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Reannouncing rtvPlayer for Windows  

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Updated November 2, 2003

rtvPlayer 0.92 is a Windows-based video player for MPEGs extracted from ReplayTV 4000, 4500, 5000, and 5500 recorders. rtvPlayer supports automatic skipping of commercial segments and these
rtvPlayer features:
* Automatic or manual AutoSkip for commercial or content segments
* Overscan elimination (now the tops of your videos won't "dance")
* Aspect Ratio control (clips the black bars on "widescreen" shows)
* A segment bar to show which parts of a show are content vs commercials
* Segment editor to add or delete segments or adjust the times when they begin or end; segment info can be saved for rtvEdit
* Playback looping by selecting a portion of the video from the segment bar
* Adjustable Instant Replay duration (7 to 120 seconds)
* Adjustable Quick Skip duration (15 seconds to 3 minutes)
* Replay-like keyboard navigation for absolute and relative jumping
* A full keyboard interface for all controls

Here's the user interface, minus the video part of the window:

* An MPG and the corresponding NDX (for 4000's and 4500's) or EVT (for 5000's or 5500's) file
* Windows XP, 2000, or 2003 (Windows 9x has not been tested)
* Windows Media Player 7.1 or higher (only tested with 9)
* Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

The current version is available at http://inside.drexel.edu/ksb/rtvPlayer. I look forward to your comments.

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Unfortunately, I am still getting the application error with this version. Is there some switch that needs to be turned on in .NET framework? I even checked the services manager and "ASP .NET State Service" is shows as "Started".

-- Mike --
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I unzipped and ran the .exe and got the same error as last evening. Have you looked into this? Several others had similar problems.


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Is source for this availabe? I'm the author of wirns (a solution to provide listings to the replay that dnna doesn't supply; eg: canadian), which is also written in C#. I'd like to add 5xxx support to this if possible.

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Everyone, I've put together a special debug build with a message box as its first executable line. Try it out at http://inside.drexel.edu/ksb/rtvp-debug.zip and let me know what happens.

kjac, I'm working on the 5xxx support. (Can you send me a real EVT file at ken.blackney+rtvplayer@drexel.edu?) The code is currently VB.Net because it was an extremely quick and dirty (I wrote the main guts while over the Atlantic) project. I'll be rewriting it in C# in the next week or two and then releasing the source.
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I'll pull a evt down tonight (assuming the wireless bridge wants to cooperate :)) and fire it off to you tomorrow. If you want any help with the C# port lemme know.

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if the source is available let me know also, I've been doing alot of multimedia C# development recently, would be fun to play around a little with the code...
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Sorry, the same results with the debug version. No debug file or output was generated though.
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Awesome. The Replay 3rd party software community really has an eye for what functionality to focus on.

Thanks in advance,

cow (5k owner)
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Wow, that looks pretty cool. I can't wait for the 5k version. =)
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How unpleasant. Oh, well, this is why no one likes testing.

I've created two new test programs at http://inside.drexel.edu/ksb/rtvPlayer They are both Hello, World programs built on my computer. One is built in VB, the other in C#. Try them out and let me know what you get.

I'd prefer to get the feedback via the Ken.Blackney+rtvPlayer@drexel.edu address rather than here. Here I think it just clutters the board and will confuse users who don't want to be part of the test group.

Thanks to everyone who's tried rtvPlayer. It really is a cool little app. The show segment bar (I refuse to call it a status bar because I'm afraid of some of the other forum occupants ;-) makes it clear almost immediately how much commercials interrupt some shows while others are so "clean."
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This looks great! Can't wait for 5K support.

Good luck in debugging!
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I downloaded and executed both "Hello, World" files. Both came up with the message box. They appeared to work properly.

In so far as your suggestion to send feedback to your private email, I disagree. This board is exactly the place for useful information, feedback, opinions, suggestions and (oops, dare I say it?) critisism. After all why else do any of us hang out here?

Any of the developers around here will, no doubt, tell you that it is the best way to tinker, test, poke and mould until you finally get the product that you want.

Those who followed the evolution of projects such as DVA and WiRNS through this forum have often remarked how interesting and informative it is for all members.

The fact is that there is want and need for this type of application. kjac and rkramer have already chimed in with offers to help out.

Good luck with this. I, for one, will help out in any way I can.


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Both "Hello World" applications worked fine for me, RtvPlayer still generating an exception.
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How about an installer for your support files?
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How about an installer for your support files?
In case your interested, there is a free installer program at www.innosetup.com. It's a very cool program and is easy to learn. Good luck on your project!
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Hello World runs just fine.

I've attached a capture of the exception error (before pressing cancel)
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Since I have no idea why rtvPlayer 0.5/6/7 are not working, I've decided to focus on the C# rewrite. First, that will clean up a lot of dangling code that is still there (how can so much unwanted code accumulate in something that's only a week old?). Second, it will remove any embarrasment that I might feel from letting others see my crappy VB code. Third, it will let me release the source to those who want to help.

Expect to see an 0.8 (in C#) on Thursday. (There isn't much to this and I code fast.)

Thanks, everyone. --Ken
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Embarrassment????? Geez, you can actually do this stuff!! I'm the one who should feel embarrassed. I can't do it. I only get to benefit from it! All I can do is say thanks.

I'm guessing that there are a lot of guys around here who are anxiously awaiting the release of 0.8. The concept and the screen shot have created a stir.

Good luck..... we are all pulling for you!


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Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the release with 5K support. Also looks like there might be some possibilities to do some sharing/collaboration with the RTVTools folks. I believe Phule is going to take a crack at writing a front end for it (see This post), and the visual display of the "show segments" would be a great addition to those tools.

Thanks again!
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There are plenty of us here willing to beta test. Beta Testing is by definition BUG Testing. We'll all be here when you finally get v1.0 out and glad to have helped. It's great that you take your time and effort to produce for those of us that can't. Thanks for the effort and remember ... there is no embaressment during Beta Test.
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Am I missing something? I get an error when I try to run it.. when I debug it in vs.net it says I'm missing axinterop.wmplib or something like that... Where do I get that dll?

EDIT: It looks like it's created when you compile your project... could you distribute that dll with you program

Julian Rodriguez
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Thanks, Julian. I've uploaded all three DLLs found in the bin directory created by VS.NET. I don't know if users will need just the one identified so far, or if one or both or the others will also be needed.

The DLLs are at http://inside.drexel.edu/ksb/rtvPlayer

The C# conversion is coming along. The UI is done and the movie starts. The next steps is to attach the event processing code to the UI elements. I expect to be done with the conversion by Thursday evening.

If one or more of these DLLs are needed, the earlier calls for an installer will have to be dealt with. Oh, well..
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Copying both the axinterop.wmplib.dll and interop.wmplib.dll files to the same directory as rtvplayer.exe DOES allow the program to run!

-- Mike --
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Ladies and Gentlemen..... We Have a Winner!!!

Thanks to darkonejr for point out the .dll problem.

Way to go, KSB. With the .dll files in the RTVPlayer directory, it works. Good on you!!

I've got a feeling that this will become the "player of choice" with DVA. A plugin for v3.0, perhaps?

In my view, the interface needs a bit of tweeking. The GUI guys around here should be able to punch this up.

[EDIT] HOLY GEEZ...... There is a timeline which shows where the commercials are located. Way to go, ksb!!

Now, how can we get this to work with an editor??

Thanks for the effort.


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I humbly pile on an addt'l request for a 5K version. :D
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Oh whoops, didn't realize this was 4xxx only... ditto that request... :)
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Originally posted by waynethedvrguy
[b]I've got a feeling that this will become the "player of choice" with DVA. A plugin for v3.0, perhaps?
Sounds exciting -- for those folks running Windows. For the rest of us, sigh... :-)

As long as it can take a file to play on it's command line to start it, it should be able to plug into DVA now. If it can also take a URL and stream data from that URL, you should be able to use it to playback from other ReplayTVs around the house as well.

If there are other things that are needed (and not windows specific) to be added to DVA for better support of this, would the author please contact me offline (gerry@cdp1802.org)?

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*From the peanut gallery*

I think that if you were able to interface this program with RTVedit and use the player as the frontend for an editor (as others have already suggested) then it would really be a first class program. Of course while you're programming stuff into it, why don't you add video editing features like changing levels, colors, filters, etc.? jk (though it would be useful).

*From the peanut gallery*

Anyway good work on it, I have a 5xxx so unfortunately I can't use it but I hope in the near future that'll be fixed *hint* But I have a feeling this program could turn into a powerhouse, especially in conjuction with DVarchive and the replay toolset.
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I have tried the program it works well.

If you could add the ability to play files streamed directly from a replaytv unit without having to transfer the file through DVarchive that would be great. I would like a list of shows available on each of the replays like DVarchive does.

Could you add a keyboard shortcut for the play/pause and quick skip buttons? That way you could use girder for IR operation.
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