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I got an email from a viewer that said he lost my DT signal during the rain last night. I didn't have any problems at home, but I've got an outdoor yagi. Did anyone get rainfade last night or in the last few days on any of the DT signals? Thanks in advance.
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No rain fade last night, during a couple of very heavy rains--I have a medium/large VHF/UHF antenna and RG-6 but it's only 4 feet above my 1 story home's roofpeak, Sony HD-200 box.

Once in the last couple of weeks a very severe squall knocked out my DirecTV signal for about 10 minutes but all the local otas were good, so I'd have to assume my local digital reception is less subject to rain fade than DirecTV, which has only gone out 5 or 10 times since I got it back in '96.

Maybe the person who e-mailed you had an issue with tree branches blowing into the signal path near his antenna rather than actual rain fade?
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That's a good point, Steve. I've asked the viewer to write back with some details about location and antenna type. The rain was hard enough in Clovis last night that neither scenario would surpise me. But with the power I'm putting out on DTV, I should be punching through almost anything. It will be interesting to see. I'll post the reply for everyone. Talk to you later.
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rest assured that we are all verrrrrry grateful for all that power!! With so many stations in the rest of the country running low power for HD, it's nice that we don't have that problem.

If you need help with the PG&E we might be able to take up a collection.
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Thank you for maximizing the HD passed during NCIS last night. There was some 4x3 while the info was shown on the bottom of the screen, but it was right back to HD afterward. Excellent work.

I wish I could say the same for KFSN and their broadcast of NYPD Blue. Had to watch the entire thing in SD, and I don't even remember seeing any results on the screen during the program. At least they showed it .

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Hi all, I'm very new to HD, in fact my DirecTv STB won't be here till Tuesday But I keep seeing mention of Voom here. What exactly is it?
And is there a sort of TV Guide for HD shows ??

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Welcome to the forum. Voom is a new sat service that specializes in HDTV and offer more HDTV than any other provider. If you want to see it, shoot me a private mail and I will give you a screening of it. I have a three room install in my home right now.

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Just out of curiousity, are you getting any of the locals on your Voom setup and how well do they come in?

I've thought about Voom but have some concerns about it not being able to do scans for locals but instead relying on mapping from the Voom satellite. My HD-200 keeps track when KGPE sometimes moves from 47.1 to 34.2, and recently when KSEE-DT moved from 24.1 to 16.1 for a few days, was wondering if Voom can do this or if the channels are lost when the psip data gets wonky.
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Some FYIs and a question for you guys. CBS is only offering a few regional games of NCAA stuff in HD, but most of the golf tournaments this year, including the Masters, will be in HD. The wide shots on golf should make one heck of an HD picture.

To David Ortiz, you're welcome. I saw no reason to leave an HD show in SD just for the sake of convenience; we'll work on making it cleaner. And welcome to the forum Montano

Question, I had a call from someone near 99 and Clinton saying they could pick up our analog, but not DTV. The only think I've ever experienced like that was a nicked and bent cable that attenuated some channels. Anybody else heard of something like that? The guy says he picks up everybody's HD signal except mine; even though he can pick up my analog.

Any thoughts?
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Hello Mike:

Its odd that you mention it. I was having a problem with 59's digital signal but could pick up their analog. I knew what the problem was right away-for me, my antenna was pointed too far South (more like SW-was trying to see if I could get south valley stations). Put the antenna back where it belonged and all was okay.

When I first got my HD set I put my rooftop antenna in the house on a 5' poll. (old style flat wire mesh-and the wife didn't complain either ). It was quite picky as far as digital signals were concerned. I would tilt the pole just a little bit and CBS/ABC (can't remember which one) would fade in and out. I'm about a mile East of 99 at Sierra (side bar 200 yards from where Brian Calhun(sp) got caught saw your remote truck there) and my HD is just fine.
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I can pick up ABC on analog, but not on digital. I have tried 3 antennas, both with and without amps and rotors and 10 different HDTV tuners spread across 5 different brands. Only one tuner has been able to pick up ABC, although two other ones were able to for a while but cannot do so now.

I just gave up on getting ABC in HD, which is really sad considering they were to first to offer HD in Fresno.
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Originally posted by Mr.Poindexter
I can pick up ABC on analog, but not on digital. I have tried 3 antennas, both with and without amps and rotors and 10 different HDTV tuners spread across 5 different brands. Only one tuner has been able to pick up ABC, although two other ones were able to for a while but cannot do so now.

I just gave up on getting ABC in HD, which is really sad considering they were to first to offer HD in Fresno.

I thought I was the only one having this problem. I get all the other locals in good. I tired a LG and my dish 6000 to pick up 30 and it only comes in and out with the LG and the 6000 doesn't get any singal at all. I give up on abc but damn Im gonna miss those mnf games in HD I live in southeast fresno, btw the sd singal for 30 comes in good.
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Where in SE Fresno? I am in Selma and that is also SE.
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Originally posted by Mr.Poindexter
Where in SE Fresno? I am in Selma and that is also SE.

right on the outskirt's before you get to selma near clovis. What was the brand of receiver that you had that could pick up abc?
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I originally was able to pick it up on my iTech AccessDTV and on my ProScan PS HD105. I then was unable to pick it up after my antenna was destroyed by my re-roofers. I got a new antenna and it didn't work. Two other antennas didn't help, either. I used the following receivers to no avail:

iTech AccessDTV
Proscan PS HD-105
RCA DTC-100 (4 different receivers)
Voom (3 different receivers)

I was able to pick it up with my Sony HD-100 and still can, so I don't understand about that.
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I live in Exeter about 55 miles from channel 30 transmitter and have no reception problems with ABC Fresno HD programing.
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I live in Sunnyside, and pick up all the HD chanels with a Silver Sensor. When I had it inside, I could not get ABC. Then I read where some people were putting these tiny antennas outside, with great results. So I decided to try it in my garage, and now every channel comes in perfectly. I simply placed the antenna on top of the refrigerator I have in my garage. :-)

I have a Samsung T-160 DirecTV HD Receiver.
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I'm about a mile due west of FAT, roughly Clinton and Maple, and get KFSN-DT quite well with a Ratshack UHF/VHF roof antenna only about 4 feet above my single story roofpeak.

KFSN-DT is actually broadcast on VHF channel 9, which conventional wisdom says should come in decently with a UHF antenna, but it was never really stable for me until I put up the UHF/VHF antenna. It's a Radio Shack VU-160XR, no rotor or amp. My house has a stone-coated steel roof and the exterior walls are double-thick stucco so indoor or attic antennas are virtually useless, though I never tried a Silver Sensor.

Only problem I have with KFSN-DT is their occasional sloppiness with SD/HD switching.

They didn't flip the HD switch until after the first commercial for Kingdom Hospital last Wed, and flipped it back to SD 5 minutes before the show was over. This last was not just forgetting after a commercial break, the show was actually in progress when the flip back to SD occurred. Apparently the switch flipper decided to go home early. This sorta crap should not be acceptable.
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Dunno if it's the clear weather today or what but today I was able to get abc and watch the whole kings game.( too bad it's not in hd thou) Hope it stays.
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Well, Voom now has CBS in their guide! March Madness awaits...

Still waiting on NBC, but there is going to be an update downloaded over the next couple of days and maybe they will add channel scanning. I did put in a request to have that fixed. Each service request escalates the priority, so the more people ask, the quicker it gets done.
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OK, maybe this is old news but I see starz HD on channel 200 (comcast) today for the first time!

More good news. Seems like we've been getting about 1 new channel per month lately.

Now for Discovery channel I hope.
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Has anyone been seeing problems with Fox digital especially during the commercial promos for other shows? Bad pixelization(sp) during American Idol?

Also do you know anyone local who does RPTV calibrations that won't break the bank?
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It looks to me like FOX is taking their analog signal and converting it to digital and sending that out. I saw a lot of analog artifacts the other day on their digital channel which would only happen if they have an analog source. It is quite possible that their encoder is a total piece of crap.
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Is anyone watching the masters on CBS through comcast? I'm getting some audio skipping here. But the PQ is fantastic
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I was watching it on INHD for a while yesterday and it literally took my breath away a couple times the PQ was so good. I'm not sure if it's possible for TV to look better than being there, but this was close.
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CBS is having the worst signal tonite that I've seen since January - 50% here in Merced. Is it my setup (which hasn't changed) or did something odd happen tonite..? I can't tune in KGPE.


With some tinkering I've been able to pull in an ok signal for the last half hour or so. Could just be the funky weather we've been having. I just haven't had less than a very good signal for the last 4 months or so - anyhow problem solved. Keep up the good work!

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I watched all of CSI last night on KGPE-DT, 47.1, without a single glitch, but I'm in Fresno near the airport. I think ota digital may be somewhat subject to "rain fade" but don't know if there was any rain between the 47 transmitter and Merced last night.
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This is kind of off-topic for this forum, but I built a local Central Valley forum with interesting links, tech news and open chat (not HD related) and I thought I'd post it here. The URL is:


We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

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Hi Guys,

Brian-No problems with power or anything on my side. There might have been a shower or two rolling through the area, but nothing that I'm aware of. I've gotten notes from a few folks who have signal problems with DT when it rains. I'll do some digging on that one. I thought I'd gotten away from rain fade when I quit doing satellite stuff.

The golf tournaments have looked great in HD. Even my kids, who rank golf on TV at the same level as watching paint dry, were impressed by the picture.

Talk to you soon,
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Not that I watch the show, but I happened to come home for lunch on Tuesday and turned on Young & the Restles becuase I thought it was HD, but it was only showing up as a 4x3 picture.

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