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I recently bought a new computer... and had nothing but problems since then!

Over the years, I probably have assembled 20 pc's and some of them many times. I NEVER had so much problem as with this one, figures it had to be my new HTPC!
(just centimeters from jumping of the roof!)


AMD 1.33 GHz
EPOX 8K7A+ (AMD 761 + VIA + HighPoint RAID
Enermax 365 PSU
M-Audio Delta 1010
Radeon VE
WD 60 gig (currently running on 1st raid port but no raid)
Other WD crashed right away.. using a stripe raid array = reinstall!

I'm having the familiar "RRRRSSSTT" sound on the soundcard.
Most of the time it sounds good, then this sound!

I've been reading post here and elsewhere about IRQ conflicts. Let me tell you ... trying to control IRQs on win2000 is harder than climbing mount Everest!
(ACPI on/off, bios irq assigns etc...)

After 10 different approaches, I managed to isolate the 1010 as the only device using IRQ 9.

YEAH... but what was that .. another "RRRSSSSTTT" ... F..K!

That did not work ... does anyone have any idea on where to look next ... I'm out of ideas.

I'll run my P2 400 for now ... no problems what so ever!