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I have read a lot about dvd recorders in different forums including this one. I have been looking to purchase one soon. The more I read the harder in is to make a decision. I have heard bad reports on just about everymachine which I guess is normal. I am looking for a machine that is durable since I have a lot of vhs tapes to transfer as well has hi8 tapes. I also would like it to play jpeg photo cds that i burn from my computer. I was looking at the philips dvd r80. Liked the guide plus for simple recording set up of television shows but am unsure of the quality of philips. Also looked at the new sony but have read some of its problems with editing and I dont think it plays photo cds . I dont like the dvd ram format. Need the most compatability with other dvd players. My thought was to wait until December and see more reviews onthese models and what other ones come out. The new pioneer models are intriguing. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
one more thing does any one know if the higher end companies like denon Will be getting into the recording part.