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Does the firewire work with standard i.Link Receivers (in particular, the Pioneer 49TXi) or is it the Denon proprietary version only?
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BTW, DON'T put the 2nd Beauty and The Beast DVD in the 5900, I taught it would explode!

First chink in the armor..

Any other discs folks have problems with ??

-- Cain
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Hope there are no more chinks in the armor of the 5900, as I just got a buyer for my 3800. Come Saturday I am DVD player-less...well at least till I pick up the 5900 after shipping off the 3800 that morning :D
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Woo Hoo! Just hooked up my 5900!
No, eulogytool, it doesn't come with a DVI cable, just a Denon Link Cord and a firewire (IEEE 1394) cord. The manual says the DVI cable must be purchased separately.
Levesque, just checked out disc 2 of Beauty and the Beast. It worked just fine. Not sure what your problem could be with it.
Everyone is going to have to bear with me because the 5900 is replacing my old Sony S500D which is as old as the hills. I'm sure it will be even more amazing a comparison for me than it is with you guys and your previous Denon players.
I do not have DVD-audio or SACD hooked up yet but my HDCD's are as good as i've ever heard music. My normal cd's sound much more clear and expansive.
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I've seen people discussing the lack of resume play on the 2900. Unfortunately, I'm about 225 miles away from mine right now, so I can't test this specifically. However, after using the 2900 for nearly 5 months, I've never noticed this to be a problem. I can't say that I've paid much attention, but my recollection is that the 2900 does in fact resume play when you stop and then press play again. Hitting the stop button twice will cause the disc to restart the next time you press play. Now, if you turn the machine off at the player, rather than simply putting the machine in standby, then I doubt it will resume play. But I haven't tested that specifically (I never even turn the player off with the remote, I just let it go to sleep), and since I can't check it out for this specific function right now, I can't be 100% certain that anything I said above is correct. I will try to remember to check it out the next time I'm home. But I have to think that I would have noticed if the player restarted from the beginning each time you pressed start.

Hope that helps, and maybe somebody else can chime in, somebody who actually has the player in front of them.
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Congrats JackG! Finally I'm not the only one anymore (LOL).

I did retry my Beauty and The Beast disk 2 and it's still doing it. Strange. Doesn't want to work at all. Maybe it's my disk then.... All my other problematic DVD's are working fine...

You should adjust your Y/C delay (if you haven't already done it...) with the AVIA disk, it takes 30 seconds and is well worth it.

I have my black level at +2 and my white level at -1. I see more details in the black and white are now milky white.
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Hey!...what do you mean "only one"?

Several of us have posted we got ours already. :D

Had mine since last week...and it's great.
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2900 does resume playback from the stoped point,as long as it's not powered off.
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Congrats to all who have received their players! :) Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for mine. :( Anyway, can someone please elaborate on the 5900's hi-rez multi-channel performance with comparisons to non-Denon players? This is a completely new area for me, but I've learned much from this website as well as the Audio Asylum forums...thanks to all who contribute.

BTW, Levesque, you made an interesting comparison between a "tweaked" Honda Civic to a Porsche on another website. I was wondering how you would classify my BMW. It's, as you say, "tweaked" so that my trunk lid badge says "DINAN 5." ;)

Anyway, it's time to go vote.

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I think it's time other owners chime-in to talk about the settings they are using, or tweak they found.
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Where are you guys finding these 5900's?

I live in the Dallas area and we have a number of local Denon dealers, but none of them have received any of the 5900's, and don't have any definite info as to when they will recieve them.
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I live in Kearney, Nebraska, which is in the middle of nowhere but interestingly has one of only four or five authorized Denon dealerships in the entire state. Steve, my local dealer, gets all of his gear out of Kansas City and was very quick in getting my 5900 after they arrived in the United States.I couldn't even tell you if this was Steve's floor model or not, but he is a good friend and has always worked with me on various kinds of purchases.Maybe smaller is better.Crutchfield has been listed somewhere as not having the 5900 until the end of October. They, of course, are big but are on the East Coast.
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Denon Canada have them and ship them since almost 2 weeks...

JackG. Did you try some DVD-A an SACD? You should give us a little review or your 1st impressions when you have the time!
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does the Denon 5900 have "TIME REMAINING" when watching a DVD and does the Denon have any kind of ZOOM feature?

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I wonder how the component video output compares to the upsampled component video output of the momitsu or Bravo players?
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I think that the only way to know that will be when someone will be able to actually do the comparison. Maybe someone that own both the 5900 and a Bravo will be able to compare them.

I don't know if someone with a 2900 and a Bravo did the comparison. Because then we would know, because the analog video of the 5900 gives a better picture then the 2900...

If you have read the ''Secret'' opinion and evaluation of the Bravo D1, they did say the the DVI picture was great, but they still prefered the PQ of good on-chip deinterlacer (if I remember well...). And the 5900 is probably the best analog picture on the market right now...

So we will all know with the next Secret Shoot-out...
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Thanks Levesque! Makes sense to me.

Does the 5900 offer any type of Panny RP91 type non-anamorphic zoom?
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I hate to even bring this up, but what about the 5900's video quality is better than that of a panasonic XP50?
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Are you trying to get me in trouble? I was all ready to resist the temptation of trading my 2900 in for the 5900 and you have to go and reveal how cool it is!
How am I going to explain this one to the wife? Is it bigger than the 2900? DO you think she will notice it in a black rack?
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There is no way you could sneak that one onto your wife! Because my wife did notice the improvement of the picture quality over the 3800 before I even ask her! So she will know... Just kidding.

I just finish viewing the 2 Lion King DVD's, and they both work flawlessly. So I think the only problematic Disney title is The Beauty and The beast for me. Snow White, Sleeping beauty, Dinosaurs... are working perfectly...
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Freak, the 5900 is only deeper than the 2900, other than that it looks very similar! You might be ok! :)

This thing is fantastic. I just upgraded form the 2900 and the picture really is an order of magnitude better than the 2900 imo. I haven't had a chance to really get into the audio section but I did put on my REM Automatic for the People DVD-A and 'Find the River' was just fantastic. I agree 100% with Levesque that the enveloping of the surround is significantly improved.

I have a Q tho on AL24+. Is it always on, even when playing movies? I wasn't sure if it can upsample compressed audio streams. And does it output 24/48khz from redbook audio?

Thanks all. Buy this player.
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I bet you could! The width is the same as 2900 and the front looks the same. If your wife notice the awsome picture, just tell her you spent a lot of time lately tweaking. I have the same dilema as you, I was one of the first to get 2900 (West Coast) in May and I love it. Then I tried Samsung 931 for a few months and was not impressed. Sold the 931, stuck with 2900. But would love to get my hands on a quality built DVI player - ala 5900? What made it worse is my dealer called on Sunday to let me know he has a 5900 waiting for me with a very attractive price (OUCHH!!).

From what Levesque stated, component is quite a bit better on his 65" Tosh. But the real question is, will we notice the improvement on our PJ (Dwin TV3) in analog and DVI out? It's hard to see a bad transfer on a calibrated RPTV, but easily identifiable on a PJ with larger picture. Still, I'm itching to get my hands on a 5900 - just a 10 min. drive to bring it home. Hope we can get an impression of its DVI output soon.

How does your D1 compare to the 2900? I saw too much EE on the 931 and it drove me crazy. Also, it did horrible in dark movies (Crouching Tiger and Dark city) compared to the 2900.

SORRY! Didn't mean go off topic.
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Expletive - What display are you hooking this to?
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Originally posted by Expletive
I have a Q tho on AL24+. Is it always on, even when playing movies? John
You just read my mind! I was to ask the same question. With the dimmed display, I didn't notice it. But with display on, the AL24 blue light is always on for DTS and DD...


They are building my dedicated HT, so my PJ will only be here in 1 month or 2. So I can't answer your question... for now. I bought the 5900 to pair it with my new PJ. :D
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vdmai, A 50" Toshiba Cinema Series rear projection HDTV monitor via component video cables.

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Originally posted by Expletive
I agree 100% with Levesque that the enveloping of the surround is significantly improved.
That was the most striking thing for me. This and the incredible picture quality.

I'm in hi-rez audio nirvana :D :D :D
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I'll have a heart attack waiting 1-2 months. Hurry them up, get it done in a day or two. In two months, you should have a good selection of PJs (HD2+??).
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Metallica freak:

The 5900 looks very similar to the 2900, also black, about i/4' or so taller...

You might be able to pull it off...:D

It's worth it if you can.
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Will your dealer let you demo the 5900...? Then you can see for yourself.

Mine let me demo, and is taking back the 2900 in trade, for what I paid.
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my dealer would also take back my 2900, but the price was not discussed. However, he quote me lower on the 5900 than I expected, so it made me feel guilty about asking him to take back the 2900. Not only that, since he qouted me low, he'll probably buy back 2900 low to use as demo, I'd think. I'm probably gonna sell the 2900 or keep it in my second system.

He'd demo for me if I'd asked, but I'd feel obligated to buy. I would have bought if the DVI is activated, but held back to be 100% sure.
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