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I have a new super quiet HTPC with the Asus P4P800 Deluxe MB, 3.06GHz P4, FX5600, Seagate 120Gig SATA drive, etc, all with the latest Zalman cooling stuff. I'm going to put in it the Holograph3d II and HD-Aux boards, and would like to loop the DVI output of the FX5600 through the HD-Aux board. Unfortunately, th FX5600 disables the DVI port when it fails to find a monitor attached using DDC detection. Gefen makes a product called the DVI detective that will store your monitor's EDID and foll the FX5600 into thinking it has a monitor attached at all times, but I'd prefer to simply turn off DDC detection somehow if it can be done. Does anyone know a way of doing this, or know someone who might know?


Steve Goff