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Max, glad that worked out for ya. I just saw your HT setup's "after" photos, and maaaaaan, that's nice! Simple, clean, and neat. The way HT should be.

Your 2nd page (http://www.geocities.com/dmaaaaax/HT2.html) needs a "Back | Next" at the bottom. I had to scroll all the way back up to the top of page 2 to advance to page 3. The same applies to page 4. :)

It also says you can program the mouse (and hopefully keyboard) so maybe I can get it to turn the computer on or wake it up from hibernation. Has anyone tried this?
I don't think my manual mentioned any such feature, so no, I personally haven't tried it.

Ohh....question about the rechargeable batteries. I am wondering if some of you all have problems because of how you first charged the batteries. Some batteries work better/have longer life if you fully charge it the first few times and also FULLY drain it. Do you all know if the gyration mouse lasts longer if it goes through this process a few times?
Dunno. My mouse has only died once in 5 months (I use it for about 1-2 hours at a time). A few weeks ago, I had decided to not charge it after every use and unplugged the power cord from the mouse cradle. The mouse died after about 3 days of use. Now I just charge it after every use so it's always ready to go. Extra batteries and chargers aren't very expensive:


I may just go the "Ultra Series AAA Battery Clip" route and buy some more Powerex AAA batts when my current mouse battery goes kaput.

Last, but not least, my younger bro (who's 33, no less) is also a big-time Star Wars figures "enthusiast".
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When I visited home after my first semester away at college (many years ago), I found to my horrification that my parents had discarded all of my first-run star wars toys. I had just about everything released from the first two movies. Ah well, live and learn.
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We must have the same parents. Mine tossed all of my original 12" GI Joe stuff.
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Thanks for all the help and tips. I have a few newer pictures now that I have a new SVS sub and poster case, but I need to update the new setup on my web site.

You would probaly crap yourself if you knew how much some of those figures are worth. A Jawa with the vinyl cape could get you a new top of the line HTPC. ;)
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MaxC, great pics -- especially of the SVS sub. Coincidentally, I too am going to incorporate an SVS sub sometime down the road when I re-do my sound setup. Mine will need to "peacefully co-exist" with the rest of my family room (i.e. be somewhat hidden), per my fiancee.

I've never seen an SVS like yours though. Holw cow that thing must rock the house! That thing reminds me of back when I had my own DJ biz complete with two Cerwin Vega 18" subs. Are you happy with it?

Unfortunately (and fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I won't be able to do any Home Theater upgrades for some time since I just spend $1500 for my HTPC last July and $2000 last week for a new gas BBQ grill and island. :rolleyes:

The next immediate add-on will probably be an EQ of sorts. I recently noticed that my speakers "shine" a lot more when the audio is pumped through my HTPC's Sounds Blaster Audigy 2 card.

Plus, I really need to fork over $50 for a license for DVDIdle Pro so I can finally start watching my DVD's at 1080i using TheaterTek instead of at 480p using my non-progressive Sony DVD Player. :)
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Just added res info for "Lock On: Modern Air Combat" and "HALO".

Click the link below.
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Originally posted by MaxC
It also says you can program the mouse (and hopefully keyboard) so maybe I can get it to turn the computer on or wake it up from hibernation. Has anyone tried this?
You need to have bios support in order to power on from a USB device. Look for options in the bios under advanced chipset features (or something similar). It is usually an option in the same section as the WOL (wake on lan) feature.

It shouldn't be a problem to wake from hibernation.

BTW, I agree one should charge the battery at least 8hrs before using it. I charged mine overnight. I also make sure they run down to near the point of unusability before I recharge too. The batteries are NiMH, so they have a memory. The spare battery w/the inline charger (it attaches to the charger that comes with the mouse) is only $20 from Gyration. They keyboard cover is great too; keeps it clean and you don't have to worry about the batteries running down because a key is inadvertantly being pressed.

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I really can't say enough good things about Gyration. Very well built stuff. I only wish the mouse was a little more ergonomic...even if it means it would have to loose the gyroscopic control. Otherwise the response is great. I have no problems gaming with it, and the small keyboard fits well on your lap.

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Has anyone been able to get TigerDave's custom resolutions working on a Sony GWII? I've got the Sony KF50-XBR800 and I can't get 800 X 600 to work. Any ideas?
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I haven't added or tested any new games lately? Has anyone else been able to get any listed games working that I couldn't?

Anyone else have any info they want to add, such as a new title and how to get it to use custom resolutions?

Let's keep this chart growing!
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I have Unreal Tournment 2003 up and running at 1280x720 (720p) by going into the ini file...thanks to your site. I also have Unreal II up and running at the same resolution. This automatically had 720 as an option in the menu due to my given Windows settings.

However, I cannot seem to get Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield to work. I went into the ini and made my changes, but the screen went blank. It then reset the ini back to 640x480. I then tried to load the game in a window. This worked but when I went to play the game the window was shifted half way off screen and I could not move it. When I tried to maximize it, it went blank again. I tried a few different resolutions while in the windowed menu, but evertime I tried to start the game the window shifts off the screen. Any advice?

Edit: Just read this on your site
This game, like most EA Games I've tested, requires that you have a working 800x600 resolution in order to see the game's menus
Could this be the problem with Raven Shield? How do I make a working 800x600?...does it automatically replace the existing one?
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Oh...was reading about your Windows XP settings. When you try 1280x960 and 1776x1000 you state that everthing is too small. Is this on the desktop or just on explorer? Because you can change the icon sizes in Windows and the text sizes in Explorer....just in case you did not try this. :D
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Funny you should say that. For the first few weeks, I was running Windows and IE at 1776x1000. I made the icons and fonts larger in Windows to compensate, but for the most part, IE was quite unreadable.

One problem is that you cannot enlarge fonts on every web page, only on some. Plus the embedded images in web pages were far too small. Lastly, any horizontal line (whether it be in a window or in a web page) would flicker horribly (because of the interlaced 1080i timing).

Imagine if you were viewing this image on a widescreen TV from about 10 or so feet away... (if you are currently running Windows at 1024x768, then just scoot back 2-3 feet form your monitor to get an idea):

Things are now much, much better at 856x480 (at a progressive 480p timing). :D


Even though I don't see as much of the page vertically (I can always scroll down), I don't waste all that space horizontally as you can see in the first image above. And most importantly, everything is far more legible -- plus there's no flickering. I just had to massage around my IE toolbars a bit to maximize the on-screen content.
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You may be able to create a CSS that has text formatting (ie: bigger font) and tell IE to load defaults from there.
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Yeah, but that doesn't help the tiny images or the interlaced flickering. Know what I mean? It just easier to run everything at a lower res than to have to find workarounds to enlarge everything from the HTML fonts, IE toolbar, icons, etc.
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XIII supports custom res also. You need to edit the XIII.ini file in the game\\system folder. just add the res you want where the xxx are;

It does appear the effect the aspect ratio by stretching the picture. I am not sure if there is a setting to fix that or not. Still looks good though.
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I got Arx Fatalis running in 16:9, 1280x720, but it's field of view is still 4:3, so it's warped. Just edited the xml config file. Going to see about fixing the field of view so I don't get nauseous while playing. I liked the texturing when I played through on the pc monitor, it looks really good on a big screen.

I got Mafia running in 1280x720, just had to run the 'Settings' applet from its start menu entry. Because I'm running the desktop at 1280x720, the applet had it as a valid choice (and they always allows 640x480 and 800x600 as a default pnp monitor). This is another game that has some pretty nice texturing work, and looks beautiful on the big monitor.

I went into the ini and made my changes, but the screen went blank. It then reset the ini back to 640x480.
Max, does your tv support the 800x600 menus? I'd assume that because you are looking to run 1280x720, it does. While the menus in bf1942 were fine for me (800x600), I couldn't get the .ini changes to stick (making ingame res 1280x720) until I write-protected the .ini file. But if you aren't even getting to the menu screen, I'm stumped. The only time I have trouble like that are games that I had cranked in high res for my pc monitor....and Planetside. Still working on PS.
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I am using a Sharp Z10000 projector. It should support 800x600 according to the manual. I have no problem getting 1280x720 and 1280x1024 games to work, but I have tried the two HD derived resolutions in Powerstrip and tigerdave's resolution but they have not worked.

Do I have to go back to my default before trying to add new resolutions?
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OK, I updated the chart today.



Click the link below to see the chart.

ps - I could use some more donations to help cover the bandwidth *hint hint* :rolleyes: Even $1.00 goes a long way. Thanks.
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MaxC, do you have a monitor driver for the projector? If not, create one with Powerstrip. I hadn't really needed powerstrip until I tried to get Planetside running, where the lack of a custom monitor driver finally necessitated the download.

So for the sake of documentation, creating a custom monitor driver allowed me to get Planetside running (the plug-n-play monitor driver precluded the 1024x68 menus from loading, even though they seem to be 800x600 now...). Even though it allowed some higher resolutions, for some reason Planetside won't see 1280x720. The game does natively support the resolution, per the less than helpful tech support, so I didn't give up.

I had to hand edit the machine.ini file in the main planetside folder and add 1280x720 as the default resolution. Because of the way the game handles saving preferences, any time I tweak keymappings or any other unrelated preference, the game defaults to 800x600, I have to save the changes and exit the game, and re-edit the machine.ini to regain 1280x720. Now that I have the keymappings and everything correctly saved, it's not a problem at all. This game is stunning on a big widescreen, I was in a huge battle that suddenly turned into a three-way slugfest (Planetside has 3 factions), and it was one of those magical ~200-300 person battles that's hard to describe without seeing it firsthand. Masses of ground troops, columns of armor, swarms of aircraft...ahh...

To update one thing on your chart, GTA:VC for the PC supported 1280x720 without a hitch on my sammy hln617w. I'll provide info for 1280x720 if you'd like, since that's my main concern with my 1280x720 dlp.
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I had forgotten that the projector came with a CD rom! I already have 1280x720p working and recently got 800x600, but I may still install that driver for my projector (monitor). I have been playing Unreal 2, Unreal XMP, and Unreal tournament 2003 at 1280x720 and it looks stunning!

Should I go into the control panel, and then monitor, and then click update driver, or should I just put the disc in and let it auto install?
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It depends on how the manufacturer wants you to do it. I'd try to update the driver first, but some folks want you to use their installer, which would probably mean uninstalling first.

Actually, I'd recommend giving powerstrip a shot, it's a darn nifty program. It examines the hardware and finds everything it's capable of and can easily spit out a custom driver that does everything your hardware /can/ do, not just what the manufacturer wants it to do ;)

Either way should be fine.
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I am trying to get Planetside to work and not having much luck. When I open up the machine.ini file I get this:


Any advice?
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I think that's the default machine.ini, before you save settings ingame. Have you done that yet? I had already had some settings from playing it on the CRT monitor.

You can run it, set up your keymapping and mouse and basically everything else. Save that (in game) and exit the game. Then hand edit the machine.ini and change the resolution. You'll have to re-edit for the 1280x720 resolution every time you change the ingame settings, as (for me at least) it's not showing 1280x720 in the ingame resolution options, even though it /is/ running at true widescreen, not stretched or panoramic (stretching the edges). It will default back to 800x600 every time you save the ingame settings. :(

Also, as I said, I had trouble even doing the above until I made a .inf driver for the HLN617W with powerstrip, which fixed every problem I was facing (couldn't even get to the ingame menus), except the 1280x720 resolution, which is still a manual operation as of this writing.

If you'd like, I can pm you the contents of my machine.ini file, but following the steps above should obviate the need for that (and my machine is probably crappier than yours, the graphic options are set for speed and huge battles).

Oh, I'm Komoto (VS) and Komoto-K (primary, TR) on Emerald, though being west coast, you probably play another server ;) Just getting back into the game, so I'm not in any outfit or anything yet. I was in the beta and played the early release. Great game, if a little bland in the level design.
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Hi all,

My Custom Resolutions Chart is back up now. Thanks to some generous donations, I paid for some extra bandwidth. I've also "trimmed the fat", or so to speak, by deleting all digital photos (they all sucked anyway), and reduced the number of screenshots.

I am accepting submissions for games not listed on the chart, and from the looks of some of the previous posts above, it appears that I have a few to add. You can see a link for submissions on the webpage.

Before you submit me info on any game, please test it against as many resolutions as you can taking note of the particular resolutions I have listed in the chart. See the current entries to give you an idea.

The whole point of the chart is to show what resolutions various games actually can support.


(Moderators: You may see this notice posted across several threads. This is only done to notify individual subscribers for each of those threads who asked me to inform them when such an update was made.)
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Recently Added: America's Army, Unreal II, Battlefield 1942

Updated: Added hyperlinks to demos for most entries

More to come. Link is below.
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Recently Added: X: Beyond the Frontier, X2: The Threat, Star Wars Galaxies
Updated: Screenshots now graciously hosted by Get-Hosted.

Link is below.

ATTENTION: I need more submissions. If you have a game that's not listed on the CUSTOM RESOLUTIONS CHART, and have thoroughly tested it across various resolutions, please submit it to me with all the details. Thanks!
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I have lots of new stuff listed in the Widescreen Gaming List including:

- Unreal Tournament 2004 (Demo)
- Doom3 (Alpha)
- Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
- Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Over the next few days I will be adding:
- Painkiller
- screenshots for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
- more screenshots for Unreal Tournament 2004
- Half-Life 2 (Beta) (this one is iffy)

So check back often for updates. (Link to the page is below.)
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Since I haven't posted in this thread in almost two months, I just thought I'd give an update to everyone who still subscribes to it. Here's just a few of the things I've added to the Widescreen Gaming List over the past month:

Added 5 new screenshots from Far Cry (Retail) (1280x720)

- Replaced the screenshots from the Far Cry demo, with 8 new ones from the retail version. The graphics in this game are simply stunning! The screenshots were taken at 1280x720 with 4xAA, 8xAF, water set to Ultra high, and VSYNC on

- Upgraded my system to ATI Catalyst 4.3. Here are the Performance Improvements, Resolved Game Issues and Known Issues in Catalyst 4.3.
- Experiencing texture corruption in the Far Cry demo like I am? ATI is already aware of this.
- Added 6 great, new screenshots from Unreal Tournament 2004 - Retail Version (1280x720).
- Added some new UT2004 WAR POSTERS and revamped it entirely. Now with SLIDE SHOW feature!

- Added detailed information on how to hack Need For Speed: Underground to use custom resolution and added 3 new screenshots (1280x720).
- Added kill.switch with 2 screenshots (1280x720)
- Attention Unreal Tournament 2004 fans, tired of all the n00bs (newbies) waiting for the Raptor to spawn, or not working as a team? Then check out these hilarious WAR POSTERS I've compiled from this thread. Created by the members of the official Atari Forums.
- Added 3 new screenshots from Unreal Tournament 2004 - Retail Version (1280x720).

- Upgraded the 1776x1000 resolution for Unreal Tournament 2004 (Demo) as a preferred one. I have been using 1776x1000 instead of 856x480 for the past week and have not noticed any lag or dropped frames even with all settings at "Normal" (which is the highest setting in UT2004).

Stop by and check it out:


(the link is also in my signature below)

Hope to see you soon!

-- Dave
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I tried to get Need for speed working at 1280x720 according to your instructions but every speed.exe I use nfsuws.exe on says file already patched even though it is not. I've tried every cracked version of the exe I could find from 1.0 to 1.4
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