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Boston, MA - Charter

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Noticed last night that they added Showtime HD on the Guide (between HBOHD and FoxHD), but you can't get it in yet. Called the number they give onscreen and 2 different reps both said that they were testing it and it should be available within 2-5 days. One also said that they will have ABC "very soon".
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Noticed the same thing on the guide here in Newtown, CT. But SHOHD actually is on and works! Just to test I called Charter and asked when new channels other than the HBO and DISC I've had for a year will be available and I was told "nothing anytime soon!"

You gotta love it!
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I don't think the rest of the company knows they have a customer service department, or at least they don't know how to reach them. I've never seen a company that knows so little about itself.

They still don't have it on here in Worcester MA.

All I can say is that yhey had better have ABC HD working before the Super Bowl.
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False alarm Worcester people. Sorry to get your hopes up that there may be some news out here.

I'm just logging on to this thread and setting a subscription to be notified if any news comes up in the area. Like everyone else on Charter, I anxiously await the addition of new channels, or even perhaps word that they have finally come to terms for a region swap somewhere with Comcast (wishful thinking, I guess).

Maybe the other members on AVS that live in the Worcester area could log on to this thread too, just to let the rest of us see how many there are?
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Well I'm in Westboro and have Charter Worcester. ANyone else notice the ads that have been showing up to advertise with Comcast on cable? The make a big deal about calling a number in Westboro. I thought it was a little odd given that they were on Charter cable.
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Y'up, I've noticed the adds too. Not sure if it means anything.

It's been over 2 weeks now that Showtime HD has been a channel but they don't actually offer it, and no sign of ABC yet. Charter is definitely a frustrating company.

I just called and they said Showtime HD should be coming in. She asked me to try resetting the box, which I'll do when I get home. I give the odds at about 1:3.
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I dropped SHowtime about a month ago in exchange for the Starz package as an even swap. I'm hoping that the Starz HD channel will come along free when it goes online too. I can't remember the last time I'd watched Showtime anyway.

Is anybody else getting some white line noise at the top of their screen when NBC-HD shows a non-HD signal on 787? I have an old Tosh 4:3 set that I did the vertical squeeze on to get a 16:9 picture when in HD, and I think I am seeing noise from part of the picture that would normally be lost on any other set due to overscan cutting it off.


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I tried the resetting my box thing and it didn't work. I then called Charter again and the chick there refreshed the signal and now Showtime HD comes in, WOOHOO!
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So have you gotten an email, or seen Charter's ads that say FREE HDTV in 2003 for the first 10,000 (!) who sign up? I figured it would give us a break on the $3/month extra fee for the box, and since I've been on HDTV since last year this could add up if they issued a credit, right?

OK...., so I call Charter CS to find out more (I had no expectations) and they tell me it's not available in New England, and it's only for new sign-up's elsewhere. No little asterisks in their ads, no caveats at all. Just more misleading advertisements.

The CS person was nice enough, albeit clueless over HDTV programming (SNAFU), and spoke about an upcoming announcement that alludes to some big roll-out for New England Charter HDTV in December. Otherwise, she couldn't tell me anything further.

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Actually, I did the that ad and got in on the deal. I already had digital cable, and had just gotten an HDTV so I figured why not. THey're giving me the HD Box and Discovery HD for the smae price I was paying before until January. Not a bad deal really.
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I need a little help. I recently (yesterday) purchased an upgradeable HDTV. I promptly called Charter to upgrade my cable box to HD. They are coming out on Saturday. The questions I have are: Does anyone know what make and model of cable box will they drop off? If so does it have a DVI connection? If it has a DVI connection do I want to use it or should I buy another set of component cables? They offered for $15 to bring an "installation pack". The CSR could not tell what it was I'm assuming it's a component cable that could double as a cat toy but I don't know. Last question what do you think of the picture quality overall? On regular cable my picture looks awful but on DVD's using S-video and a non-progressive scan DVD player the picture is unbelievable! Thanks for your help....andy
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The box you'll get is the SA3100HD, which looks identical to the SA3100 for regular digital cable, except it has component video out also. The installation pack is just some component video cables. The SA3100HS doesn't have DVI, so you'll need them unless you have some of your own.

About the SA3100HD, it upconverts everything to 1080i to go out the component. And it's really bad at it. I only view the component outs when I'm watching the HD stations or Fox ED because the upconvert is so bad. Otherwise I switch back to Svideo for analog and SD digital cable.
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Thanks for the reply. I hope they get a better box in the future. Now I have to scramble to get a set of component cables by Saturday.
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Well Charter did show up today and set my HD cable box. My initial impression is the Discovery HD channel is that it is quite stunning to say the least. I have not spent much time looking at the other HD channels. I have to get used to the switching anomalies related to my set up. I have my system cables similar to the way Ecopoesis does. I'm using component and S-video cable from my cable box to the TV. Also I have the component cable that Charter provided running from my DVD changer to my TV. What I can say about my new TV a Panasonic CT-34WX53 is it's nice set. However, on standard cable the picture is grainy. I assume this relates to the signal I'm getting from Charter. I don't know if any signal amplification would help or a better splitter in my home would help? I have a copy of Aiva Home Theater DVD; can I use this to calibrate my TV? Or do I have to get a copy of DVE to do the job? The DVD player I currently own is not a progressive scan. I'll have to wait until after the holidays to get a progressive scan model.
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Originally posted by andrew jc
However, on standard cable the picture is grainy. I assume this relates to the signal I'm getting from Charter. I don't know if any signal amplification would help or a better splitter in my home would help?

If the channels are the digital channels, then an amp will not help (you
probably know this).

A note on picture quality, I haven't gone to HD w/ charter yet (not
quite enough channels yet), but when viewing std cable channels, I
always use the Svideo path out of my regular 3100 set-top box. I use my
Samsung T165 OTA tuner as the switcher to my pioneer 503 panel and use
the panels svid input to view cable. OTA and DVD are viewed via the
component path. The sammy does a good job of "converting" the output of the cable box up to the 1080 that I feed my panel. The sammy works
real well at upconverting my non-progressive dvd players component
output as well. And I've found that I'm better off feeding the panel the
1080 signal vs the 720 signal. Bottom line, experiment with different
signal paths...

Not quite an apples2 comparison. And some channels and some program content are just worse than others.

btw, a good place for cables is markertek.com, If it's good enough for
broadcast, then it's ok for me... And their prices are pretty good.

Another reason for not going chtr HD is that I've been giving some thought
to Voom...
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jjk58, I have come to the conclusion that it's a Charter problem. Garbarge in garbage out. I'm in the process of trying to sell my house so I'll wait until my next place before I make any upgrades. Thanks for the input.
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update (I got to talk with someone that understood what HD is):

still no info/dates on adding new channels. they did say that they are
waiting for some agreements to be signed (this sounds like a bit of

They are started to use the 3200HD boxes. They are fixing a software
problem and current install dates would be after Jan19th.

They expect VOD possibly by the end of the 1st Qtr (this year :-) )

They are starting to rollout the 8000 PVR box down in CT. No date for
up here yet. It should be about $5 has the ability to record 2 channels
and watch 1 and has PIP.
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Well - it is getting close.

Is charter going to be ready for those REDSOX. This is my gating item - have to see them take the title with clarity.

on another subject - has anyone confirmed the 3200HD are being used. Just a few weeks ago I was told the 3100HD was the one that I would get if I pulled the hdtv trigger. Would they automatically update me or would that be a hassle?

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I have a 3250hd. It was installed the day before the superbowl.

So far it has worked out well. I just wish we could get more than
whdh,fxt,hbo and sho. But I believe that it's been worth it for
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well - they are out of hd boxes....I am on a list. Ouch.

no idea when they can get more in....Apparently demand is high - despite the fact that there are hardly any channels that charter has managed to sign up. Hard to believe.
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Just ordered HD and DVR from charter. No mention of converter shortage. Coming on Thursday for installation. Guy was clueless about hd. According to him I can watch any show in hd that is broadcast in hd on any network. This does not mean all shows are hd but the ones that are I will see because I will have an hd box. Asked about NESN hd and he mentioned spring. ??? I did hear from an installer that that may actually be true.
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The DVR must be a different box.....or else my csr was without a clue, What is the deal on DVR? Did they just recently offer it? $10 a month or so? havent heard of it here....a mere 15 miles from holden.
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they are using the SA 8000 box
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DVR is a different box. Just recently offered here. $10 a month. Installation Thursday I'll post back with any info. Also I was surprised Discovery HD costs more than the HD box rental. Having a real hard time justifying $125 a month for cable tv. Includes internet access but come on, another four bucks for Discovery? Give me some networks and then maybe we'll talk.
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Charter does need more HD contentent and the price is quite high. However, the DVR is tempting but I'll pass for now.
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I emailed Charter asking about NESN-HD and this is the response I got back. No word on NESN, but it seems like ESPN may be a go.

I received your email inquire and I am sorry that we were not able to reply to you sooner. As for your concern about HDTV programming and options, I agree with you that we have not been as quick to launch new HD services as we should have and again I apologize.

We are in negotiations with different channels for their HD feeds. Charter is working hard to make sure we get the best deal possible for these services. Our problems in the past have been that we jump at these new services and paid more than we should have for the product. This has lead to higher rates for our customers and we are committed to no longer doing business like that.

We will be adding more HD programming as we complete negotiations with the Networks. We have signed the contract for ESPN HD and should be launching this channel shortly.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at 1-800-634-1008 or by email.

Charter Communications
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did Brian provide a real email address or was it the general charter support address?
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no, just then generic one.
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Got hooked up today. 3250 HD box. 8000 DVR. Espn coming very soon. ABC shortly after. NESN by opening day. Hope this is all true. ESPN will be packaged with discovery for $4.00 per month. Now to figure this DVR thing out!
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you get a different story from each CSR. I was told espn would be free when it arrives ....any day now. Some 3250s did show up yesterday.

a few weeks ago i was told i could pick up the box and avoid the install fees...15 for a kit and $5 for - uh forgot, gas money maybe. Today they said i cant pick it up and would have to pay $20 for the visit and a cable. After a short debate, she agreed to waive the fees...if the guy justs drops the box on my porch....i have to install it and have my own cables...(basic component or audio cables - 3 of em). Just a crazy discussion. But, no way can i stop at the office and pick it up, they have to drive it to my house!

By the way - did any extra cost get mentioned for NESN?

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