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I would imagine that CBS had to reboot and that took a few minutes - Jerry can probably speak to that. Picture looks great though.
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Is it just me (and my set up) or is all the audio (crowd noise, stadium PA) MUCH louder than the actual announcers of the Jag game?

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On the hd broadcasts, the sound will be a bit more pronounced throughout all of your speakers because the shows or games are broadcast in Dolby 2.0 or Dolby 5.1.
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I adjusted the levle of my center channel higher and turned down everything else.
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Well, I don't know if it was the colder weather or what but my fox signal was gone for almost 2 weeks. I didn't check the readings but my Samsung couldn't get a picture period while the Mits integrated tuner would break up a lot. But today, during the Cowboys/Redskins game, it is much better (well as soon as I write this, I get two break-ups, go figure).

I had to go to work today and I missed the Jags game (oh well)

But at least we caught Saddam, that's seems a little more important to me!!

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On the sound thing, sometimes I do the opposite: turn down the announcers and turn up the surround so I can pretend I am watching the game live!! Announcers can be real annoying at times.
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No Jax stations that I am aware of are broadcasting in Dolby 5.1. Most are just Dolby 2.0. They don't want to spend the money on the equipment.
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Originally posted by bmccrea
When I got home from work today, I watched about 10 minutes of King of the Hill on FOX--and I saw no breakups at all. I just returned from Bowling, and took another peek at the channel, and the widescreen network feed is looking good. Jerry--- was something wrong at the station???

I guess the transmitter found out I was on vacation. From what I heard one of the signal converters (DS3 to SMPTE310M) went haywire and it took the guys some time to sort it out.

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Jerry, can you say "Murphy's Law" -- I hope your vacation was well spent.
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I just popped on FOX (during Home Improvement) and I'm seeing a thin (call it about 1/4" tall) multi-colored line going horizontally across the screen. The line moves slowly from the bottom of the image to the top. Anyone else see it?
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I see the same thing. I am still having Fox occilate from 0 to 100.
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Have you guys (at least the people in Orange Park or South) noticed that WB is coming in better - the last two nights I have had the strongest signal since a few months ago??

I have not had any problems with Fox though except for the scrolling line last night
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Smitty1, as Don had indicated and I re-read through your previous posts (yes all 9) I thought you were in favor of not stretching your 4:3 SD signal?

I am guessing you got "out voted" somewhere? if so I am sure(maybe) if you took a poll of the Jax users here that we would prefer non stretched material.

Also, when do you think you will be broadcasting HD? -- I am really looking forward to having PBS HD.
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Jerry, what is up with the scrolling line on Fox?????? -- very annoying
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Saturday, Dec 20th:

Comcast: Anyone else notice the difference between CBS's Vikings vs Chiefs and ESPN's Jets vs Patriots ? ESPN's is sharper/more crisp than CBS's signal today. CBS had a couple field level cameras that were horrible and they keep cutting to them ? Tonights ESPN game is very nice !!
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Jerry, are you still sending PSIP. I looked last night and did not see any info coming from Fox or Cbs?

John Morgis
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I like you noticed that the CBS hd cameras had some issues when I could see small pixels appear as the fast action plays stopped. It didn't happen all the time but it was still bothersome. I didn't see the ESPN game as I do not have ESPN HD.
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john, what service are you using? D* E* or comcast??
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Using my HD100 (soon to be replaced with the HD300) and DTV.

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John the reason why I asked, is that if you have DirecTV your guide info is coming from them not your receiver -- of coure I might be wrong since you have a older reciever.

So, you might just need to either soft reboot or do a hard reboot of your receiver.
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Gator, I recall that Jerry sends PSIP data. He showed it to us on the tour. Mine was always lagging a couple of hours. But lately im not getting anything. Tune to 47.1 and press display. What to you get?

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Yeah, I know he sends the data, but for me and many others, our data actually comes from DirecTV, which receives the data from the parent company of http://www.zap2it.com/. which gets their programming data from each station individually through the programming office.

Don't get me wrong I do recall some receivers are capable of decoding the PSIP signal that the OTA stations are sending, but mine has never (Hughes E-86 clone) and gets its guide data from D*.
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On the local news front we noticed Dan Hicken had a wedding ring on the other night.It looked like he almost held it up to the camera to show it off.Does anyone know who he married? I heard he was dating reporter Candice Coleman at onetime.Thanks for any info.
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Has Donna Hicken gotten married again? Who is Candice Coleman?
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Donna Hicken married Tim Deacon sp?(weather man/surfer boy) a while back.
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Regarding PSIP data, I haven't been getting any either on my Integrated tuner. (my samsung rcvr does the D* trick though)

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Just checking in...

OH MY GOD... girls.... the gossip is running wild today. for my part, AFAIK, Jeff's comment regarding Donna is correct. I personally don't know about Dan's relationship, nor do I care. (Unlike when the stories were flying, I'm staying above that now.)

Regarding PSIP, I've got a Hughes E86, and I'm like Jeff-- I only get the guide information that the stations pass through zap2it (tribune media) --to D* , so I don't get the local ota pisip info.

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Here's whats going on in my neighborhood.

Fox: The scrolling line comes and goes but we are trying to nail it down. If anyone sees it again, let me know what program it was on, and if it was just programs or programs and commercials.

CBS: Still trying to solve the audio delay problems which is also intermittent.

PSIP: The data in the psip for the electronic program guide only has "DTV Program" right now. With the holidays here, its hard to get someone on the phone to help. The guide updates through the internet from Tribune Media Services and it appears to be connecting but not getting the data. Its a subscription service, so did someone forget to pay the bill?...dunno, but we're tracking that down as well.

Did I miss anything? Let me know.

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AFH,Candice Coleman was a reporter for channel 4 then went to Orlando.It was mentioned somewhere that Dan was dating her.On another note I wonder how close we are to getting PBS HD?
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Anybody having audio problems tonight on WJXX 25-1? I get a clear picture but audio is all static.
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