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I have yet to check with my antenna here in New Britain. However, with Comcast and no converter, I did a new channel scan last night. The TV no longer stops at WCTX-TV channel 59-2. However, before the search, the signal meter clearly showed there was signal present on what was 59-2.
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On Tuesday, July 30th, I walked to the Comcast customer service office in Plainville to pick up a small "free" converter. That way, I'd continue to receive my limited basic service. However, since the little box only has two 75 ohm coaxial cable in/out connections and a 1990s-like RF 3/4 switch, the thing is incapable of receiving any kind of HD. Therefore, I put on an old indoor antenna with two telescoping rods. I don't see any UHF elements on the thing. Anyways, with the antenna now (dangerously) resting on top of the roughly 1" deep Toshiba LED HDTV in my second floor bedroom (by a south-facing window), I'm getting the following:

WFSB-TV channel 3 Hartford [3-1 CBS, 3-3 Eyewitness News NOW, 3-4 WFSB Fairfield County] Signal 75-80%
WTNH-TV channel 8 New Haven [8-1 ABC, 8-2 Bounce, 8-3 WTNH SD] Signal 80-85%
WCCT-TV channel 20 Waterbury [20-1 CW, 20-2 ThisTV] Signal ~95%
WEDH-TV channel 24 Hartford [24-1 PBS, 24-2 CPTV 4U, 24-3 CPTV Sports] Signal ~95%
WHPX-TV channel 26 New London [26-1 ION, 26-2 Qubo, 26-3 ION Life, 26-4 ION Shop] Signal 70-75%
WVIT-TV channel 30 New Britain [30-1 NBC, 30-2 CoziTV] Signal ~95%
WCTX-TV channel 59 New Haven [59-1 MY] Signal ~70%
WTIC-TV channel 61 Hartford [61-1 FOX, 61-2 Antenna TV] Signal ~95%
WFTY-TV channel 67 Smithtown, NY [67-1 UniMas, 67-2 WXTV-TV 41-1 in SD?] Signal ~45-50%


WFSB-TV channel 3...I'm at the bottom of Walnut Hill, causing possible multipath from Avon Mountain. That's why you don't see WUVN-TV channel 18 being received on my above list.
WTNH-TV channel 8...I don't know how WTNH-TV is solid like it is. Usually, I got just about nothing from WTNH-TV's Hamden, especially with them using VHF channel 10.
WCCT-TV channel 20...Anything from Rattlesnake Mountain in Farmington will be solid, as expected.
WEDH-TV channel 24...see WCCT-TV
WHPX-TV channel 26...fairly solid signal so far. Montville site isn't always perfect, though.
WVIT-TV channel 30...see WCCT-TV
WCTX-TV channel 59...surprised the signal is stable so far. WCTX-TV from Hamden isn't always watchable.
WTIC-TV channel 61...see WCCT-TV
WFTY-TV channel 67...This one surprised me! I hadn't received any trace of this signal since the snowy analog days of WHSI-TV, when they carried Home Shopping Network 24/7.

I have yet to receive a hint or trace of anything from Springfield, MA. I haven't attempted an antenna hookup on the second TV in the east side bedroom at all.
OK, the antenna got knocked over a few minutes ago. I put it back up nearly how it was prior to that. With the rescan, I lost WFTY-TV from Smithtown, NY. However, I picked up WUVN-TV channel 18 of Hartford, with roughly 50-60% signal (TV displayed WUVN-TV as "46-1", etc.). That signal is stable for now.
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I'm in Norwalk, CT (South West, on the water in Fairfield County), and looking to cut teh cord with Cablevision. Hoping to get NFL games OTA on CBS/Fox/NBC/ABC, but I have to use an indoor antenna since I'm in an apartment.

Any suggestions? I read very early in the thread that the Radio Shack one worked pretty well, but that was in 2003 and I would rather not search through 230+ pages of posts to find relevant scraps of info for my area. =)

Thanks for any info you can throw at me. I went through TVFool, and the signals for teh stations I was after seemed to be SE and SW, and I'm on the N corner of my building unfortunately, with windows to the NE and NW.
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I doubt you will pick much up in Norwalk with an indoor antenna, but you could always buy it, try it, and return. You might want go with Aereo instead.
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Originally Posted by RemyM View Post

I doubt you will pick much up in Norwalk with an indoor antenna, but you could always buy it, try it, and return. You might want go with Aereo instead.

For some reason I didn't hink Areeo transmitted in my area - looks like it does! Thanks, this could be the perfect solution.

Is there a cord-cutting forum/thread anywhere by any chance?
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Originally Posted by EMayhem View Post

Is there a cord-cutting forum/thread anywhere by any chance?

There are a bunch of them. Type "cord cutting" in the search AVS Forum box in the upper right.
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I have been working together with TripinVA at RabbitEars.INFO to provide live antenna scans from my house located in Newington Center.


The info is updated every 5 minutes.
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Excellent map Scott! smile.gif

At least you get a signal sometimes form Springfield, MA. I've never received even a blip for digital from there whatsoever. Are you getting anything from either WEDN-TV (PBS) channel 53 of Norwich [RF channel 9] or WHPX-TV (ION) channel 26 of New London [RF channel 26]?

Ever since the stunt that Comcast pulled on me last week, I've kept an old indoor antenna, with two telescoping rods, sitting on the top of my Toshiba 24" LED HDTV (has actually stayed in place for like 4 days now!). Amazingly, WTNH-TV (ABC) channel 8 of New Haven, which normally is quite weak here, has been solid with a signal of 80% or better the entire time, with no drop outs! smile.gif
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Even though it shows poor reception on the Springfield stations the tv's and Hoppers lock them In fine.

The HDHomerun that generates that report must not have that sensitive of a tuner in it as I also pull in Wzme from Bridgeport with no problem as well.
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Thanks for the report! Anyways, how is New London County for you (WHPX and WEDN)? Do you ever get WPXQ-TV (ION) channel 69 [RF 17] from Block Island/Providence? When I did my first scan with the antenna last Wednesday, I briefly had them in.
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I have never been able to pick up either channel from my house no matter what way the antenna on the roof is facing... but my friend who lives 2 blocks away picks them up fine.
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Originally Posted by Scott Greczkowski View Post

Not sure when this channel came on the air in Digital, but tonight I rescanned and now get WHCT-LD on channel 38.

Also ThisCoolTV is now gone from WWLP 22.2 and WCTX 59.2. Nothing is being aired just a black screen from both.

WHCT-LD first appeared on my Channel Master tuner either on the last or second to last Sunday in June of this year at around 9PM. It generated just enough signal for the tuner to acknowledge it as a new service and add its call letters to the channel line-up. But there was never any video or audio on the channel, just a black screen. It is the Azteca America affiliate that was on analog channel 38. Azteca America is a Mexican TV network.

According to news on the web, many TV stations across the country haven't been renewing their affiliation with the music video channel CoolTV because CoolTV allegedly hasn't been paying money owed to the stations.

Low power stations have a deadline of September, 2015 to convert from analog to digital. It looks like there will be no other conversions in our area because the two remaining analogs, WRNT-48, Hartford, and WTXX-34, Springfield, have been sold for $300,000 to a wireless broadband company which will not operate them as going concerns. The buyer bought these two stations and many other low power stations across the country for their frequencies. WTXX is still broadcasting on analog for now. RetroTV on 48 doesn't come in at my location. On the FCC website, the previous owner wrote that a power surge that happened during the Halloween snowstorm a few years ago damaged the transmitter. The former owner was able to repair the damage by obtaining parts, but channel 48 is nothing but snow for me.

My experience with reception of the digital low power stations has been unsuccessful. The contour map for WSHM includes East Windsor, and this station came in when it first signed on, but eventually it stopped coming in. WRDM's video broke up frequently. But these low power stations are either a near duplicate of WFSB or Spanish language, so I deleted them from my tuner's line-up.

One station in our area appears committed to over-the-air broadcasting despite the possible future auction of TV channels. WFSB's entry on the FCC website shows that it was granted permission to install a back-up antenna on the nearby WTIC-FM tower in Avon (where Channel 24 had its analog antenna before moving to the Chase tower in Farmington). The back-up antenna would be used if Channel 3's main tower/antenna is damaged or if maintenance has to be performed on the taller tower.
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In the analog days, I used to get a trace of the old W13BF channel 13. I would get a snowy (and sometimes watchable) channel 47 from Hartford. I think the analog channel 47 transmitter was in Glastonbury, but not too sure. I never received WHCT-LP here on analog channel 38. With the indoor antenna resting on my TV in the south end of New Britain, I get an occasional blip from WFTY-TV (UniMas) channel 67 from Smithtown, NY (using RF channel 23).
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channel 48 low power back on the air last night 8/15/13
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Low power 48 back on the air 8/15/13 Hartford ct not retro tv but Amgtv
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So, I've been noticing some problems on WTNH's airing of Jeopardy (and possibly Wheel). There's a noticeable jutter to the picture along with a possible resolution issue. Honestly it looks like a internet stream. I'm seeing this on DirecTV and the programming staffer at WTNH insists it's a problem with DirecTV instead of their end since I'm the only one to report this issue. I find this to be unlikely to be a DirecTV issue since it only occurs during the show and not during WTNH commercials or other programming. So, I'm hoping you guys can take a look and let me know if I'm crazy or if you see the problem as well. It's most noticeable on camera movements or on graphic lines that "jump".

This feels like an issue AVS members (like myself) helped WCPO work through several years back with their encoder (the "jaggies" issue as we called it). Not everyone could see the problem, but for those of us that could see it, that's all we could see. Since not "everyone" could see it, WCPO wasn't too motivated to fix it. After troubleshooting the issue for them, WCPO found the problem and fixed it after a couple years of the problem. Hopefully this issue doesn't take as long or as much effort.

I'll post back tonight after I watch Jeopardy to report if the issue is still persisting.

Yes, I'm posting this across all Hartford threads since I'm looking for feedback from OTA, Cox, and Comcast viewers to see if it's a problem with all avenues.

EDIT: It appears my call in has addressed the problem. I'll follow up with WTNH tomorrow.
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I was watching their 11pm newscast on Wednesday and noticed the same problem for the first 15 minutes of the broadcast . I receive the signal OTA.
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Ok, the problem is back this evening. So, I guess I'll ask again that people take a look over the next week to see if they are seeing the same problem. Look for parallel lines and smaller text (not Jeopardy clues) as this is where the issue is most apparent..

I didn't get the chance to follow up with WTNH.

I was wrong that commercials weren't affected. I'll also take a look during ABC programming along with the late news.
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Is anyone else watching the football game on ABC right now? I'm seeing the weird framerate issue again.

Nevermind, it just occurred to me to check this at a friend's house with Cox. This problem definitely isn't occurring there.
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See if somebody can figure this one out for me:

I have an old Magnavox DVD player/recorder with a digital tuner, model ZC352MW8. It was manufactured in January of 2007. I hooked an indoor antenna to it on Monday night and did a channel scan. All it could pick up was the four stations from Rattlesnake Mountain in Farmington (WCCT, WEDH, WVIT and WTIC). That's important because the same antenna, when directly attached to the my 24" Toshiba LED HDTV (model 24SL41OU, manufactured in March of 2011) also gets WFSB (~80%), WTNH (~90%), WUVN (cuts outs often), WHPX (~70%) and WCTX (~70%). The antenna was in the exact same position, yet the Magnavox could only handle the Rattlesnake stations. Could it be that the tuner can't properly read the signal information which the TV stations are sending out? confused.gif
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Could be the Toshiba HDTV tuner is more sensitive than the old Magnavox unit. A small amp (10db or so) in the antenna feed may help. Walmart catalogs em for under $20, maybe worth a try.
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It's the older Magnavox recorder having its issues. I hooked up my LG DVD recorder/VCR combo this morning, hooking that antenna up in the same position. It's receiving WTNH-TV (ABC) channel 8 from New Haven with no problem, despite WTNH using VHF channel 10 for their digital. It's passing through the receiver when it's off, too. WFSB-TV is showing with the 5 of 5 green bars on the signal meter nearly the whole time, with me watching Miami Vs Indianapolis NFL football. tongue.gif
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not sure if this is the right place, but i'm trying to get rid of directv to save money and it's fighting me every way, i'm in vernon, ct i have a clearstream 2v antenna i installed and i can pull in wtnh and fox as well as other channels.. problem is this, i installed a tv tuner card and fox 61 will not come in all the time and when it does, it's fine no breakup etc... i'm baffled by this, if i disconnect the outside antenna and run a short piece of coax tied to a coat hanger to the tuner, fox 61 comes in perfect and full signal... of course no other channels do... is the signal too strong? or needs to be amplified?

testing purposes only one device is hooked to the antenna at a time.
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You're in Vernon, CT. Although it's not 100% the reason, I wonder if Boston is causing your problems? One of their TV stations uses channel 31 for their digital broadcasts, the same one which WTIC-TV uses. The local channels in use the last time I checked:

WFSB-TV channel 3 is on 33
WTNH-TV channel 8 is on 10
WUVN-TV channel 18 is on 46
WCCT-TV channel 20 is on 20
WEDH-TV channel 24 is on 45
WHPX-TV channel 26 is on 26
WVIT-TV channel 30 is on 35
WEDN-TV channel 53 is on 9
WCTX-TV channel 59 is on 39
WTIC-TV channel 61 is on 31

Rattlesnake Mountain of Farmington is home to channels 20, 24, 30 and 61.
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hey, thanks for the reply, well i seem to have gone off on the wrong path and what cause me to do this was i was receiving fox on the tv but not the tv tuner card, yesterday i played around with the antenna and i finally got fox and the other channels to work, fox is very touchy it seems on the antenna.

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It is WFXT-TV (FOX) channel 25 of Boston which uses channel 31 for their digital service. Their transmitter is in Needham, MA. All that separates Vernon and Needham is 71 air miles. I don't know if either station uses a directional pattern or not. I'm in the south end of New Britain, about 4 air miles from the WTIC-TV site on Rattlesnake Mountain in Farmington.

Do you ever have issues with WCCT-TV (CW) channel 20? I know that WCVB-TV (ABC) channel 5 of Boston uses channel 20 for their digital service. confused.gif
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i just started playing with the ota tuner, i haven't noticed on channel 20 i suppose i could delete those channels out of media center so they don't have a conflict
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TVNewsCheck.com is reporting today that at a recent investors' conference, LIN Television's chief technology officer said that the company might consider selling WCTX's spectrum in the upcoming auction. After WCTX is phased out, LIN would move MyTV9 to a subchannel of WTNH. Because the New Haven market is close to New York City, and the goal of the auction is to amass spectrum in the top twenty-five markets that would in turn be sold to wireless companies, the CTO thought that LIN might receive around 115 million from auctioning Channel 59's spectrum.

The FCC issued a construction permit for Channel 59 in 1953, but the station did not go on the air until 1994 (as WTVU). It may hold the record for having the longest period of time between getting permission to build and signing on.
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ok, so i'm back....

i can't believe the issues i'm having with a simple antenna....

my issue is with my tuner card in my pc using windows media center to record live ota

i can turn on my tv and watch WFSB and FOX without issue, but the computer is pixelating like crazy, while watching the signal meter on the computer tuner, s/n is 30 and then uncorrectable errors will jump up and the s/n will drop and i lose the channel briefly and it comes back..

these 2 channels seem to be the closest to me at 21 miles, i know WTNH is vhf which i receive no problem, i haven't noticed any issues with the other channels either...

i tried attenuating the signal that didn't seem to help.

the antenna is about 12' off the ground, there's really no good place to put it, i do have some trees in the back yard in the direction it's pointing to rattlesnake mountain, but how can this be an issue if the tv's tune it fine?

would i benefit from a preamp on the antenna ?
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Is anyone having problems receiving a signal from Channel 40 in Springfield? I have not been able to receive a signal for a few days here in Windsor.
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