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Ok, let me just say that DirectShow isn't very friendly when trying to manipulate individual filters.

Trying to add support for multiple audio-tracks was rather painful. Hopefully it does work though, give it a shot.

Here are the rest of the changes:
 * Support for two or more selectable audio streams.  The default
   DirectSound device is always the initially played audio, but
   you can now using the right-click menu, you can select any other
   DirectSound streams.

 * Restructured the Information dialog.  This new dialog gives
   dynamic information about frames dropped in the renderer and
   the actual playback FPS as achieved by the renderer.

 * Enabling Multiple Instances will no longer cause the registry
   settings to be reset.

 * Play List is no longer remembered by default (some people found
   it annoying), you can re-enable this feature through the options.
   This should also help with CD-Based playback (when the zoom
   player executable is on the actual CD).

 * The presets dialog will now appear screen-centered when docking
   is disabled.

 * New "Mute" ON/OFF function, accessible by pressing Ctrl+"M".
   Can also be made into a button by through the skinning functions.

 * You can now have the mouse cursor moved automatically to the bottom
   right corner of the screen when going into Fullscreen/Zoom mode.
   This is useful as windows tend to pop the mouse cursor every
   once in a while.

 * The DivX dialog function will now open the OpenDivX dialog as well.

 * Disabled some useless OSD messages such as the pause/play when opening
   a file with auto-play enabled and all messages in between a Play List
   next file load.
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