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This may be more of a clarification than a revision but here goes. I did the ESPN FB game this weekend on the E-80 XP HDD as stated . I did the JVC-S-VHS 7 head mother on the best it could; SP, on 2 Fuji Film 120 tapes- one of the best S-VHS tapes made IMHO. The E-80 should have killed the JVC in color and resolution. The E-80 did NOT. Both had great attributes. The color on the JVC was superior and also I thought the sound was better. The E-80 was a little clearer on some scenes but worse on some medium shots and longshots. The picture of the game was smaller on the E-80 -I do not know why. But the E-80 was very good -no doubt and better maybe to some eyes. Both were great and no one would be disappointed . But you really should expect a DVDR at XP to whip badly an S-VHS machine at SP. HERE is the kicker- The Philips 985 was definitely worse overall at SP-2 hours than the JVC-VHS at SP,2 hour recording. All DVD's were played back on the Panny XP-30 player with Faroudja chip. I did not do the E-80 at SP-2 hours, but....... you guess who out of the 3 would win that battle.