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-- bump --

A lot has been updated over the past few months. Check out the latest version here:

My Widescreen Gaming List
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Everquest also supports 1280x720 which is the resolution I play it on my 56" DLP through a DVI connection
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Hi all.

Just thought I'd give everyone a heads-up to let you know that I've added some new titles to my WIDESCREEN GAMING LIST which tells you how to play certain PC games in widescreen mode and/or using custom resolutions.

Check it out!
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I can say that 1776x1000 works in Age of Mythology, although text is hard to read because of the interlacing and I would not recommend it unless you play this game a lot and have things memorized.

I can also say that 1776x1000 works in Jedi Academy (which you don't have on your list). I used the things you had listed for Jedi Outcast and it all worked and looked great.

Also under Star Wars galaxies you may want to mention that the file you need to edit is Options.cfg which is in the SWG's main folder. He (Joshua) stated that you needed a working 800x600 resolution... but I didn't run into this problem, everything after the launchpad ran fine for me at 1776x1000. You may also want to put a note in that you can hold ctrl and use the mouse scroll wheel to change the size of many things in the game like text, and icons in your inventory.

Thanks for the great guide! You inspired me to upgrade my 9500 to a 9800 Pro in my HTPC after seeing how much fun games were on a HTPC. I will soon be getting another stick of ram, and a 3200+ to replace my 2000+
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Time for an update to this thread for Half Life 2 :)

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I added it to my list. Click the link below in my signature. :)
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I can tell you that F1 Challenge 99-02 works 1177x662, which for those of us who use nVidia's driver without fiddling with Powerstrip, is the easiest 16:9 res to achieve. Basically for all 1280x720 native res TV, I think most nVidia card will produce a overscan issue, but in the last few new sets of drivers allows for a underscan setting built in, and basically change the resolution to 1172x662 and produces a minimum overscan image....

I use the same resolution in Raven Shield, Call of Duty, and Live for Speed.
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any one know if enter the matrix can have custom resoultions, i got it for PS2, but would like a widescreen version
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I was wondering if anyone has information on Need for Speed Underground 2. TigerDave has talked about the first one but now I am curious if you have to do the same thing for the second one(I haven't tried it) or if there is some other hack you need to do.

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I was half way through downloading the NFSU:2 demo the other day and had to bail out. I too would like to know. I might try downloading the demo again soon.
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My native resolution is 1680x1050 (16:10). Any plans to add 16:10 resolutions to the list?
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Only if I get enough requests. So far, you are the first.

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Does anybody have any solutions for Call of Duty:United Offensive. I plan on just doing what I did to the original game, just thought I'd ask first. I'll post results if I try it.

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The same method will work for UO, just edit as before.
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I have downloaded NFS:U2 but am unable to put it into widescreen. The options in the demo are only the usual ones. I have tried to look for a config file or something but have not had much luck. I know the first one kind of had a different workaround(with command codes and all) so it might have to be the same with this one as well. Anyone have any luck with it?
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I was wondering how you are getting your 1280x720 res without overscaning.

Originally posted by LaVike
I'm confused about getting custom resolutions into games. I've followed this and the other threads listed in this one, and I can't get a resolution to show or take.

I'm running Medal of Honor Allied Assault. I found a file named "unnamedsoldier.cfg". In other posts its referred to as "unamedsoldier.cgf" but I'm assuming that there is a typo.

I've put in the edits with both quotes around the values and no quotes around the values for the various parameters. Should the quotes be there? None of the other parameters in my "unnamedsoldier.cfg" have them.

I run my HTPC at 1280 X 720 on a 50" Sony GWII. When ever I start up MOHAA it hangs at this resolution. I've changed my desktop to 640 X 480 and can play the game.

So should I be running my desktop at VGA and somehow be getting MOHAA to display a 1280 X 720 resolution within the controls?

Any help or link showing how to do this would be greatly appreciated!

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I had the NFS:U2 demo, ran at 1080i right out of the box,lol, well i use 1776x1000 @ 1080i timings, using a 9800 pro and the dongle
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I noticed that you have HL2 up on the chart but no settings, can you please update it if it is available or post it here I need to know if I can getit to work at 1776x1000 and if so how?
thank you in advance
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i cant get nfsu2 to work at any resolutions besides 640x480 and 800x600 . does anyone know how to get this game to play widescreen at 1280x720 ? i tried to follow instructions for nfsu 1 but to no avail. please help me
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I too have not been able to get NFSU2 to work with any widescreen resolutions. I am not sure how dice65 got his to work...I must have bought a bad game ;-) Mine only works with the "normal" resolutions. Does anyone have anything at all?
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