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I just had my 2nd Adelphia HDTV box installed this week. No word from the tech on the rollout. But they must be very close, because each box they install spends about 10 minutes updating all of its software to support the new VoD service. If I didn't have a big hill blocking reception of OTA digital channels, I'd probably switch to Voom. I want HDTV sports. Can't wait for ESPN-HD, INHD, HDnet, etc...
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what about the rest of the HD channels and the dvr
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I finally got somebody on the line in customer service. If you type in my zip code on their web site it shows we should get 911 (KTTV-DT FOX).
They said we don't get it. I said I had it for two weeks and it went away and it shows on their web site I should be getting it. They said we don't get it. I told him to chage their web site then. He said it was impossible for the web site to show we have 911. I said fine I guess I can't read or type in my own zip code.

I asked about the PVR also. He said he never heard of such a channel

I gave up at that point........

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A CSR today said we should have the HD channels and the PVR by end of the month.
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hahaha..... they said that at the end of April the channels would be there
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End of the month seems to be their standard answer on all availability issues. But I have yet to see Adelphia actually meet a deadline and deliver as promised. They just keep pushing the deadline back 30 days at a time.

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I'll just be happy if I can get a box with DVI. Many people at Adelphia don't seem to know the difference between DVI, DVR, and VOD.
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what channels are they on?
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i was just at bestbuy and i happen to stumble on an advertisement for adelphia HD services. Listed on the back they included the local networks plus InHD 1 and 2, espn HD, HD net, HDNET movies, HBO HD, Cinemax HD, Starz HD and Showtime HD. I dont know anywhere in socal that has all these channels
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Did they mention the HD PVR and VOD? I mean if they are going for false advertizing, they may as well do it right.
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i dont remember any mention of the dvr or vod. I have a flyer though that adelphia sent to my house saying coming soon
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Copy from May bill stuffer:


Experience movies, sports and your favorite shows like never before.

Color: HDTV provides vivid color, including a wide range of hues (such as subtle purples and reds) without any bleeding at the edges of the image.

Clarity/Detail: HDTV images are as detailed as a high-resolution photograph. It is like looking through a window. When watching a TV program in HD, you will be amazed at the sharpness of the picture.

Wide-screen: HDTV allows you to view content in a 16:9 widescreen format, the same format used in movie theaters. Current TVs use a
4:3 image, which cuts pictures off because a wide image is forced into a narrow space.

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound: All HDTV programming can provide 5.1 channel Dolby Digital Surround Sound-just like true theater sound!

Products not available in all areas. Price may vary. Services and programming subject to availability. Other restrictions may apply. Call for details.


It's not just better, sharper and clearer. It doesn't just have rich colors, brighter brights and deeper blacks. It's more than a wide, movielike screen. It's a whole new way of experiencing TV!

And remember -- HDTV offers roughly 6X more picture sharpness! Order HDTV today and receive your first 3 months free! Call 1-866-9-HDTV-NOW (1-866-943-8866)

HDTV may not be available in all areas. Must subscribe. to HBO and/or.Showtime to receive as part of your HDTV service. Regular pricing. applies after promotional: period ends.

Also coming soon Adelphia Video On Demand!
Pause, Fast forward and Rewind -
You're in control - stay tuned for more information.
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I just wrote the VP of customer relations a letter. Ill send his response when i get it. So far he has responded back to ask for my exact address.
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I just dropped by the local Adelphia office here in West L.A. to ask about DVR availability. I was told beta testing was still in progress and DVR probably wouldn't be avail. until the end of the summer.

I also downloaded the manual for the moto 6200. It looks like it is really the same as the 6208 DVR. The way I read it (and I'm speculating a little) if Adelphia would just activate the feature, we could simply plug a firewire drive into the 6200 and we'd have a DVR. The manual does say explicitly that the capacity of the 6208 can be expanded by simply plugging in a firewire drive.
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Don't suppose you asked when ESPN HD, HDNet, etc were going to be turned on???
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I asked when they would be adding the channels and said that I knew they already had deals.... seems like an automated responce or something but basically this email says "i dont know"

Dear *******,

I received your message in regards to adding more HD programming. I would like to inform you that we are hoping to add ESPN HD, IN HD, and HD net in the near future. The approximate date of availability has not been released to me yet. I will keep your name and number on file and I will contact you with any new HD information that is released to me.

Thank you for taking the time to advise us of your interest in more HD programming. Your request has been recorded and will be considered as we evaluate our offerings in the future. Do not hesitate to contact me if I can ever be of any assistance to you.

Thank you,

Sarai Gonzalez

Business Office Associate/CSSR

Adelphia Communications

714-632-9222 ext 203

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Adelphia had been saying that we would have the new channels by the end of this month. With only one week left that doesn't look very likely.
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I heard we are getting Espn in June and thats it. I email a the VP of customer relations for adelphia and he forwarded me to a local project manager. She stated no new HD channel except espn hd in june.
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I did get a flyer in the mail today saying they are raising prices so maybe this will give them the extra coin they need to add some channels.
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In Yorba Linda, they told me Cartoon Network was coming in 30 days for 2 straight years!
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For years the cable tv industry has lived down a reputation for poor customer service. No doubt gains have been accomplished however bad habits die hard. Monopolistic or predatory practices need to stop. Misinformation or premature announcements are not helpful. It isn't unreasonable for a subscriber to ask when additional channels or services will be made available especially when their mailboxes are flooded with new product announcements. In the Los Angeles area Adelphia has franchise agreements with different municipalities which may explain why the rate structure or channel lineups vary from the west side to the east side. But it is odd that in Los Angeles, the epi center of film and television production cable service lags behind other parts of the country when it comes to enhanced services or a robust HD channel lineup. Customer service reps only pass along what they are told and management prefer to keep their employees in the dark. But ask someone in management and they have a time frame for when new services will be launched. "In 30 days" or "the end of the month" may put to rest an immediate inquiry, but then when nothing materializes a subscriber may feel duped. I don't wish to perpetuate ill feelings but behavior lacking common courtesy can arouse animosity.
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I wish they would give us FOX or take the logo off the website.

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Originally posted by Red Dwarf
I wish they would give us FOX or take the logo off the website.

I guess this is their CYA

Some services may not be available in all areas. HBO® and Showtime® HDTV channels require separate purchase.

Though, if FOX isn't offered in ANY SoCal area, then they really do need to fix it. Every once in a while I think they have added it because it appears in my ReplayTV's channel guide.
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FOX is offered in at least some of SoCal in digital. For instance here in Yorba Linda, I've had it for a couple months. However, in the latest brochure I got about rate hikes (how much does it cost them to create these multi page, fold-out, full color ads anyways?), it very specifically says, in the asterisk on the back of a coupon for HDTV, that "Fox 11 may not be available in all areas". How could anyone miss this in such an obvious location for a disclaimer Especially since it is completely separate from the disclaimer that says Showtime and HBO require separate purchase.

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Originally posted by jasonvr
FOX is offered in at least some of SoCal in digital.


So what is so tough to deliver one stinkin' channel for all of us here in SoCal I don't get it. Not that FOX has a dynamite HD line up. But come Sept. I want the NFL!
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Might I suggest that anyone in areas that do not currently receive Fox and have a Mitsubishi (or other brand of TV) with a built in digital cable tuner try to see what can be received with it. I found that I could receive Fox using that tuner over a week before the cable box was enabled to receive Fox on 911. I found it on channel 100.03. I have since found that I can receive all the non-subscription HD channels using this tuner (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and PBS-HD). It is possible that for some reason, they have not enabled your boxes to receive the channel, but that doesn't mean it isn't actually on the wire.

BTW, my TV is a Mitsubishi 55-511, so I know that model is capable of tuning things that are present. I can only assume that there are other TV's out there with a similar feature.

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Everyone trust me and you all already know FOX has almost no HD programming. Im sure by the time th NFL season begins it will be on. If I could, I would switch my Fox channel to you guys. Its worthless on my TV. Enough of the fox!!! when do we ge ESPN
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Aren't the Nascar races on Fox in 480p widescreen? We had Fox (911) for maybe two weeks then it went away. Calling Adelphia CS was no help at all.
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still have fox here in santa monica. Jason how often do you scan the channels? Wondering if hdnet's or INdemands are there but not mapped
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Originally posted by ql1
I just dropped by the local Adelphia office here in West L.A. to ask about DVR availability. I was told beta testing was still in progress and DVR probably wouldn't be avail. until the end of the summer.

I'm new to this forum. so please excuse my ignorance, but my understanding is that the current Adelphia HDTV receivers do not offer DVI. I also understand that DVI will be offered with the DVR unit when that becomes available. Am I correct? If so, does the DVR eliminate the need for a HD receiver (i.e. is a HD tuner included in the DVR)?


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