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Peter-- Jeff summed it up perfectly. I however actually pulled a 12v fan out of an old computer power supply, and attached it to a 6v cell phone charger wall-wart. This effectively cut the amount of air moved but also cut the fan noise down signifcantly. You don't really do not have to move a lot of air to keep the e86 at a good temp.

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

So I take it this is just a basic design flaw in the product? Is there a more reliable model that will do D* and OTA? Sony? Toshiba? Zenith?

This is really annoying, and seems to be getting worse. The e86 is only 1 1/2 years old.
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Peter, unfortunately the Hughes E86 (and its clones - Mitsibishi HD4/5 and Toshiba ??? and there is another model) do have this "heat" issue, but when well ventilated they compete very well considering they are a 2nd generation HD/D* receiver and they are now producing the 4th generation ones.

If you really want to get another unit, you might want to try a get the HD special from D* for $399 on a Samsung 160. I think all of these receivers have one issue or another it is just a matter of which ones are you willing to put up with -- do a lot of reading in the HDTV hardware forum for info.

I also think that you might be about to get D* to give more $$ if you get to the "customer retention" dept. and tell them you are feed up with your receiver because of this "known" issue and are think about going with Cable because of the costs. I'll bet you will get a good deal then, let us know how it goes.

Good Luck
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Good suggestion. Thanks.
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Originally posted by pspun
Jerry, are you having problems? We didn't get HD on CBS last night, and the sound had static noise very few seconds.

CBS did not provide us with a HD feed last night. This happens when there are football overruns and our feed is out of sync with others due to the Jag games. Our SD feed was running on time, but the HD feed was delayed.

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Originally posted by WTEV-JD
CBS did not provide us with a HD feed last night. This happens when there are football overruns and our feed is out of sync with others due to the Jag games. Our SD feed was running on time, but the HD feed was delayed.


Thanks, Jerry, welcome back.

note : "last night" was 11/16.
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Is anyone using a Sony projection TV with a built-in tuner? If so, please send me a PM and let me know. I have a question for you.


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HDNET's "Across America" will profile the 2003 GA/FL game this WED!
Just wanted to let everyoe know that HDNET was "on location" during the GA/FL game last month here at ALTELL stadium and I had the pleasure of meeting the host Ron Kruck and his crew on saturday. They are a great group of guys who love HD as much as we do. After mentioning my love for HD and HDNET (and how I though Mark Cuban was a genius) they felt obligated to do an interview with me while I created a soon to be world famous Bloody Mary (I mean it it the largest outdoor cocktail party afterall) for the guys. I'm sure I didn't make the final cut (I had already had several of those bloody marys after a really rough night) but I still plan on watching as it isn't often that you get to see your place in HD!
Have a great week and a safe holiday everyone!
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After almost a year of owning an HD tv, receiver and CM antenna, I have finally installed the antenna. HD looks great. However, the one channel I'm having problems attaining is WJWB. When I do get a lock on it, I'll lose other channels. The way I have it set now, it's the only one I can't get. I'm in Eagle Harbor in OP. Any suggestions?
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Advance, I live on the northside of Doctor's Lake and am also experiencing problems locking a signal onto WB, I have been talking with George Birnbaum

George Birnbaum
Operations Manager, WJWB-TV/DT

I have been getting periodic signals that lock on and some times they don't so I have been logging my signal strength several times a day and reporting it to him so he can check things on his side. He has indicated that all seems fine, but he is willing to help us if we help him. Funny thing is, I really don't watch much WB, just occassionally I'll surf and park it their for 15-20 minutes, but ever since a month or so ago, I have not been able to lock the signal down on a steady basis.
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Is their location a bit different from the others? If I point it more towards 48+ I can get it. However, to get the majority I have to adjust back to the left a bit.

Thanks for the info, I'll email George.
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I don't think it is that far off, but I guess we should check antennaweb.org
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Yeah, the WB is the only station I can't receive - I live in Fleming Island Plantation...

Jeff, is there any hope the Florida St. vs. Florida game this Sat will be in HD? I don't see where CBS is picking up any other game (SEC or not) in HD on Saturday....
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Adam, it looks like the game will not be in HD, but they might, it doesn't matter to me, I'll be there to watch in person.
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone
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Hey Jamie,

CONGRATULATIONS!! You made the cut on the FL/GA HDNet show. I just got finished watching it. That looked like a pretty stiff bloody mary!! I was laughing my butt off when that guy took the first sip. Too bad Candace Krueger (who my roommate went to high school in Austin with) wasn't there instead. I think she may have been at the Navy game instead.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!!
I'll be watching the real rivalries tomorrow and next week.
Texas/Texas A&M & Army/Navy.

Hook em Horns/ Go Navy-Beat Army
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Thanks Paul
I missed the first time around but caught this time. If you saw the guy talking about the port a pottie, that was our RV and my best friend Greg. I need to find out when it will be on again so I can get a copy made for the folks.
It would have been nice if Candace would have been there, but I have feeling I would have had a real hard time concentrating...
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Yeah, you wouldn't want to mess up that perfect blend for the cocktail!!

Maybe I can get my buddy to get a hold of her to come next year. I had another friend that was at one of the Navy games she was at and all the mids couldn't stay away. Everytime she would show up on the jumbotron, they would all go nuts. I can just imagine (being that I was in those guys shoes six years ago).

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There's another episode of Across America tomorrow (Friday) at 4:30.
Not sure if it's the same episode but probably so.

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Just checked the HDNet website. It is the same episode. Check out Jax in HD!!

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She is pretty damn hot, that's for sure. My Div O went to the academy, he has told me some strange stories that is for sure. I am looking forward to the Army/Navy game, but I think I have duty and our Direct TV isn't working on the sub at the moment.
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I have duty that day as well, but I should be able to go home. Who's your DivO? What boat are you on?

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Antennaweb.org shows that most OTA DTV stations in Gainesville come from Jacksonville. Does anyone know if this is true?
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Jacksonville has its locals (digital Stations) and Gainesville has a few that will be coming online in the future but Gainesville doesn't have all of the majors. Actually I think that Gainesville only has ABC, Fox is in Ocala and CBS is in Jacksonville - I am not sure about the others.

But to answer your question, the best option (and possibly only option for now) to get digital TV or HD is to try an receive Jacksonville's -- Good luck from that distance.
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I did not notice any NBC ?
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You would be right, if I remember correctly NBC in Gainesville was from Jacksonville on Cox cable (this was many years ago and might be different now)

If you want NBC-DT then once again Jacksonville is the place to get it.
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I am not a advid ABC primetime TV watcher but I do like to surf here or there, I have been noticing lately that the staff at Chan. 25 have been slacking - is it just me or does anyone else notice this???
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FSU/FL is in HD according to Ken H. in this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=330182

Go Noles!
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Yep, FSU/FL in HD - should be a great game!!!!

Goooooooo (see avatar)
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