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E100 Manual -download?  

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I took the plunge and ordered an E100HS that should come tomorrow. I wanted to download the manual in advance and read up on it, but the E100 isn't even on Panasonic's website. (I'd post the URL for reference but that's not allowed apparently until I have posted more).

Anyone know where I can get the manual online? I tried searching the forums here too of course.

I'll look forward to learning from you folks on how to best use this beast and with which media. I raided Best Buy for some DVD-R and DVD-RAM media today and will experiment some before buying in bulk given what I've read in the various threads on that matter.

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Historically, Pansonic hasn't gotten around to posting the manual for new models until several months after introduction, so it will probably be available on the website around November. Until then, I don't know of any other sourcxe.
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AVS › AVS Forum › Video Components › DVD Recorders (Standard Def) › E100 Manual -download?