $25.75/mo for 12mo of all digital and HBO. I haven't
d/c my dish yet, but I brought the SAE8K home on Saturday.

Issues I've found:
1) You are required to connect BOTH the coax digital audio out AND
RCA audio out to your home theater reciever if you want to hear audio
*live* on any non-digital channels. Would it have been so hard to
send A-D conversion output to the digital audio out? If I hit the
instant replay button and watch everything about 10 seconds behind,
it plays through the digital out. OK, this is odd, but I can live
with it.

2) Using the guide to setup recordings. You either get only 1
instance of a recording (ie Monday, 8/25, 8pm, Ch 16) or you get
EVERY instance of that show on every channel. What if I had
selected "Friends"? It's so syndicated, I may fill the hard drive
daily. I've heard that this isn't a problem with the Passport
Software/Series manager, but TW Rochester doesn't have that.

3) Filtering the guide. I only want to see channels that I am
subscribed to. Better yet, I'd like to select a list of channels that
I only want to see. This would make it easier to use the extremely
simplistic search capabilites. This would also make sense, as one
poster pointed out, for families with children who shouldn't see
adult channels show up in the program guide.

4) Watching while recording. If I walk into the living room at 8:10pm
and want to watch a show that began at 8:00p, I have to manually
rewind the show from its current location. I don't want to see the
show while its rewinding... what if some major plot twist is given
away as it skips backwards, 6 seconds at a click? And then, at
8:30pm, the DVR has stopped recording and I am still 3-4 minutes from
the end of the viewing - it kicks me back to the beginning, and I
have to fast forward to watch the end. Ugh!

So does anyone know about the software included with the SAE8KHD? I
have no idea when/if it will be released in Rochester, as the TW
staff here barely understand what I'm speaking about when I tell them
I have the "Explorer 8000 DVR".

Any advice to make this equipment more usable would be greatly
appreciated by my wife and I.

Thanks for having this board as a wonderful source of information for
those of us struggling with TW/SA's premature roll-out of these DVRs.
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I've had SA8000 for about two months now in Orlando. My box is running the Passport software date April 30. In response to a couple of your issues:
1. This is an annoyance. You can force the analog to switch to digital if you press pause - even for a second, and then live. My biggest complaint here is the sound level. The digital is somewhat louder.

4. On mine, you can rewind/fast forward to quarter-hour increments by pressing rewind/ff then pressing the left arrow (or right for ff) next to the select button. Also, the rewind/ff buttons have 3 different "speeds" - approx 5 sec, 10 sec, and 20 sec.

Haven't heard anything about the HD version.
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