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HS2 vs E80H  

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A local store has an HS2 floor model on sell for $349. I know this is last years model, but how does it compare to the E80 feature wise. I know that it has a smaller HD but also has a digital input. After searching the forum, the only issue I found was a black problem or something I might not even see.

For this price, is the HS2 worth it or should I continue to save???


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I have the HS2 (since last September) and love it. I paid $750 for it and have never regretted it. I've not seen the E80 but from what I've read here and elsewhere and from a friend who has one, it's as good or evenn better than the HS2. So if it were me, I'd forgo the DV input and spend a little more for the E80 - unless I was able to negociate a better price for that floor model HS2. $349 seems a bit high to me but if they cut another $75 - 100 off, I'd grab it right away. Just my own opinion.
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You should see the morons around here at Circuit City.. they have HS2 still sitting on the shelf at $899!!! They did have one open box at the bargin price of $749! And this is sitting less than 6 feet from the E80's..


and no, they won't 'deal'...
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This store is also a Circuit City. They also do have a E80 open box for $549, but that seems a little high vs online stores. I might take a drive later and see if they will go $299 for it.

Thanks for the replies!

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The HS2 has an uncorrectible black level problem that is signicant and it also will not do loss less dubs as the E-80 will- I would not touch it.
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I would check it out just to see if you could live with the black level problem because the price is pretty good. It's barely noticeable to some and drives others up the wall. For that price, its worth it to see. I've recorded over 1000 programs on the HS2 and since i play back on Panny equipment I can compensate for it. Even without compensation, I don't find it that problematic. Since i do all my dubs from DVD-Ram to DVD-R on the PC so that I can insert custom menus and chapter stops, I can work around the lack of lossless dubbing.
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I agree with vferrari. The black level problem does exist but it is easily compensated for by a simple adjustment of brightness/contrast on the display device. Really not big deal at all. That said, I'm glad that thanks to this forum, Panasonic addressed the problem and made a fix.
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I just bought a commercially-produced DVD that has a black-level problem. When I play it on my E80 with the Output set to Lighter (the default setting), the blacks are too light, as if I were playing a DVD recorded on my HS2. When I switch the Output to Darker, like I do when playing a DVD recorded on my HS2, the blacks on the commercially-produced DVD look correct. I'm very happy we have this option on the E80.

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I didnt get back to CC until yesterday and it was gone.... Oh well, at least I can continue to save for the E80.

I was finally able to get a decent capture from my PC card unto DVD though. I have to use the Standard mode (352x480) though.

Looked good enough though.

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