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Who is recording NFL/ College this weekend on the E-80?  

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I do it XP on the HDD and figure out everything else after!!!- Oh the pure beauty of having a hard drive. You can so easily later delete those commercials that occured during the game. It's pretty damn good also for great 4 Star movies on HBO/Showtime/or other Premium like Goodfellows, Glengarry Glen Ross, U-Turn or Reservoir Dogs. Hale to the Panny 80 Gig HDD. There is none comparable.
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I will be.

However, I was not happy with the recording from Thursdays game. I used Digital Cable, the HD broadcast channel. The recording shimmers at various places. I recorded SP, with DVR compatibility on. I made an FR SP disc, then a regular SP disc.

I will make some other recordings today, to keep testing.
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I'm finally set up and gonna give it a try tomorrow. Got Dual composite out from the DSS box; one set to the VCR (for a comparison/backup taping), the other to the E80 into L1, then composite out from E80 to the TV.

Gonna record in XP to the HDD, and play around w/editing on the HDD. Might even transfer it via my just-ordered Panny D521 multidrive to PC.

I set "DVD-R Compatibility Mode = On"

Hope I'm all set.
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I'm planning to record the game on the HD, then only burn the memorable plays from each game. Usualy each game only has about 5-10 minutes of plays you really want to see again.

-- Cain
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I am recording ESPN College Gameday and the FSU games this year on the E80 @ XP. After I edit out the commercials from the game, and the parts of GameDay I don't want, I usually end up with around 3 hours of programming. So far, I have dubbed at FR to one disk and been _sort of_ pleased with the results, but not overjoyed. I hate going to two disks, but I don't like editing out parts of the game either. It's a tough call, but I think I will stick with this method to get the whole game on one disk. I'll probably archive the bigger rivalry games onto two disks, though.
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I am really dissatisfied with the quality I am getting. I have to think it is either the connection, or the DSS signal. Way to fuzzy, lots of distortion on edges (sidelines, markers, people, etc.) The image is not as good as what I see in the broadcast, and the broadcast is not as sharp as I expect it to be.

Same thing on the FSN show I recorded later, same thing on the Speedvision recording made from digital cable. This quality, I would say, is sub VHS.

Does any of this sound familiar???
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I am confused when you say: "I made an FR SP disc, then a regular SP disc." Are you saying you recorded a whole game onto one disk in FR mode? Or used SP mode and used two disks? How much time was recorded onto one disk?
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Time was 1:52, recorded at SP.

So my first thought was, record at FR, to get better than SP quality. Then I recorded again, to try out High Speed and burned a straight up SP. Quality on both was the same, but given what I saw/see on the HDD, I don't like the original recording. Everything on the HDD is sub par.

The source is irrelevant, either Digital cable, Zenith HD-520, or the other DSS receiver. I am starting to think some setting, or connections. Currently I am using S-Video and composite Audio. The only setting I have changed on the E80 was to enable DVD-R compatability...
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Stop the presses.

I just had an epiphany.

I used XP a few minutes ago, I was recording Stargate SG-1 with the thought of watching MNF in HD. Like a dork, I forgot I was using the same source. Anyways, I got some of both. The result is better than a previous SP of Stargate I did, and the recording of the HD broadcast was great.

It looks like XP for me from now on...

That does still leave me dissatisfied with the source of the Sunday Ticket over my system though...
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