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No, they will only provide the component. I hooked up my DVI cable last week and noticed a slightly better picture. I am having a problem with the DVI where the picture flickers when I go from channel to channel and even every 10 minutes or so once I am on a channel. I think this has something to do with the copy protection built in to the cable from what I have read so far. Any other help would be appreciated.
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From what I've heard, they do not supply a DVI cable, and a number of people find a DVI connection to be inferior to component. YMMV
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Originally posted by rgrossman
Believe it or not, someone watches every single channel out there sometimes. What's crappy to you is someone else's favorite. Or is some politician's idea of "public service." People generally complain much more about losing something they had versus not getting something they want.

At this point the number of people with HDTV's is still a small fraction of TWC-NYC's subscribers. People really don't know what they're missing. (And you would not believe how many people buy one of these sets and think they're watching HD while still watching SD!!) There's just not enough of us who want more HD service for TWC to alienate a possibly larger group of subscribers.

Of course, if (when) TWC-NYC starts charging extra for HD service, the situation changes greatly.

TWCNYC will start charging extra once the bandwidth issues are resolved and they add INHD and HDNet (in addition to whichever other stations TWC has carriage agreements at that time).

I'm confident that TWCNYC will resolve the bandwidth issues, but I certainly hope it happens sooner rather than later.

Here's an idea:

A few of us have Bob Watson's email address. What do you think of putting together a list of questions for him to answer? I (or whoever writes the email) would indicate that he or she was writing on behalf of the TWCNYC thread in the AVS Local Programming Forum. He may not do it, but since he's generally responsive to our inquiries, he MAY view it as an opportunity to answer certain questions once rather than having to answer them over and over. Anyway, here are some sample questions:

1. Approximately when will TWCNYC add enough bandwidth to carry INHD, INHD2, HDNet and HDNet Movies, the high definition networks that Time Warner Cable carries in other markets? Did the recent elimination of 5 PPV stations free up any bandwidth that will be used for additional HD stations?

2. What are Time Warner Cable's and TWCNYC's plans for adding high definition stations in 2004? We are aware of the ongoing negotiations between Time Warner and ESPN regarding ESPNHD. Are there any plans to add StarzHD, EncoreHD, CinemaxHD or any other high definition stations in the near future?

3. Are there any plans to add a high definition PPV channel in the near future?

These are just thoughts off the top of my head. He may not be able to disclose a lot of the information we seek. But let me know if you think it's worth a shot!
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Looks great !! Well Jergens it looks like you have volunteered. Whata ya say ?

: )
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I definately think it's worth a shot and maybe we can beg him to keep some of the channels free.
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Sounds good to me.

4. Availability of HD-DVR

5. Why is the Pioneer 3510HD DVI output forcing HDCP and shutting off the component outputs when this is not the intent of HDCP.
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What is HD-PVR ?
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Originally posted by jheart
I definately think it's worth a shot and maybe we can beg him to keep some of the channels free.

I for one do not mind paying extra for HD as long as they add the channels so I am not forced to look elsewhere or add supplemental services (ie Sat) to add missing channels. CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, UPN (if ever added), WB (if ever added), and PBS should continue to be included with no charge. All others I have no problem paying for.
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Originally posted by jheart
What is HD-PVR ?

Should Read DVR...Digital Video Recorder ala SA8000 currently available for SD and the much rumored SA8000HD.
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add MSG-HD to the list of questions for Bob
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Some quick replies:

1. We will be charged once they add INHD and HDNet. The Time Warner Cable announced their addition along with the introduction of a new HD Tier (for which they charge). If you search this forum or the HDTV Programming forum, you'll see what is charged in other areas.

2. Regarding the HD-DVR: I'm as excited for this as anyone, but Bob Watson is VP of Programming, so I'm not sure if he'll have the answers. That's more of a "technical" question. In any event, my personal opinion is that I'm happy waiting after reading about some of the problems that TWC customers are having with the current version of the box's firmware.

3. Regarding the Pioneer Box and HDCP: That's not a TWCNYC-specific question, so I'd rather not ask it. Plus, it's a technical question, so I don't think it's really in his area of expertise. It's certainly a valid question for someone, but in order to keep Bob's attention, I'd rather focus the questions to TWCNYC-specific issues.

BUT, one question I think I will add is, "Many of us have technical questions regarding the Pioneer HD box and the availability of the HD-DVR (SA8000HD). Is there someone to whom we can address those questions?"
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Re the 8000HD, a very helpful person from TWC South Carolina is participating in the 8000HD thread in the HDTV recorders forum...and she is inquiring w/TWC NYC on our behalf about the timing of the 8000HD rollout. Hopefully her contact will be more informed (or at least more open) than 'official' channels.

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Ask him whats the deal with WB-HD, Fox Sports-HD, MSG-HD.
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Quick Replies = Makes sense. I didn't think of that. Finding someone who can answer the technical questions sounds like a good idea. Thank you.
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Another thought:

In the introductory paragraph, I'm going to say something along the lines of this: "As you know, RCN recently added CBSHD (Channel 2) to their lineup. As a result, many HD customers are now considering a switch to RCN, as they offer all of the HD stations that TWCNYC has, plus HDNet, HDNet Movies and ESPNHD (we are aware that RCN charges for HDNet and ESPNHD, but we do not mind paying for the extra HD content). With that in mind, we have the following questions regarding TWCNYC's HD programming plans..."

I don't want to antagonize him by threatening to move to RCN. But I know that if my building offered RCN and TWC, I'd switch in a second (now that RCN offers CBSHD) and just switch back to TWC once they get their bandwidth issues resolved. I don't think that it's an idle threat for most of us. The lack of CBSHD was the one major drawback to moving to RCN. Now that they have that station, I don't really see a downside. If TWCNYC wants to keep the HD subscribers it has, I think they will need to respond sooner rather than later. It's my hope that mentioning RCN will elicit a more complete response regarding their HD plans.
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Are the "bandwidth issues" why we still don't get WPIX (WB 11)? When they are a TW company broadcasting OTA HD it is really annoying. The same can also be said for WWOR (UPN 9), though for me that's one show a a week. I would like to see TWC plug some of the gaps versus OTA programming before launching new channels. Sorry to be a heretic but I look at what In-HD is offering and while I'd like more HD channels it certainly isn't worth $3.95 to me to have cable filler in better resolution. But programmes I watch already - well, those I want! For the TWC head-honcho chat, can we ask when we will get WPIX-DT and WWOR-DT?
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That sounds great and hopefully he doesn't take it as a threat since it really is a valid point and he should understand. Do you know what RCN charges for all the HD channels that they provide ?
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I once priced out an RCN package to have pretty much everything that I have with Time Warner. After all their extra charges for HD and the premiums and such.... the price for RCN is about the same as a comparable TWC package. The RCN package might even be a few buks cheaper.
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Sounds OK to me. Where I am in Queens, we do not have the RCN choice. I had TWC for many years. When we moved into our house in 1999, we installed Dish Network and we really liked it. In the Fall of 2002 when we got the Plasma and the ability for HD, I didn't want to pay the $1,000 plus to obtain new SAT equipment for it's paltry HD offerings so after investigation of what TWC-NYC offered at that time it was far superior to anything else being offered. Fast forward to today and the only thing keeping us with TWC is the fact that they carry the CBSHD, NBCHD, and ABCHD. Should those channels become available via SAT, I would definitely being looking for a change of service. All in all I would prefer for TWC to add more content and pay additional for it as you can never recoup the expense of hardware on the SAT side, not to mention the fact that it changes all to often.
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I can get full RCN service in my building. I am still debating if I am going to switch. Hmmmm... decisions decisions.
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Anyone know if RCN is available in Fresh Meadows Queens ?

Just in case I decide to switch..... : )
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Its possible. The only way to know for sure is to call them. Or just go on RCN's website and put your address in to check for service.
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Bad news. Here's the response the TWC person got from TWC NYC:

"Per NYC TWC (paraphrase except for the quotes on the potential launch date)

Currently the digital platform in the headend needs to be upgraded prior to the capability to launch the HD DVR. This upgrade and the launch of the HD DVR is 'anticipated' to be complete "sometime after mid year 2004"."

Oh well. Don't hold our collective breath...

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Hmmmm the RCN HD-DVR is already being launched in parts of Manhattan.... i wonder how long it will take to get to Queens.
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Just went to the RCN website to check:

Congratulations! RCN provides service to your area!

Your Address:
*** W 5*
new york, NY 10019

The following services are available to the address shown above:

Dialup Internet

Would you like to sign up for RCN service now?

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Originally posted by anthonymoody
Bad news. Here's the response the TWC person got from TWC NYC:

"Per NYC TWC (paraphrase except for the quotes on the potential launch date)

Currently the digital platform in the headend needs to be upgraded prior to the capability to launch the HD DVR. This upgrade and the launch of the HD DVR is 'anticipated' to be complete "sometime after mid year 2004"."

Oh well. Don't hold our collective breath...


That doesn't shock me. So, what's the over/under date for an update on the TWCNYC website, which still indicates Q1 2004?

As for the email, I'll try to get something together today or tomorrow, but I may not be able to do it. If not, it'll go out Monday (weekend email sometimes is lost/ignored).
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Re. the e mail to TWCNYC and programming....

I think we might be getting a little too overzealous. Yes, we / I want more programming but let's not be so quick to start writing the checks yet. Believe me, I'm craving for additional programming just like you folks but keep in mind, these decisions have major long term consequences.

How will HD ever take off and become main stream if we have to pay a premium just because it's HD. With this type of logic, eventually, we'll be paying for all programming.

Yes, premium channels deserve a fee. Channels that earn their revenue via subscriptions and not through advertising, are the only channels that should be "considered" for a fee.

However, as an example, if you're paying for HBO, then you should get HBOHD (as is now). The same goes for Starz, Cinemax, etc. But not MSG, or ESPN. We already have them in our digital package. We should not pay a premium for the HD version of MSG just because of a higher resolution. These channels have multi sources of revenue.

And I'm not talking about channels such as HD Net which are unique to HD--but if they're in an HD tiered package- it had better be an attractive package.

I just felt compelled to point this out before we offer Bob Watson the shirts off our back for a Knick game.
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Well, TWC has to feel the threat of RCN. We do not owe TWC anything. Yes, we should appreciate them giving us HD channels for free, but if the competition is doing that as well as offering more channels and a HD DVR, then we have a right to switch.

TWC's only solace should be in the fact that RCN is not available in most apartment buildings. I would switch today if I could get an HD DVR.
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Originally posted by LL3HD
Channels that earn their revenue via subscriptions and not through advertising, are the only channels that should be "considered" for a fee.

TWC-NYC has already dipped its toe in the fee-for-standard-programming pool with its recent $3.95/mo sports package. I'm guessing this is a trial, to see what people's reaction is.

Maybe we're lucky they didn't have the bandwidth to add other HD channels when they added DiscoveryHD.
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Rich, What does the $3.95/mo sports package consist of ??

Is this an HD package ?
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