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ray, I noticed it too, they need to reset their audio. It has happened before. Someone should call to tell engineering
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Thanks gator, I dont really care, just wanted to make sure it wasnt my receiver.
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Congratulations Jerry, you should ask for more $$ in your budget for next year - Dolby Digital 5.1 would be great.

LATEST NEWS -- Bussiness Journal - Jax
2:41 PM EST Friday
Jacksonville's CBS 47 wins overall viewership in ratings sweep
WTEV, Jacksonville's CBS 47, won overall viewership in the November 2003 Nielsen ratings sweep, the station announced recently.

Ninety-three percent of households in the 14-county designated market area watched WTEV during the 7 - 1 a.m. Sunday through Monday sweeps period, in addition to being No. 1 in overall viewing in the adults 18-49, adults 25-54, working women and total viewers demographics.

WAWS, Jacksonville's FOX 30, had the No. 1 primetime rotation ratings in the adult 18-49 demographic. The primetime rotation is 4 - 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Clear Channel Communications Inc. owns both stations as part of a media family that includes 11 radio stations in the Jacksonville area.
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Anyone know why all the cable digital channels were out all day on Christmas day? I have the integrated tuner and was watching the yule log on INHD2 about 7:15am. That's when it went blue and stayed blue. I switched channels and all the digital side cable channels were gone. Just wondered if anyone else saw it. The regular cable channels were fine.
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DR Jax- Blame it on rain fade! Ever see a Comcast commercial rip DBS as totally unreliable due to rain fade?

So don't feel bad that you only lost cable for a day. I understand that the Comcast wizards in Richmond VA programmed all their local Origination channels on Dec 1 to play every half hour show for 30 seconds so the channels went off the air for 29:30 twice every hour. It took them until the 19th of December to figure out that the software that runs the server requires all entries in seconds or 1800 seconds for a half hour show. Duh!
I don't want to say what amount of lost invoicing for not airing all those programs cost them. Another case of cable rain fade in mega proportions!

I also understand that Jacksonville nearly had the same loss but being just a bit ahead of the game, Our Comcast engineers figured out how many seconds there are in a half hour.

Just a bit of insider humor!

PS: I didn't have any rain fade on Christmas day on DirecTV!

So while were at it- a bit of positive news for Comcast Broadband users and business accounts- Consider this unofficial insider stuff-
Comcast is in the process of upgrading the cable modem service so that your download speed may peak to as high as 2.25 Mb/s but upload will still be maxed out at 128 Kb/s
Broadband Business accounts are being upgraded to a speed of 3Mb/s download and upload of 512 Kbs sometime in the next 4 months.

In the past the business accounts are regulated data rates while residential accounts are considered unregulated and can vary. Plus a business account has a special connection account rep and same day service calls. Residential, well you know the drill, they guarantee a service call within 2 weeks. ugh!

As for WTLV inbreeding gossip- 'nuf already said! They're all really nice people but they do need to get out more and meet other people!
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Dan Hicken is married to the special education teacher at Hendericks Elementary School. Her name is Reagan. My children go to school there. They make a nice couple.
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My Comcast digital cable channels are still out. I'm talking about the HD channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, INHD1, INHD2 and ESPN-HD. My regular cable channels are fine. Anyone else not able to get HD from Comcast?

I'm using my integrated tuner and trying to get 102.01, 102.02, 103.01, 103.02, 104.01 and 104.02. No luck yet. It was working great until Christmas morning.
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At approximately 9:30PM last night I switched to ESPN-HD and the Redskins-Eagles game was on. My grandkids wanted to watch more DVD's SOOOOOOOOOO. It was in HD as I recall.
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I reset my tv and it works now.
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Isn't the Green Bay/ Broncos game suppose to be HD??
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Nevermind I called. It's on
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In regards to the comcast speed increase, I got mine around 12/02/03 and I love it. Upload could be better, but I average about 3.5/4Mb down and 300Kb up. Of course, the main challenge now is finding internet sites that are consistently that fast.

I'm still very happy with Comcast and luckily I haven't had an outage of any notable length (hour or more) in a loooong time. I just wish they'd hurry up and give us Cinemax and Starz HD.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Years!

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Happy New Year to all!!!
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ABC audio!!!!
Anyone notice that ABC has been having sound problems this week? I hope that it is fixed B4 Sun OK/LSU Sugar Bowl.
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Yes, and the video is even worse
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I was watching ABC on Comcast with both analog (005) and digital (177) having audio problems.
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Happy new year everyone!

Are there plans for another HD-get-together sometime?

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Yes, I would second that. Getting together is a great idea!!

John Morgis
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I had a nice chat with Bill Schnieder,chief engineer at 25-1ABC and 13-1 NBC today.I told him that many ABC shows are not getting passed through as HD.I mentioned Tuesday and Wenesday there was no HD pass through.I was concerned that the NFL wildcard games Saturday might not get passed through in HD.He said that ABC has provided them faulty equipment before ,but now they have new software and are working with it.He is going to look into the problems they are still having that I told him about.Hopefully,we will have consistent HD pass through all the time soon.I told him with Comcast and Time-Warner carrying the digital channels more and more people will complain when they expect a show in HD and dont get it.All in all a very nice conversation with him.Time will tell if any positive comes of it.
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ABC is having audio problems in the NFL pregame on the digital side. You guys hearing the same thing? Mine is coming via Comcast Cable. Hope it's worked out for the game and it's in HD.
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Well right now I am getting a "fluttering" sound and no HD picture on the Wild card pregame for Balt/Tenn on 25-1. Hopefully it will correct before game time.

Or is it just me?
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Audio back to normal - let's hope the HD portion happens also.
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Sound on 25-1 is just like a jackhammer,it is not your equipment.I hope they can get it fixed.
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So far, it's not in HD yet. Isn't it supposed to be? Come on ABC, get with the program!
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It sounds like every time they try to throw the switch the audio drops back out. Seems like they can get one or the other.
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What is 25-1's problem. They are not passing the hd signal. Does anyone know the number to engineering. This sort of stuff with 25-1 is getting ridiculous. They blame it on ABC giving them faulty equipment, but I doubt it is ABC's fault today.
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No HD signal so far from 25-1.
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I'm having same problem with today's ABC wildcard game. Called Comcast and they're seeing the same problem and is reporting problem to engineering ?
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25-1, let's just mute the sound and turn HD on. I think most of us would rather see the game in HD without sound. we can always listen thru a analog source. If you can't mute the sound, it is okay too, we can mute it ourself. Just get the HD feed to us, please.
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Funny pspun, I agree with you.
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