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I am new to this forum, so please forgive mistakes.

I have a exercise area in the house that is very difficult to provide high quality music. It has much exercise equipment and many of the walls are mirrored. I have worked to treat the room acoustically, and believe now I have it ready for good/excellent speakers. One major drawback to the room, is there is NO floorspace to place speakers. All the speakers (except subs) must be wall mounted. I presently use B & W 800's and 805's in my primary listening room, and I have been thinking about using the 805's (shelf mounted) in this exercise room.

The room has good acoustics, and if necessary, I will make it better. The room has an unusually long shape... it is about 10' x 50' with 9' ceilings.

I need suggestions to complete the following equipment:

BAT VK 6200 amp
BAT 31SE pre
BK Ref. 50 A/V Processor

? Plasma TV 40-50" to be determined (please advise)
? DVD (please advise)
? Cables and interconnects (please advise)
? Speakers (please advise)

Thanks for any advice.